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  1. No. Keep Watson. Thanks for the help on mine.
  2. Rivers and Goff at QB. Kareem Hunt at RB. AJ and Hollywood Brown available at WR.
  3. I'll pick up another RB or QB when I can move Green to IR. I drafted Carr with my last pick because I'm a raiders fan and think he will bounce back. This is the 2nd time Carr has the same OC for 2 years. The last time he did he was a MVP candidate. Plus, AB. Kareem Hunt went undrafted, Maybe I try to roster him after moving Green to IR. But, I'm a big believer in Chubb. I'm a big believer in Darwin Thompson too. I think he starts to chip away from Damien Williams. I like my WR's. Boyd should ball out while Green is out, crossing my fingers for Keenan Allen to be healthy. I feel like Djax, Gordon, Tyrell, and Tate all have a chance to bust out. I have the #1 waiver too. Can help the RB depth with that,
  4. Trade AP to move up. No brainer IMO. And yes, keep Gordon. Thanks for mine.
  5. Hey all, 3 keeper 10 team 0.5 ppr league. What do you all think of my team? QB: Brees, Carr RB: Kamara, Conner, Mack, Darwin Thompson WR: Keenan Allen, AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, Josh Gordon, DJax, Tyrell Williams, Golden Tate TE: Travis Kelce D/ST:Bears K: Fairbairn
  6. Down by 12.5 in a 0.5 ppr league. Opponent is done. I have Keke Coutee and Ka'imi Fairbairn left. If i win I lock up a bye in the playoffs.
  7. Robert's is the #2. Bryant seemed to be just a decoy.
  8. Yup. Carr has always liked Seth. Seth was always the pickup over Martavis.
  9. Almost everything Gruden has said so far this year has been false. I don't have a ton of confidence in Bryant. As a raiders fan I hope he kills it. I just have a feeling Jordy and Seth will be more involved. The good news is Bryant can always break one or catch a deep td pass. If carr throws a good one.
  10. Lots of garbage time at the end of the game with the game out of hand. Nothing to see here. Blue still sucks.
  11. Who cares? They are gonna be down in most games and will need to air it out. One of Jordy, Robert's, Cook or Bryant will benefit most. I'm rolling with Jordy through bye weeks.
  12. Robert's had a concussion at the beginning of the 4th quarter. That partly explains that.
  13. Butker is as good as anyone. Has not missed. In a ridiculous offense.
  14. That line goes both ways with Miller too . Miller is averaging almost 4 ypc this season. If blue takes the job, awesome. He is JAG though, and Foreman is soon to come back. I just don't see him getting the job. This backfield is a wasteland.
  15. A guy that barely averages 2 yards per carry is not going to stay on the field. No matter what his intangibles are. He had a decent fantasy week but he was not that good in the game. I own this entire backfield right now and don't really care who wins out. But, Foreman will be given every chance to take over if Blue and/or Miller stink it up week 6. Blue has been given every opportunity to take over this backfield the past few years and hasn't because he is JAG.