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  1. He is going to start to hit very soon. Baseball is a long season. Hold tight boys and just have a little faith!
  2. He will start spanking them soon. His hard hit% and his line drive% are too juicy right now for his average to be so low. If the baseball gods pour some Goodrum then I think we could see a 15/15 season with strong BB% rates.
  3. I still think there is a buy low opportunity with some people that drafted and were not happy they ended up with him. Looking at how hard he is hitting it, the reduced swinging strikes, and the improved walk rates I think you could potentially see a 3rd/4th round talent.
  4. Give me the Merrifield side. Try and trade Kluber to someone else.
  5. Hey guys, first time posting here in a couple of years. Please let me know if I am getting a good deal here: Giving: Cody Bellinger Mitch Haniger Getting: Mookie Betts Aaron Nola Robinson Cano The guys Im giving are killing it and I am a FIRM BELIEVER in Bellinger as a breakout. Should I be getting more or is this good?