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  1. Need to keep 6. Giannis KAT AD John Collins Now the tough part. Oladipo J.Wall L.Ball Lou Williams D.Jordan
  2. Dropping Glasnow is just plain dumb..Worst advice I've ever seen. At least suggest trading.
  3. Thank you everyone. I have some time before i decide so i think i'll wait to see what the outcome is with Wall before i decide between him and Ball.
  4. Current team 12 league keeper standard 9 cat..I'm really at a loss who to keep. Need 6. please help Giannis AD KAT John Collins Oladipo Nikola Mirotic John Wall Lonzo Ball Lou Williams Satoransky JaVale McGee Bogdan Bogdanovic Thaddeus Young Bobby Portis
  5. Yes, i dont think we've seen the best of this guy yet. I think he has the potential to be the best power hitter we've seen since the Bonds era.
  6. This^^ Every year I've done it, I clean up. Last year I didn't do it and I got smashed. I pretty much followed this exact format grabbing best RP in 6th. my innings minimum is 29 so I need a few starters to make sure I hit it weekly. It works like a charm.
  7. 12 man keeper not sure which to keep.
  8. I just landed AD in a 12 man 9 cats keeper (keep 6). I also gave up my 7th pick for an 8th pick. This probably kills my chances of winning this year but I had to jump at the chance to land AD since it's a keeper. Good move?
  9. I'm in a cats 12 man keeper (allowed to keep 6). My 6 keepers are KAT,AD,Giannis,Oladipo,Lou Williams,Collins. Is this enough for KAT? Please help.
  10. great thread. I think this is what will win many championships.
  11. I'm targeting him. Shot an offer my Collins for Cap. If you're a lock for the playoffs, its a no brainer.
  12. terrible trade. Collins arrow is pointing up an Simmons has greater value than Oladipo at this point. pass