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  1. No, he doesn't. He's capitalizing off several injuries to the Detroit Lions offense (Marvin Jones, Bruce Ellington, Kerryon Johnson) which has significantly boosted the targets he sees on a weekly basis. If the past couple of weeks haven't taught you anything, it's that you can't trust the guy throwing him the ball. I'll be avoiding everyone on the Lions offense outside of Kerryon next year. Especially since Marvin Jones will be back. With that said, Golladay should be a decent option next week due to the amount of looks he will receive.
  2. I'm slightly worried heading into the championship week, but it's not like you're going to bench him if you own him. You start your studs.
  3. There are definitely better options, but he's probably a top 15 option for sure.
  4. How is the game meaningless? He's a rookie with a ton to prove to a lot of people. If he can beat New England that says a ton about his upside and how much the organization in Buffalo will value him moving forward. To say it is meaningless for Josh Allen is far from the truth.
  5. Yeah this guy is droppable because Conner is definitely playing next week.
  6. Big payoff this week for those of us who started him. I'll probably roll with him next week even though he has a very tough matchup.
  7. Dude is a straight bum. Might as well drop him to give your opponent the chance to pick him up and play him against you. I'd encourage that.
  8. Bump for answers from those who watched.
  9. I started Rivers over him. However, I probably would have played Watson and Allen over him too, both of which I own. In fact, I dropped Jackson for Allen this past week. Although that has more to do with their matchups next week than it does this week. I'd rather have Allen ROS than Jackson for just this week.
  10. Now that Crowell has been shut down for the season, next week's game against the Packers looks really nice.
  11. Ellington and Kerryon are both out. Are we still benching Golladay? The opportunity is there.
  12. It was partly on Rivers, but it was still a catchable ball.
  13. So I'm in a full PPR league and I'm in the unfortunate position of being force to pick between the following three receivers as my WR2 this week. Kenny Golladay @ BUF Dante Pettis vs SEA Josh Reynolds vs PHI
  14. He honestly should have caught that pass at the end for his second TD of the day. That was disappointing.
  15. Haha thanks! He did about what I expected. I thought there was potential for more, but he didn't live up to that. He did what was expected. I think he's a safe drop next week though because Gordon definitely play next week.