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  1. I'm certain I can grab one of those. Story is a 16th if that makes much of a difference. Sanchez a 15.
  2. This league keeps only one bat & arm. I initially planned to choose Story without a doubt, but as today's deadline approached, securing a dynamite top tier catcher is appealing
  3. Gary Sanchez or Story? Keep 1. 15th round value. 12 Team H2H Cats: R HR RBI SB BB K AVG OPS
  4. Schwarber or Sanchez? Yahoo 12 Team H2H Cat 7x7 (std + BB and Hits) Thoughts?
  5. This is my concern. Darvish will prob be there. Would it be ridiculous to consider B Hamilton this high in roto? Lack of speed hurt me quite a bit last year, and he won't be avail when I pick again in rd 3.
  6. I like Archer this year, but Hendricks value is too good here to pass up.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I feel like EE and Cruz will be gone. I haven't looked into Braun at all, mostly because of disinterest.. thoughts on him? Odor is exciting, esp contributing across the board. Is his power and speed for real? Would be nice to have a dynamite 2b (Dozier here?) I am really excited for Yelich this year, too. Any other thoughts?
  8. Yahoo 14 Team * Roto * Keep 6 * 6x6 Who to target at #3 and (if you'd like to really speculate) #31, my first two picks? BATS: EE, Braun, Cruz, Dozier, K Seager, Yelich, Odor, Polanco, J Upton, Hamilton, C Davis, Kipnis, Cespedes, Kinsler, Pujols, Sano, Beltre, Longoria, Trumbo, Jones ARMS: Lester, Archer, Darvish, Carrasco, Porcello, Tanaka, Kimbrel, Hamels, Greinke, Salazar, Maeda, Felix, Osuna, Robertson 1 ea IF position plus 3 OF, 3 UT, 2 RP, 9 P My keepers: Harper (2), Machado (8), Schwarber (23), Piscotty (25), A Diaz (27), Dahl (28) Currently draft 1.3, Harper occupies my 2nd round, then I pick again at 3.3. Last season was my first at roto, and it was humbling (particularly SB & SV). Thanks, WHIR
  9. Thanks for the replies. I can't find how to edit my post, but I just noticed I made a few mistakes with the round values. Nola is 21, not 2. Everyone labeled 15 are actually last rounders, 26. This includes Dahl, Kepler, Aledmys, VV, Bundy. If I have multiple ladt round keepers they just filter uo a round at my choosing (25, 24, etc) I was leaning Harper, Machado, Schwarber, Dahl. Then two of Aledmys, Piscotty, Mazara(I expect big things by '18) Nola, Bundy. I hadn't considered Gattis. Appreciate the help!
  10. 14 Team * Keep 6 (forever at current rd value) * 6x6 (standard + obp) 1. Keep 6. Who? Values next to name. 2. Interested in Trea 17, Villar 15, Marte 18. Trea's owner has no picks until rd 5. Villar & Marte's owner none until 4, only 3 through rd 12, and he is looking to move a bat("high picks" for Marte, less apt to move Villar, "needs a good deal"). How much is fair for Marte? Would you move Machado or Harper in any manner for Trea? My Team: Harper(2) Machado (8) Schwarber (26) Gattis 13, Piscotty 26, Brad Miller 15, Franco 2, Dahl 15, Kepler 15, Eaton 2, Baez 23, Mazara 20, Aledmys 15, Puig 25, Conforto 11, Brinson 22 Velasquez 15, Bundy 15, Musgrove 15, Stroman 5, Matz 9, Desclafani 19, Berrios 17, ERod 15, Nola 2, Glasnow 19, J Ross 17 Hope the above is clear. TIA for any help. WHIR WHIR
  11. Pardon me for the "vacuum" comment and assoc round values, I just didn't want to consider team needs, # of keepers, etc etc. Fun discussion, guess everyone is all in on Turner? Appreciate the replies!
  12. Thanks for the replies. Asking as I was considering making an offer for Trea, the only of the above I do not own. Keep forever league at the rounds mentioned. Thoughts? WHIR
  13. 14 team 6x6 roto (avg & obp) Harper (2) Machado (8) Trea (17) Parentheses represents keeper round value. Consider in a vacuum. Thanks! WHIR
  14. I like this. Inf is about set and rotation has a good start.
  15. Noted. He did OK in that dept in last season's small sample size but he was K ing a bit. Prob a bit lucky (I'm not familiar with his MiLB) Also have Franco (3) and Eaton (2), as well as the possibility to get Taillon (20); any thoughts if he could crack anyone's top 6? Thanks for the replies. WHIR