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  1. Is Fulmer the best (pitching) prospect we'll see this season? In terms of ROS value, not in keepers or dynastys. It kinda seems like it right now.
  2. Cyrrasco.
  3. Hit two home runs? Banished to the bench!
  4. He's gotta be hurt, right?
  5. Right there with you.
  6. He's top 5 in my exit velocity league, idk what you guys are talking about.
  7. Can anyone rank these guys based on how they expect them to perform ROS? Tijuana Walker, James Paxton, Danny Duffy.
  8. I'd be surprised if that wasn't vetoed.
  9. Thanks for the replies, any other thoughts?
  10. I'd drop him for Fulmer.
  11. Team is in sig. Who should I drop to pick some of these guys up? Do they have more upside than any of my current starters? I'm also open to dropping Travis and or Thompson. I have been hoarding starting pitching this year and am currently in second place, so I have no problem continuing that strategy. Thanks and WHIR
  12. No way. Vmart is plenty good enough at 1B.
  13. What size league? .....
  14. Bump