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  1. Myles Turner 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    The Block Ness Monster!
  2. More of the same will probably be sporadic for a while, but I do expect him to be able to improve as the season moves on.
  3. John Wall 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Damn, so nice getting help in blocks from your PG. I wish all my guards could do this.
  4. He's obviously got his weaknesses in FG/TO, but I think that's pretty common for young players. That said, FG%/3P% are improved from last year on higher volume, and the rest of his stats are super helpful. He's been really fun to own on my punt FG/TO team with Westbrook, and if he can keep up these numbers throughout the year I'm going to be targeting him aggressively next year for that 3rd-year breakout.
  5. Sigh, another night, another dud from WCS. It's his 7th game this year where he's shot .333% or less from the field. It's also his 7th game with 5 or fewer REB. I think that puts him in the running for most frustrating player I own on any of my teams. Please figure things out soon Willie, we've seen what your capable of.
  6. Zach Lavine 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Read earlier he's supposed to be cleared for contact Nov 19. He probably won't be back for a few weeks still.
  7. I was thinking about this earlier, and I think I might be okay with him averaging less than a 3 per game if it means he's shooting almost .600 from the field on 20 shots every night. That said I don't know if the math supports this; if he was averaging say 1 more 3 per game (1.6), but at .500 FG% on the same number of shots, would that make him a more valuable fantasy player?
  8. Frank Ntilikina 2017-18 Season Outlook

    9 assists in 23 minutes tonight, averaging 8 per game over his last 3. Good steals and contributes in 3's as well. If you have a team that is starved for assists like I did, I'd run to grab him for the potential to improve as the season continues.
  9. T.J. Warren 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    If it’s a concussion he’s out x number of days. A history of head injuries typically makes x a larger number, but the recovery time is totally random with concussions. I’ve seen athletes that have a history of them get another and miss 4 months, but then there’s also times where it happens and the guy is back in a week. I also have a friend at work who’s had multiple sports concussions, and each time the recovery period is different, at times defying the initially perceived “severity” of the injury. I hope he has a good recovery if it is a concussion, I always hate to see a guy go down with one.
  10. Dude you just straight up robbed that guy. Lavine will be back in like a month. Nice move haha
  11. Just out of curiosity; why do you think you need Redick that badly? His 3’s? He doesn’t bring a whole lot else to the table these days. Yes good FT but low attempts per game, but beyond 3’s and points he doesn’t really contribute much beyond that. Your team seems like it’s okay for 3’s and points, so that’s why I suggested dropping him over Chriss. Just my .02 I own Chriss in one of my leagues as well, and I was also considering dropping him for Oubre, but I really do think it’s much too early to be dropping a young guy with solid 1/1/1 potential.
  12. I’d probably drop Redick before Chriss. Ya Chriss is having a bad game but the upside is still there. IMO it’s too early to drop someone like Chriss, the sample size is too small. I love Oubre and I think he’ll be solid moving forward, but I don’t know if i’d Be willing to drop Chriss for him just yet.
  13. Gordon Hayward 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    "Fractured ankle" is the diagnosis they just announced. I'm kind of shocked it wasn't his leg the way it bent under him. That said though, maybe a higher chance of tendon/ligament damage because it's the ankle? Not good regardless.
  14. Gordon Hayward 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I guess he could potentially be back this season, but in terms of the fantasy season he's likely done
  15. Gordon Hayward 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    His leg looked bent the same way Paul George's did after his break. It's the kind of injury that makes you feel queasy when you see it I feel terrible for Hayward, and the Celtics, and anyone fellow fantasy managers who just drafted him. Such a bummer.