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  1. If I had the #1 pick I'd take Durant #1 and whatever PF/C and PG come back at the turn. The only real advantage KAT has over Durant in my mind is Durant has been a bit injury prone in recent years. KAT has to improve his stats to get to the tier KD is on, and he has to do it during a season where his team will be figuring out how to share the ball effectively. Durant is a much safer, easier to build around pick in my opinion. Anyway, as to the topic of the thread, there's a few players/situations that have me intrigued. I really want to see Boban get some more run in Detroit, and I'm wondering if its within the realm of possibility that he provides restorable value at some point in the season. In a similar vein I'm curious about Dragan Bender's progress in PHO and if he'll manage to be effective at some point this season. I'd also like to consider the Boston guys as potential sleepers, but I don't know if the PT will be there for them to put up the stats I'd need to roster them. Anyone else care to weigh in on these guys? I also like some of SicarioSanity's picks. I agree that Crowder can still be a decent pick for the second half of the draft as he should be able to carve out a nice utility role in CLE. I like Hernangomez in NYK as well, but based on the flashes he showed last year I'm not sure how much of a sleeper he'll be this year. I'm hoping James Johnson is slept on by the guys I'm drafting with so I can nab him in later rounds as well; love that 1/1/1 potential. I also agree on Green in MEM, could be a really nice value pick. Looking at the list again I agree with most of them; however I have a bit of a bias against rookies and tend to let other managers roll the dice on them, so I'd probably disagree with some of your picks like Josh Jackson/DSJ etc.
  2. I've always thought of basketball as being like hockey, where young players (18-20) were able to make an immediate impact in the league. I think if you look at some rookies from the past 5-10 years or so there's more than a few examples of young players being able to put up strong statistical seasons. In addition to the obvious guys (Embiid, Towns, Davis, Irving, Lillard, Curry, etc), there's many more examples of players from recent years that only took an additional 1-2 seasons to develop (Jokic, Drummond, Antetokounmpo, Draymond, Kawhi, Turner, Klay, etc). There's also plenty of examples of draft gems getting selected late and quickly developing into solid players. A team like Golden State was able to turn it's fortunes around quickly because they drafted well from 2009-12. The Spurs did the same thing from 97-01. OKC did it from 07-09. I don't think bad teams are staying bad because of the talent coming into the league, whether it be their age or how fast they develop. I think over the past few years we've seen enough players capable of being effective rookies and developing into very strong players by year 3. I think bad teams are staying bad because of other factors. I guess it's likely a combination of poor team management/luck (SAC, Phi, NO, BKN, CHA, ORL) and probably also the inability for teams to attract superstar free agents, which often I think is simply a matter of geographical location. That said I'm slightly hopeful for the East. Milwaukee is a team to keep an eye on in my opinion (though I dunno about Jason Kidd), and I'm praying Minnesota and Philly are able to finally figure things out as well so that Towns and Embiid/Simmons don't go to waste.
  3. 2016-2017 Vent & Rant thread

    Also that feeling when you forget to switch Marquee Chris for Marvin Williams on a full-roster Sunday because and it costs you your semi-final matchup.
  4. 2016-2017 Vent & Rant thread

    Hmm. I might have to propose this prize money idea to my league. Seems like a fair way to do it. I also feel you on never being able to draft this team again. Granted it's an 8-team league but we play with extended rosters. I had Durant and Giannis as my first 2 picks, then Draymond and Jokic as my next 2, followed by Porzingis, Conley, and Gasol. It reeeeeally sucks when you pick guys that have a massive breakout year (Giannis/Jokic for me) and don't win a championship off it.
  5. Yeah Oladipo was who I chose last year and having both him and Westbrook didn't exactly go as planned. Holiday seems like a decent option but I'm slightly more wary now that Cousins is there. I still view him as injury prone as well despite being relatively healthy this season. And then there's Nurk vs Dieng. I guess I can give Nurk the edge because his TO's aren't as big of a factor when I'm basically punting with Westbrook, but I do like Dieng's consistency.
  6. Standard 9-cat league, we get to keep 3 players each year. Westbrook and Davis are locked in on my team but I can't decide who should take the final slot. It'll probably be one of these guys, but I'm having trouble deciding: Jrue Holiday Victor Oladipo Gorgui Dieng Jusuf Nurkic Willie Cauley Stein Thoughts?
  7. I would say so, yes.
  8. Kevin Durant 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    Just imagine he's relatively fine and this is all just mind-games to mess with Cleveland
  9. Matt Barnes 2016-2017 season outlook

    8-10pts, 4reb, 2ast, 1.5 3pm, 0.5stl 0.5blk .400FG .750FT Basically his season averages, except I can see a slight uptick in points/3's from open looks, but fewer boards/assists
  10. If he's going to have his worst week of the season I'd rather have it now than during playoffs. He still has time to get out of his funk before it counts for us, which, given his history of overall consistency, I'm thinking is a pretty safe bet. My main concern moving forward is potential rest days. I'm hoping they'll only be sitting a couple guys at a time, which hopefully means the games Draymond sits will be countered by games where he has to carry more of the offensive load.
  11. Wouldn't it be Adams starting C, Taj starting PF, Kanter backup?
  12. Welp, there goes my hopes of buying low.
  13. I hope the Raptors can land him without giving up too much. I read somewhere else the Suns are hoping for a 1st rounder in return, which I don't think would be too bad considering it'd likely be a low pick
  14. DeMarcus Cousins 2016-17 Season Outlook

    Haha this is exactly how I would have reacted. "Oh reaally? ...Hey you media guys, you know what's super great? New Orleans! I love it here!" And I don't think that's sarcasm. Like, "New Orleans is great and I'm thrilled to be the hell away from that management team."
  15. Tyreke Evans 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    If they want to have something for the fans to watch they should limit his minutes. I honestly think if they crank him up to 35+ mpg he's going to get blown out inside a month. From both a fantasy and real-life perspective, and as an owner in all my leagues, I want to believe he can go to SAC for 2 months at full blast and I can ride his stats through the playoffs and everything works out great. However, given his injury history, I'm not very optimistic about it working out that way. I preferred his situation in NO, where the outlook seemed to be a gradual increase in PT leading into the fantasy playoffs.