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  1. I'm targeting him. Shot an offer my Collins for Cap. If you're a lock for the playoffs, its a no brainer.
  2. terrible trade. Collins arrow is pointing up an Simmons has greater value than Oladipo at this point. pass
  3. I agree with this. take his age and the huge leap he made. he has potential to be the best.
  4. Bobby Portis 2018-2019Season Outlook

    I really like watching him play. He's got alot hussle and finds ways to score. More minutes soon to come.
  5. Tyreke Evans 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    agree 100% with this
  6. Michael Porter Jr 2018-19 Season Thread

    yeah, being in a keeper league I would definitely like to keep an eye on him. any news?
  7. Middleton for sure but no way you land Embiid

    no way. KAT is a top tier player that doesnt come around often. I just snagged him in a 2 for 1. I wouldnt let him go unless I was getting another top tier. He's a monster and he's only 23!!!
  9. know this is late, sorry but I wouldnt drop either.

    like the trade and go for Collins
  11. my tatum for cj mccollum? WHIR

    Gimme CJ. As long as Kyrie is in Boston, Tatum will play second fiddle.
  12. Which side WHIR

    I'm gonna say Capella and THJ. I just think Capella is a rising star and CP3 can break at any moment.
  13. Which side? Whir

    1 Davis 2 Davis 3 Durant