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  1. Cody Allen...probably isn't getting the gig back.
  2. Huh. TIL former Yankees' superprospect Manny Banuelos is still in baseball.
  3. At this point Nola is set and forget! (Set on fire, I mean.)
  4. He's hitting the ball hard AF, but he's rocking a 54% GB rate against 42% for his career. 2.86 GB/FB ratio against 1.16 for his career. That's Ian Desmond territory. Small sample size...but it was the same story in his abbreviated season last year. I'm invested, and he's going to hit for a decent BA, but I'm worried he's going to be capped at 20 HR or so and he's in a wasteland of a lineup.
  5. Looking under the hood a bit, what jumps out is his GB% is 44.7, against 56.7 for his career. Conversely, his FB% is 30.7, vs. 21.8 for his career. I'm not a batted ball expert, but that seems like a bad combination for a speedy, no power guy like him. Is there anything going on here, other than just that he sucks?
  6. Caught stealing. That makes him 5 for 9 on the year. Hot garbage.