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  1. I checked this out and you are correct sir, not that I doubted you.
  2. Keep 6 * Roto * OBP (round kept) My Machado(8) Dahl(26) for Rizzo(9), B Rodgers(26) Yelich(6) Gattis, Schwarber(26) Piscotty(26) Aledmys(26), Miller Machado Franco(2) Harper (2) Dahl(26) Kepler(26) Mazara(26) SP Nola(18), Matz(9), Glasnow(22), Nola(21), Bundy(26)
  3. Thor doesn't seem to be himself, and even without Kershaw and Harvey, your SP is anchored pretty well, assuming Cueto doesn't melt down again.
  4. Is the other team looking for two SP?
  5. Keep 6, Roto, OBP, Keep forever at current value. Myers is a 23 round value, Machado round 8. I am looking to next season, any thoughts to letting Machado go? It seems his SB days are already behind him and Myers is breaking out on a soft team. If high round pick(s) included, would you entertain this? I would prefer to acquire a couple keepers as my situation is thin. Other players of interest on this team is Berrios and Urias, as well as Bryant and Altuve - though they are on a Machado tier(or above) themselves. Current team: Gattis, Schwarber Piscotty Aledmys, B Miller Machado Franco Harper, Dahl, Kepler, Eaton, Mazara, Conforto, Puig, Brinson SP Glasnow, Bundy, Stroman, Matz, Nola, Velasquez, Musgrove
  6. 12 Team * Roto * Keep 6 * OBP, Holds Keeper Round Values in Parenthesis. Looking for the 6 to begin as a reference as I begin to prep for next year. C Gattis(11), Schwarber(26) 1b Piscotty(26) 2b B Miller(26), Aledmys(26) 3b Franco(3) SS Machado (8) OF Harper (2), Dahl(26), Kepler(26), Mazara(20), Eaton(4), Conforto(11), Puig(25), Brinson(22) SP Bundy(26), Stroman(5), Matz(9), Velasquez, Glasnow(19), Nola(21), Musgrove(26), J Ross(17)
  7. It was offered to me, I rejected, he tried the current deal.
  8. Thanks. I think I replied to this one earlier this morn. I'm in the Bundy camp. Too much promise, though I know nothing about workload this season. I don't really trust Wright and his recent performances are reinforcing it. I think I just hijacked my own thread, . Any other Mookie thoughts?
  9. Rejected, he countered with his. Ian Desmond/Donaldson for Mookie/ C Seager? Any thoughts on this?
  10. I'd go Bundy here. I'm comfortable w the matchup and think he's first to get scooped if you don't grab him.
  11. I'm fine with the value if it helps you; prob difficult after last evening, but maybe you can get Bundy tossed in too?
  12. Yes or no, need not explain if no desire or time to.
  13. 12 Team H2H Cats 7x7 Redraft C martin 1b Napoli 2b Travis 3b Franco SS C Seager IF Profar OF Harper OF Betts OF Yelich UT(3) Kepler, Eaton, Pearce, Bench Semien Not a lot of speed in my lineup. Leaning no, but when Donaldson is offered to you, hammy scare and all, you think about it. Donaldson currently ranked 3, Betts 4 in this league.
  14. I'd say yes. It looks like things are finally coming together for a healthy Bundy and the knuckleballer has been unraveling a bit.
  15. I would do #2 like yesterday. #1 is good too.