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  1. I'd keep White, but as you saw I'm having difficulty letting him go. I'd drop Murray.
  2. Rudolph. He'll get his targets. No way I'd trust Eifert off injury, if he even plays.
  3. I don't think C MIKE let's go of the job. If you're good at WR I'd consider it. Maclin can't get any worse. It's a tough decision as I think C MIKE keeps getting the TDS and Lamar has kinda underwhelmed. But one more game like last week and Lamar is not avail at all.
  4. About to pull the trigger, but a little hesitant. White seems to be grooving into a great role with Brady. Any other thoughts?
  5. I also have Michael Thomas starting at WR currently if that makes a difference. Starting... Marvin, Pryor, M Thomas while Moncrief is out.
  6. 10 team, deep bench. I was offered Baldwin for J White. Either would occupy a flex spot. We start: QB, 3WR, 3RB, TE FLEX My team: QB Carr, Winston WR M Jones, Pryor, Moncrief, Watkins, Sharpe RB DJ, C MIKE, Ware, White, Powell, Dixon, D Lewis Looks like Dion may not be much of an impact this year leaving White pretty valuable. My WR Corp is weak however. Considering moving DJ for a WR1 and RB1. (He's scores about 50/wk) Thoughts? WHIR
  7. 10 team 1PPR 6pts passing TDs We start QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, Flex, QBFlex Before moves, team: QB Bottles, Fitz WR AB, Dez, Landry, Fuller, Moncrief, Shephard, Sharpe RB Lacy, Howard, Ware, Jones, Mathews TE Rudolph I didn't give it much time after picking up Howard and M Jones off waivers, and Dez and Mincrief have been hurt, but figured what do I have to lose. Traded AB for Gurley, Cooks, and Graham dropping Gates and Sharpe. Traded Howard, Landry, Mathews and Rudolph for Brees, CMike, Reed and J Brown. Best I could get as I wanted the moves to be in effect by Sun. My current team: QB Brees, Bottles WR Dez, Cooks, Moncrief, Fuller, J Brown, Shephard RB Gurley, Lacy, CMike, M Jones, Ware, Mathews TE Graham, Reed Thoughts? I really needed the QB upgrade and TE since Rudolph had a bye.
  8. So we have a 5 add limit, and I'm at it. No foster for me.
  9. A Foster just dropped. Drop any of the above for him? D Lewis?
  10. That's my worry; but also worry if I hang onto name value I might drown. Any other thoughts?
  11. 1.2PPR, also .6PPC so workhorse backs score very well. D Johnson just scored me 54 on Thurs. I'm sick of Dez, and have Moncrief and Watkins on the bench. Forte worries me. I let them go as the title suggests. My team before the swap: We start QB, 3 WR, 3RB, TE, Flex QB Carr, Winston WR Pryor, Sharpe, Dorsett, M Thomas, DEZ, WATKINS, MONCRIEF ugh RB DJ, Forte, Ware, White, D Lewis TE Eifert Thoughts?
  12. The way I figure it, even with Fitz abysmal Enunwa has been productive. Then combined with keeping up with Pitt, I'd have to go with Quincy.
  13. Tannehill should be throwing quite a bit with no run game to speak of, but I kind of like Quincy now that he is the #2.
  14. Thanks all...sorry for the confusion. It is MATT, and I would be receiving Jordy/MATT. RBs that carry a load score well with the .6 point per carry. Forte's health scares me, and Powell is creeping. Dez is just killing me, I'd love a solid WR to anchor me. My Team: We start QB, 3 WR, 3 RB, TE, FLEX QB Carr, Winston WR Pryor, Dorsett, Sharpe, M Thomas, B Butler & DEZ, WATKINS, MONCRIEF! RB D Johnson, Forte, Ware, White, Dixon, D Lewis TE Eifert Best Avail WR: Garcon, Boldin, T Smith, Inman, Hogan, Quick, Goodwin, Ginn Best Avail RB: Washington (Det), Starks, Tolbert, Booker I think I'd like to grab Washington, Booker, and/or maybe Inman of the wire. Any thoughts?