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  3. Characteristics Size: 30 Teams Rosters: There will be 2 auctions - One auction where you bid on an MLB teams 40 man roster and the other where you bid on minor league rosters. So you can win the Yankees 40man and the Cardinals farm. That would be your starting roster. All MLB Rosters will be posted prior to bidding being started. The Minor league rosters will not be, because you will pick the players from the farm that you want. Scoring: H2H Points scoring Point Breakdown found here: Entry Fee: Entry fee varies, by how much you spend at the auction. Minimum bid is $2 - Maximum no owner may spend over $200 combined for MLB and MILB. So if you pay $100 for the Red Sox you may not pay more than $100 for the minor league team. I expect the two combined to be less than $100 for 90% of the league. Payouts: 100% Payback Scoring Service: Scoring will be on Fantrax or Yahoo. Undetermined at this point. Roster Size: We will have a 40man roster for MLB and a 25 man roster for MILB Postseason: 12 Teams (6 from the NL and 6 from the AL) will make the playoffs. Postseason format found here: ***Upon sign up you will be required to pay a $15 deposit. This $15 will go toward your team cost so you will get the money applied to your team. This is just to help us guarantee that you will not back out, while we find 30 quality owners. Sign Up: You can post your email for more info and sign up information.