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  1. Yeah...I'm officially panicking over Michel. He was supposed to be my RB2.
  2. Okay. I'm starting to get worried about Michel.
  3. I'd probably play Jacobs even though he will be playing sick. I think you have to start your studs. I'd really consider Gordon, but I'd feel terrible if Jacobs went off.
  4. Yeah...I would definitely not play Beasley over Mixon. If you were asking about someone like Gore, Darwin Thompson, etc I might side with your skepticism of Mixon. However, you don't bench Mixon for Cole Beasley. You just don't.
  5. Gore easily. He's going to get all the work, and he'll probably hit paydirt against a mediocre Bengals defense.
  6. Carson and Sanders at RB Watkins at flex The toughest choice is Mixon vs Sanders at RB2, but Mixon looks terrible thus far. I wouldn't feel good about playing him behind that OL.
  7. Mack should feast today. Definitely start him. Roll with Engram over Andrews due to the weather in the KC/BAL game.
  8. Jacobs, Breida, Adams, Robinson, and Burkhead Sit Golladay.
  9. Sanders and Brown easily. Sanders is the most targeted WR in the league in the redzone, and Brown is receiving 7-10 targets per game as Allen's #1 most targeted WR and deep threat.
  10. You play your studs. You play Conner. Gore will be TD dependent. He might hit paydirt, but that's essentially what you're betting on if you start him.
  11. Move White to your IR spot and pick up another speculative stash. Cut bait on Guice. He's a roster clog.
  12. Even though Diggs has been a stinker so far this season, I'd still play him over Metcalf. If he lays an egg again, then it's time to start considering making these kind of moves.
  13. Montgomery due to volume. This one isn't even close to me. Michel is the man in New England. Burkhead might getting passing down work, but I'd still go with volume.
  14. 1) Unless you own one of Gordon/Ekeler I'd drop Jackson. If you own one of those guys then I'd drop Murray. 2) McLaurin since weather isn't optimal in the KC/BAL game today. Also McLaurin is likely to just receive more targets.