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  1. Over the last 2 months in 24 games hes averaging 23.3pts/7.9rebs/6.4 assists/2.9 3pm so I can totally see him averaging 25/7/7 next season
  2. With Kief out 6-8 weeks now, I see Green being able to still get around 28 mins a night if not more. He's shooting 50%FG/90%FT & has added assists since Wall has been out, think he's a good glue guy esp. in deeper leagues.
  3. Until Thad Young is gone and they commit to playing Domas+Turner together more often I dont see 30 mins happening
  4. Nice article from The Ringer on Domas
  5. What kind of numbers do you guys project for Bogdan ROS now that he’s back to being healthy with no minutes restrictions ? I’m thinking 17/4/5 with 2.5 3PMs
  6. He’s worth someone in the top 50-70 range I would think. A bit more in dynasty
  7. Everyone would love to see him get more minutes but it’s doubtful unless Turner gets hurt. Think he would average something like 18/12/4 if his minutes were in low 30s
  8. Turner's contract is considered solid value around the league, he would be a very valuable trade asset if the Pacers make him available.
  9. Very nicely put, I dont think you can compare WCJ and Collins real life value right now. WCJ is by far the better nba prospect
  10. YUp picked up 3rd foul early in the 2nd, played 16 min in the 2nd half though. Continues to his amazing efficiency going 4/4 FGs tonight
  11. Often compared to Al Horford but he’s already better than Horford fantasy wise a rookie, now if only he could avoid foul trouble every other game
  12. I’m not sure I’d trade WCJ for Doncic in dynasty esp if he can shoot around 78-80% FTs, those stocks are huge as a rookie. Imagine what kind of numbers WCJ puts up as a 3rd year player