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  1. We have 11 signed up. 19 more to go
  2. Sent you an email
  3. Characteristics Size: 30 Teams Rosters: There will be 2 auctions - One auction where you bid on an MLB teams 40 man roster and the other where you bid on minor league rosters. So you can win the Yankees 40man and the Cardinals farm. That would be your starting roster. All MLB Rosters will be posted prior to bidding being started. The Minor league rosters will not be, because you will pick the players from the farm that you want. Scoring: H2H Points scoring Point Breakdown found here: Entry Fee: Entry fee varies, by how much you spend at the auction. Minimum bid is $2 - Maximum no owner may spend over $200 combined for MLB and MILB. So if you pay $100 for the Red Sox you may not pay more than $100 for the minor league team. I expect the two combined to be less than $100 for 90% of the league. Payouts: 100% Payback Scoring Service: Scoring will be on Fantrax or Yahoo. Undetermined at this point. Roster Size: We will have a 40man roster for MLB and a 25 man roster for MILB Postseason: 12 Teams (6 from the NL and 6 from the AL) will make the playoffs. Postseason format found here: ***Upon sign up you will be required to pay a $15 deposit. This $15 will go toward your team cost so you will get the money applied to your team. This is just to help us guarantee that you will not back out, while we find 30 quality owners. Sign Up: You can post your email for more info and sign up information.
  4. First place team is open and needs an owner right away. The team is free this yr as it is pd for. 24 team H2H Cat league. Team has: Adrian Gonzalez Jason Kipnis Xander Bogaerts Giancarlo David Peralta Price Keuchel Carlos Martinez Just to name a few.
  5. 2 spots taken. 9 Left
  6. Band of Brothers is recruiting - 11 open spots at the moment. $50 per team. Sign Up here: New members also get 2 free drops - existing members get 1 free drop no cap penalty. As well as all released players i have gotten rid of the penalties to free up more cap space since there was a lot of turnover. I also will post last years cap numbers so guys can use of cap space from last year to free up more cap this year. Salary Cap Salary cap is $125m for every team. Roster Guidelines Each team’s roster must have at least 32 players on the team from Week 1 till the end of the season. No roster may ever have more than 52 active roster players. Total roster can be 62, if every option is maxed out, 52 Active roster , 5 IR and 5 Practice Squad. Players must meet the requirements to be on the IR or Practice Squad, eligibility guidelines below. Active Roster: Offense 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 WR/TE, 2 RB/WR/TE, 1 K Defense 2 DE, 1 DT, 1 IDP, 3 LB, 2 S, 2 CB Injured Reserve/Suspended Players There are 5 IR spots. Suspended players may also be placed on the IR. Both are out of the control of the fantasy GM and a fantasy GM should not be penalized by the actions of a player or rogue commissioner and his agenda. IR players DO count against a teams cap. Practice Squad (Minor League) Roster: Five (5) players will be allowed on the Practice Squad roster. The threshold is 16 games played on offense, defense or kicking. Once a player reaches this threshold they will not be allowed on the Practice Squad anymore. Players who are not on a Practice Squad contract are still eligible to be placed on the Practice Squad as long as they have played in less than 16 games. The 16 games does include the current season so if they played in a couple games before the 2014 season and the 16 game threshold is met this season, they will become ineligible to be on the Practice Squad. Practice Squad is a term used in football, Fantrax utilizes the term Minor Leagues or Minors for roster purposes. Players contracts who are on the Practice Squad will NOT count against the team's salary cap. One a player is on the active roster, that contract will count. It is the GM/Owner's responsibility to ensure they have the available cap space when calling a player up to the active team playing roster. 6 Round Rookie Draft each season based on prior seasons standings. 2016 and 2017 draft picks can be traded. After 2016 draft is completed. 2018 picks can be dealt, only if 2017 season is prepaid for. New England Miami - Pending Buffalo Cleveland Jacksonville Pittsburgh Dallas Green Bay Detroit Chicago San Fran Scoring will be H2H Points. Offense Offense First Downs (1D) 0.05 Offense Fumbles Lost (FL) -1 Offense Interceptions Thrown (Int) -1 Offense Touchdowns - All (TD) 6 Offense Passing Yards (PaY) 0.05 Offense Receiving Yards (RcY) 0.1 Offense Yards After the Catch (YAC) 0.05 Offense Receptions (Rc) 1 Offense Rushing Yards (RuY) 0.1 Offense Two Point Conversions (2Pt) 2 Offense Kickoff/Punt Return Yards (RtY) 0.1 Offense Tackles - Assisted (TkA) 0.5 Offense Tackles - Solo (TkS) 1.5 Offense Blocked Kicks (BK) 6 Individual Defense Individual Defense Blocked Kicks (BK) 6 Individual Defense Interceptions (I) 6 Individual Defense Forced Fumbles (FF) 3 Individual Defense Fumbles Recovered (FR) 3 Individual Defense Hurries (Hur) 3 Individual Defense Passes Defensed (PD) 1.5 Individual Defense Sacks (Sk) 6 Individual Defense Safeties by the Defense (Sft) 10 Individual Defense Tackles - Assisted (TkA) 0.5 Individual Defense Tackles - Solo (TkS) 1.5 Individual Defense Stuff Yards (StY) 0.1 Individual Defense Touchdowns - All (TD) 6 Individual Defense Kickoff/Punt Return Yards (RtY) 0.1 Individual Defense Fumbles Recovered Yards (FRYd) 0.1 Individual Defense Interception Yards (IntYd) 0.1 Kicking Kicking Extra Points Made (XP) 0.5 Kicking Field Goals Made (FG) 0.5 Kicking Field Goals 20-29 Yards (FG20-29) 2 Kicking Field Goals 30-39 Yards (FG30-39) 3 Kicking Field Goals 40-49 Yards (FG40-49) 4 Kicking Field Goals 60+ Yards (FG60+) 6 Kicking Field Goals 50-59 Yards (FG50-59) 5 Kicking Field Goals Missed (FGM) -1
  7. Peraza is who I prefer as well. I doubt he starts in the bigs tho. They will most likely wait a bit to keep that extra yr of control.