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  1. Yes, i dont think we've seen the best of this guy yet. I think he has the potential to be the best power hitter we've seen since the Bonds era.
  2. This^^ Every year I've done it, I clean up. Last year I didn't do it and I got smashed. I pretty much followed this exact format grabbing best RP in 6th. my innings minimum is 29 so I need a few starters to make sure I hit it weekly. It works like a charm.
  3. 12 man keeper not sure which to keep.
  4. I just landed AD in a 12 man 9 cats keeper (keep 6). I also gave up my 7th pick for an 8th pick. This probably kills my chances of winning this year but I had to jump at the chance to land AD since it's a keeper. Good move?
  5. I'm in a cats 12 man keeper (allowed to keep 6). My 6 keepers are KAT,AD,Giannis,Oladipo,Lou Williams,Collins. Is this enough for KAT? Please help.
  6. great thread. I think this is what will win many championships.
  7. I'm targeting him. Shot an offer my Collins for Cap. If you're a lock for the playoffs, its a no brainer.
  8. terrible trade. Collins arrow is pointing up an Simmons has greater value than Oladipo at this point. pass
  9. I agree with this. take his age and the huge leap he made. he has potential to be the best.
  10. I really like watching him play. He's got alot hussle and finds ways to score. More minutes soon to come.
  11. yeah, being in a keeper league I would definitely like to keep an eye on him. any news?