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  1. Thanks all. So Puig concensus huh?
  2. 12 Team H2H 5x5 plus total bases. Who do you prefer?
  3. Rush, wouldn't have expected anything else. To be honest, I rarely keep pitching, but surely one SP kept is OK?
  4. Appreciate the responsesđź‘Ť
  5. My mistake, 1 from the remainder. I think Realmuto it is.
  6. I really would like to keep Ohtani, in lieu of who?
  7. 14 Team Roto KEEP 8 6x6 (standard plus OBP and Holds) Keeper value in parenthesis. Acuna (28) Harper (4) Machado (9) Baez (11) Snell (10) Dahl (14) Scooter (21) Pick 2 of remaining. Realmuto (3) Ozuna (9) Piscotty (19) Ohtani - batter (28) Mikolas (26) Realmuto will almost certainly be gone in rd 1, and I do not feel like dealing with the catcher position this year. Thoughts? Or adjust in any way?
  8. Start 2 of Garropolo at KC, Goff vs LAC, Luck at Philly?
  9. Glad to see him playing so well. That's 20/11/35 the last month. Geez.