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  1. I like Ty, he's got a good opportunity to have a solid PPR game this week, I think he should be set for at leat 10 points catching dump offs from the backfield, with the potential for more. But if you want a higher ceiling Gio is probably your best bet.
  2. Thanks, so you're not concerned at all about Geno Smith taking over at QB?
  3. 1 PPR, help me choose two of the following: Marvin Jones vs Wsh Cameron Meredith @ GB Brandon Marshall vs Bal Terrelle Pryor @ Cin Leaning towards Jones and Meredith, but I need opinions! WHIR
  4. Matt Koch, ARI making his second career start at home versus the Padres. I'm rolling him out there today, seems like a decent option for people who waited to the last minute to stream.
  5. I can't find any news on him since the 22nd. What does everyone think that chances are that he pitches again before the end of this week?
  6. Not sure if he was mentioned, but Grichuk has been hot these past two games in Colorado and faces a 21 year old making his first start @ Coors today. Could be good for a bomb. I picked him up to replace K Davis while he's sick.
  7. Man, I have (had) all three of those guys too, luckily I'm not in a league that locks weekly. That's absolutely brutal though.
  8. No love for this guy lately? He's been straight up mashing since coming back from his injury. I wonder if this power surge is sustainable next year, he has a real shot at breaking 30 which would be 11 more than his career high.
  9. Do the experts just hate this guy for some reason? I continue to see him listed extremely low in weekly rankings, even in PPR rankings. My gut is telling me to plug him in every single week as my rb2.
  10. What's everyone doing with him in redrafts? If he won't pitch again before the postseason he's easily a drop. Has anyone made that call yet or are you all waiting for more info?
  11. Pretty solid lineup, IMO. You filled every position out with players who should put up above average numbers at their relative positions, IMO. Really strong flex players for a league of that size.
  12. Who would you take with the first overall pick in a league with the following scoring settings: .25 pts per pass attempt completed, .25 pts per rushing attempt, .5 points per reception. There are also bonuses for things like 50+ yard completions, receptions, and rushes. Other scoring settings are standard. Obviously AB is always a good pick, but I'm seriously considering choosing either a QB (Cam should put up CRAZY numbers with both .25 per completion and .25 per rush attempt) or someone like Lamar Miller who should see a high volume of carries. Any advice?
  13. Cyrrasco.