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  1. Twins are a great team, always have been, always will be.
  2. use players that are hot, and avoid those that are not.
  3. Brees, but im assuming yall arent that lucky.
  4. Im actually pretty interested in this.
  5. I just got thielen for jones straight up, granted the guy that gave me thielen had julio hill and cooks.
  6. yea i think you gotta do this. It should be worth the risk.
  7. I think you can do this, Brynt should heat back up, and mccutch seems to be really heating up. Harper should come back up but I think this is a decent deal
  8. I would lean albies, just because 2b is thinner than OF. but depends on your needs.
  9. I would take the machado/degrom/harper. Harpers BABIP is like 7th worst in the league while freemans in top 5, meaning freemans is going to come back to earth a bit, and harper should regress in the positive. As long as you dont need treas steals I think this is a pretty good deal
  10. Yea id trade freeman for stanton and dee, freemans going to come down, his babip is near .400 and stanton should still hit about 35 more homers, dee is bonus to this deal. Take it now.
  11. 1 pitching start per week, but then you also get a very very good hitter 5 times a week. Not much to complain about here.
  12. Guy just lost seager and has a pitiful rizzo, I just offered him Segura, and Jose Martinez to buy his Rizzo low. This is a nice buy low right? I know JoMart looks good, but hes 29. Has to have some durability issues. 1b i have freeman, bell, jomart, healy OF i have Polanco, marte, stanton, dickerson, jo mart, mccutch
  13. That would be leaving yourself pretty weak at SP. But I would say either is fine, its a 1st round swap with a chapman kicker.
  14. Will Fuller Evan Engram Gallman Alex Collins Wallace sounds like both ty and jamal are going to play maybe, gonna get muddy in gb
  15. I have Kamara as a 5$ keeper, and some one offering me D Thomas I have Cooks, Pryor, Landry, John brown, will fuller bilal powel, buck allen, donta forman, kamara, duke jr and ellington Keep kamara right? he should be my starter probably moving forward? Leave a link