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  1. Team available is WTT, maybe more will be available soon... This is our 8th season You CAN (but don’t have to) keep up to 13 players standard 8 categories + TO
  2. Drafts is on January 26th (Sunday) and it’s live. First 8 rounds are keepers so you don’t select unless you keep less than 8. Time is 9pm ET
  3. Super 16 Hardcore H2H on ESPN The link above gives you an indication of the intensity of this league. With 16 owners and 8 keepers, on a 16 man roster it can become very difficult to find enough talent to win this league. We are looking for an owner that is dedicated and has experience with keeper leagues. This is not a beginner level league. The team available is New Jersey Shredders which is pretty much a roster that needs to be blown up and redrafted from scratch. With all the available rookie RBs this year that might not be a bad idea. You don’t have to keep 8, it’s optional, so you can start from scratch. Email for more info.