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  1. He was going around WR32 right before season started. He actually fell to me at WR38 in the 11th round. But now it's just weird that these experts moved him up to WR25 after 2 duds. I can see his potential but I'm tempted to drop him for one of the hot chiefs like Mecole or Darwin. Do you still like him ahead of the likes of Tyler Boyd, Tyrell Williams, Mike Williams, Edelman, etc.?
  2. I don't get it. Why are the experts still so high on him? #25 using the ones that updated yesterday and today https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/rankings/ros-wr.php?filters=47c29d00bb
  3. Kind of a small sample size. He averaged 4.1 on 50 carries last year, making his lifetime average 5.1 on 63. Ekeler's lifetime is 5.2 on 182. They're both pretty fragile at 200 lbs which is why they usually give the load to Gordon at 215 lbs even though he has a lot lower ypc.
  4. At what cost do you own though? If you look at ROS consensus expert ranks... https://www.fantasypros.com/2019/09/fantasy-football-rankings-rest-of-season-week-3-2019/ Do you give up anyone below#35? Or do you agree where they're ranked there? (#57, hardman)
  5. It seems now he only excelled in LA due to the Rams scheme. Any RB will excel in that system.
  6. Isn't hardman faster than tyreek with better hands?
  7. Is he must-add now or too many mouths to feed on chiefs offense?
  8. I would, unless you're looking for > 5 ip
  9. Has ekeler been known to line up at WR?