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  1. 1PPR Arob deal finalized this morn, thought it was tomorrow. Easy to start Landry, JJ, Arob, Cooks but Diggs has been outstanding. WHIR
  2. Any other thoughts? Drop any additional for Dorsett and/or Winston? Will continue to WHIR
  3. I'd do it. DT won't be enough, there has to be a perceived slight overpay here. If it feels a bit rough in your gut, it is prob near a fair trade. It secures you the KC backfield; I like the deal.
  4. I would cut Crowell for Rawls. I think last week was a bit of a mirage for him.
  5. I dumped a K when Rawls was dropped, now haven't one.
  6. .5 PPR 10 Team 0-2, All advice is appreciated! WHIR Sharpe, Fuller, Moncrief, Tate, Floyd, Ty Williams, Yeldon, Rawls, Henry Dorsett is also a FA, as is Winston. Current QB is Bortles. Also have Landry, Gurley, Freeman. I like Moncrief, but he's another month away, minimum. Floyd and Tate bore me, but I can't ignore what they're capable of. Thoughts, WHIR!
  7. Tate, Floyd, Sharpe, Fuller, Moncrief? Whir
  8. Like how aggressive Hou's play call is. Wish I had a share or two of Hopkins.
  9. Start QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, FLEX QB Bortles WR Landry, Moncrief, Tate, Fuller, Floyd, Sharpe, Ty Williams, RB Gurley, Yeldon, Frreman, Langford WR 2? RB Leaning Gurley, Yeldon Flex? WHIR!
  10. Leaning Winston here...Any thoughts? WHIR
  11. Foster and Woodhead. Jennings does have a great matchup, but with Foster healthy and the centerpiece and Woodhead's increased possible load with Keenan out, those are my choices. 2 RBs here?
  12. PICK 2 Lacy @ Min Ware @ Hou Yeldon @ SD Mathews @ Chi Also have a Flex, but Landry there now(AB, Dez my WR starters.. Moncrief, Shephard, Fuller, Sharpe on the bench) WHIR
  13. 20yds/pt 6pts/TD High on Winston as a QB1 this year, but at AZ is not the easiest matchup. Thoughts!?
  14. 12 Team 1PPR Choose 2 Foster, J Brown, Ameer, Fuller, Henry, Ty Williams
  15. Yikes, good deal. The weekend before the season started I traded away Allen/Hill for Zeke! Good luck with your season.