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  1. Hitting in the middle of the Boston lineup racks up counting stats
  2. I have no faith in this guy right now
  3. It's funny to read all the advanced stats in this thread as someone who has watched 75% of brewers games knowing Jesus has looked hopelessly lost all year and was at the end of last year too
  4. Does that injury tend to linger and sap power?
  5. I think they would rather call up Tucker since he spent more time in AAA and has a bit more defensive versatility but as long as Alvarez is out hitting by such a wide margin I would think they would go with him
  6. I’m not worried long term but short term don’t see a call up coming soon with his trash start to the year
  7. He's a superstar in my league that punishes strikeouts and doesn't reward steals very much
  8. Will probably get picked up in a lot of leagues now
  9. League and scoring dependent, but not many people are going to pick up a guy who was drafted late and started 1 for 16
  10. I couldn't believe they let him pitch as long as they did. I watched a bunch of those games. 6.39 BB/9 is disgusting. I think they wait until he has a full year of success in the bullpen before moving him.
  11. Broxton was never a risk, the risk is against rhp they will rotate off days with Braun, Domingo, yelich, Cain and Domingo will probably get about 30% of those.