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  1. Yup, did the same thing with him and Rodon. I don't mind waiting, as SP's with their kind of upside are worth it. In my case my pitching staff is average at best, so maybe these guys help in the second half.
  2. Yeah, I'm wondering the same thing. Everybody is reporting that it's likely, but I can't find anything official yet.
  3. Started Paxton, Castillo, & Giolito.... 15 earned runs later.
  4. Have Castillo & Paxton going today. Oh brother!
  5. Watched the game. Thought he looked very comfortable at the plate. On his K, Nova threw a nasty pitch low and outside that Miggy took for strike 3. He threw him darn near the same pitch for strike 1 in that at bat also. That's how I knew he was most likely going to get rung up when Nova hit the spot again. Funny thing was he yelled, NO NO NO! Not surprised as both pitches looked like generous calls. He took the ball the other way on his double like he does, and he scorched a single back up the middle. Think if Miggy's health holds up, he'll have a very productive year. I could be a little biased though. It was also cool to see him smiling and having fun out there.
  6. He was dropped after our draft, so I grabbed him off the waiver wire. I always wait on SP, so he's worth a flier I guess. I like the point made above about him being in the division before. If he has more clunkers than good starts, back to the wire he goes.