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  1. Isn't this just a platoon? He has only 38 PA vs. lefties (in 30 games, so not a lot of starts). He has a 930 OPS vs. righties and a 718 vs lefties, so I'm not even sure you this matters. I wouldn't use him vs. lefties anyways.
  2. Not to read too much into single-season splits, but Conforto is batting .244/.354/.488 vs. LHP this year. Small sample size, but he's also young and improving.
  3. Combination of flyball %, being at Arizona, and the L/R splits made him a bench.
  4. He's a platoon guy. He's extremely effective against lefties (1306 OPS), and pretty pointless vs. righties. A lot of his career swings up and down are just functions of how many righties he's facing.