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  1. Kept Harper. Traded Story/Sano/Stroman for Madbum, Sanchez, Frazier. Here's to Sanchez staying in the rotation and Harper catching fire...
  2. Help here?
  3. A lot of info missing here, but with dynasty implications, it kinda boils down to Marte vs Bum. I'd typically lean bats, but not sure your team's construction. Pertaining to this season, def like your current situation best.
  4. Gotta go Dahl here. High end prospect. At a minimum, give me the guy at Coors vs Petco. Help?
  5. Sure, I'm a gentleman. April deserves at least a wave.
  6. Far away from me, if I can find the right deal. My SP is headlined by Carlos Martinez, fwiw
  7. Please move to Bench Coach. My mistake.
  8. I just can't handle this social media all star any longer. Trade him, Story, Stroman, and Odorizzi for Thor, Madbum, Sanchez(Tor), and Frazier? 12 team cat h2h Redraft My OF eligibles remain with Betts, Myers, Napoli, Sano, Kepler, Eaton, Pearce. At SS still have Seager. Diaz. Thoughts? Whir Immediately!
  9. Thought not terrible deals, I need a SP boost as I originally stated. Any other thoughts?
  10. 12 Team H2H Cat Redraft (7 adds/ week) My Story(25), Myers(20), Odorizzi(2xx), M Moore(2xx) for Stras(18), Verlander(43), Yelich(52), Pom(59)? Current ranks in (). He currently has an offer to me of my Aledmys, Story, Moore, Odorizzi for Pom, Verlander, Yelich, Suarez. I don't want suarez and kinda want to keep Aledmys, but do have Travis and Pearce for 2b. I like keeping Diaz as it gives me a 2nd SS eligible guy with Seager if I let go of Story. My team: C Martin 1B Hosmer 2B Diaz 3B Franco SS Story INF Seager OF Harper OF Betts OF Myers 3 UTIL & Bench: Napoli, Sano, Eaton, Travis, Pearce, Keplar SP: CMART, Stroman, VV, Snell, Moore, Odorizzi, Cashner (Stream) Wire: Bundy, Gausman, Nola, Norris, Koehler... nothing else. Thoughts here? My goal is a solid SP bump. WHIR immediately. Thanks
  11. 12 Team H2H Cats 7x7 (standard + BB/Hits Gattis was dropped and cleared waivers. Currently have Martin . ROS? WHIR
  12. Any other thoughts? I'm good with a simple yes or no....or even a y or n😀 I guess most have moved on to football?? Bench coach has been slowwww.
  13. Agreed
  14. Neither standout, but I like Davies too. He's been pitching well lately.
  15. 12 Team H2H Cats 7x7 (standard + BB/Hits) Thinking of offering Mookie(5) for Stras(18) and Verlander(92), but feel it may not be enough of a return. He also has Pom(33). Current ranks in (). Cant seem to get a decent return for Story, whom I'd like to move, but won't undersell. My Team: C D'Arnaud/Martin 1b Hosmer 2b Aledmys 3B Sano SS Seager INF Story OF Harper OF Betts OF Myers U Franco U Napoli U Eaton Bench Travis, Kepler DL Pearce My SP: CMart, Stroman, VV, Moore, Smyly, Snell, Odorizzi, Nola My SP has been a wink link, and this team has been sinking fairly quick because of it. Sitting in 9th, 19 games out of 6th, the final playoff spot. Thoughts? WHIR