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  1. Start 2 RB, 2 WR 1 Flex. Thoughts? Also, pick up Rex off the wire? QB Winston RB Bell, Zeke, Gurley, McCaffrey, Gillislee, Abdullah WR Hilton, Hopkins, Pryor, Crowder, Hogan TE Olson
  2. Where should Zeke be drafted?

    In a 10 team I drafted him in Rd 2. I had pick #2 and paired him with Bell. Didn't really expect him to fall with the depth a 10 teamer can provide, but I guess some are still hesitant.
  3. Deal Schoop? Or is he a keeper? Whir

    Thanks Rush, Killo. Any other thoughts here? Concerned not of Rosario's real world value, but fantasy upside. Could also move B Hamilton who isa 3rd round value for him.
  4. 14 team roto keep 8. I am rebuilding. Keep Schoop at 12 round value or trade for Amed Rosario (28 round) and a top 5 pick? I don't have another 2b or SS to keep. Machado this year, but he'll be only 3b eligible next year? Who would you rather keep? Thanks!
  5. Prospect/keeper help? WHIR

    Thanks Ben! I didn't word my post correctly, so to clarify a little.. I am RECEIVING tons of interest in Schoop and Hamilton. I currently own them. If I were to move them then Mejia, Calhoun, Rosario, Vlad or Dominic Smith would be my options. Zimmer is Bradley Zimmer. I won't move Harper or Machado.
  6. Prospect/keeper help? WHIR

    14 Team. Roto. 6x6 (standard + OPS and holds) Rebuilding. With the trade deadline this week and determining whether or not to move pieces to those contending. I have tons of interest in Schoop (12) and Billy Hamilton (3). Keeper values in () Specific players I have been offered are Willie Calhoun, Amed Rosario, Francisco Mejia, Vlad Jr., and Domingo Santana the only "vet". All values in the late 20s. Currently keeping Harper (2), Machado (8), Ozuna (9), Acuna (28) Also have Eloy, Dahl, Schwarber, Alonso, Piscotty, Zimmer, Altherr...all last round values. Best pitching values are prob Bundy and Lynn in the low 20s. Thoughts? Afraid to get too young and waste Harper and Machado, but do like all the prospects above. Thoughts? Thanks!
  7. selling... what pick for EE

    In a 14 team keep 8 (forever) roto where EE cost a 1st round pick, I traded him and a couple late rounders for a 3, 9, and Braves' prospect Acuna (28 rd value) to an owner in solid contention for a the title. I'm rebuilding though. Determines a little on your league and circumstances.
  8. Trade for Darvish?

    The trade? This post? Explain.
  9. Trade for Darvish?

    About to make this deal, but DeGrom is avail too. Darvish/ Cam or DeGrom/ Cam for Judge and Dahl?
  10. Trade for Darvish?

    12 Team 7x7 (standard + H, BB & QS, Holds) Redraft. Considering moving a bat(s) to reinforce my pitching. I alwas seem to have a solid bat or two on the bench. Been offered Darvish/Cam (or T Walker) for Dahl and Judge? C Schwarber 1B Rizzo 2B Altuve 3B Carp SS Lindor IF Sano OF(3) Trea, Mazara, Benintendi U(3) Haniger, Thames, Judge Bench Puig, A Diaz, Gyrko, Dahl, Bird, Zobrist NA Moncada, Torres SP Taillon, Bundy, Pineda, Lynn, Velasquez, Montgomery (NY), Skaggs DL Matz, A Sanchez, Happ RP Barnes, Vizcaino, Buchter, Rivero, Hart Thoughts?
  11. 2017 Completed Trades Thread

    12 team 7x7 OBP league. Redraft. Brantley/ Chapman For Thames. Bought high, ah well. Excited and optimistic about Thames. Also My Villar for Yelich. Deep at IF, needed an OF.
  12. Acquire Altuve and Lindor? Whir

    Deal was made. Thanks all.
  13. Acquire Altuve and Lindor? Whir

    So I rejected the offer early in the week... A bit of back and forth and we are now at... His Altuve, Lindor, Thames, Zobrist for my Cespedes, Stanton, C Davis, Familia. Guess no closer is as good as one. I can work on it later. Am I a moron to be fearful of losing so much power? One last round of thoughts, will continue to WHIR
  14. SP help? WHIR

    I wouldn't lose any sleep over any, but I'd prefer Ross.
  15. Which OF(s) to add? WHIR 100%

    Gut wrenching to let Haniger slip. I think you can expect solid production from Fowler and Werth. I would monitor Conforto, esp if reg playing time opens up. In the meantime, I'd prob take a stab at Judge and his power possibility. I also like Keon.