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  1. Can’t believe anyone would drop. He’s RB27 in my league. Next best RB is Kenyon Drake, RB50.
  2. I guess I'd rate him around TE17 at this point
  3. I’ve been enjoying his consistency
  4. Was just a bad game script and he still got decent points on 12 carries
  5. Who got the save for Boston? Workman didn't get credit for it on espn.
  6. Frant Thomas the only DH in the HoF
  7. Unless it's a really deep league I'd say he's handcuff only
  8. I feel like Winston will find a way to get benched again this year
  9. If Diggs is gimpy enough to not get catches but healthy enough to take coverage that sounds good to me
  10. Ugh can't start him week 1 I don't think
  11. Not week 1 but excited to see what he does
  12. Is Mattison just injury insurance or a threat to PT?