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  1. Yes, i dont think we've seen the best of this guy yet. I think he has the potential to be the best power hitter we've seen since the Bonds era.
  2. This^^ Every year I've done it, I clean up. Last year I didn't do it and I got smashed. I pretty much followed this exact format grabbing best RP in 6th. my innings minimum is 29 so I need a few starters to make sure I hit it weekly. It works like a charm.
  3. 12 man keeper not sure which to keep.
  4. I just landed AD in a 12 man 9 cats keeper (keep 6). I also gave up my 7th pick for an 8th pick. This probably kills my chances of winning this year but I had to jump at the chance to land AD since it's a keeper. Good move?
  5. I'm in a cats 12 man keeper (allowed to keep 6). My 6 keepers are KAT,AD,Giannis,Oladipo,Lou Williams,Collins. Is this enough for KAT? Please help.
  6. great thread. I think this is what will win many championships.
  7. I'm targeting him. Shot an offer my Collins for Cap. If you're a lock for the playoffs, its a no brainer.
  8. terrible trade. Collins arrow is pointing up an Simmons has greater value than Oladipo at this point. pass
  9. I agree with this. take his age and the huge leap he made. he has potential to be the best.
  10. I really like watching him play. He's got alot hussle and finds ways to score. More minutes soon to come.
  11. yeah, being in a keeper league I would definitely like to keep an eye on him. any news?
  12. no way. KAT is a top tier player that doesnt come around often. I just snagged him in a 2 for 1. I wouldnt let him go unless I was getting another top tier. He's a monster and he's only 23!!!
  13. like the trade and go for Collins
  14. Gimme CJ. As long as Kyrie is in Boston, Tatum will play second fiddle.
  15. I'm gonna say Capella and THJ. I just think Capella is a rising star and CP3 can break at any moment.
  16. it's a keeper league. I got KAT here. I was running into issues with having too many good players that I would have to cut. would you do this trade?
  17. No, I don't think AD is that much better than Giannis. There is still room for growth with Giannis.
  18. I'm not buying into Otto's slow start this year. Between the lingering foot injury and the chemistry issue with Wall and Beal, I'd rather have Prince even with Collins coming back.