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  1. Anyone with insight on whether Scooter gets activated today?
  2. starting today, and with MR. Always Good For An IL stint Richard Hill leaving his start last night with forearm tightness, he may get an extended look! Grab him now if you still can...
  3. I just dropped him last night before the game and picked up a speculative add of C Mart. If you have a bunch of OF options, I would suggest a drop as well.
  4. I dropped him Monday as I had to activate Didi off IL and had no one else I wanted to drop. He cleared Waivers this morning. This is a 12 team H2H Pts. League. The kid has been k'ing at an atrocious rate the last 30 days, somethings up...
  5. I see Fletcher still gets no respect on this board...Great weekend series and no chatter? Kids been dynamite, and hitting leadoff quite abit lately infront of Mr. Trout. I think his plate discipline and contact rate will keep him hitting leadoff for a while. WW Gem! 2B, 3B, SS, and OF.
  6. was at the Jays game today...the ball was scorching off his bat all day long! I've always believed in his ability. Consistency is the key(as it is with every MLB'er). I like his chances.
  7. I agree with Cesare, let's seee what he's got. However, if he doesn't produce during the upcoming stretch I'll be dropping him in my 12 team H2H Pts. K's are at 36%!!! Kepler or Dahl?
  8. CBS shows Saturday May 11th...throw a dart at the calendar!
  9. and there goes a HR off a lefty...hoping him playing regularily against a LHP is the new norm!
  10. I grabbed Kike off waivers after our draft, due to his multiple position eligibility, his designated starter at 2B and drastic changes that surfaced last year. If the latter carries over to a full season worth of AB's, I could conservatively see a line similar to .275, 80R, 27HR, 95RBI and a half dozen steals with good to great plate discipline of 75BB 100K. All aboard!!!
  11. Zimm has 7 games now with the make up game against the Cubbies. I'd stick with him.
  12. too bad the O couldn;t come through for the kid and net him the W. Oh well, the stat line was great! Rotation fixture for ROS...
  13. Was just pulled from the game in the top of 6th after getting a K...pitch count was low. Hope it's nothing serious. Some more Dodger Blues
  14. I've tried to be patient with Goldy but after watching his AB's last night, and after hearing the ESPN crew put things in perspective. He's the ONLY MLB regular who hasn't gotten a hit on a pitch of 96 mph or greater...he has had 63 chances, that has me worried. I wanted to try to sell him while he still has perceived value, and I don't normally sell low.
  15. I hear you. He can't pitch at home, has been on a decline for a while and velo has dropped...I just think Ross has similar risk. thanks for the input!