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  1. I feel like the Jets offense is getting held back by either Darnold or the coaching staff, which one is it?
  2. I thought Robby runs a 4.4 or something
  3. Bowles should've taken timeouts there
  4. Man, Robby Anderson was -1 points last week too
  5. Then the Jets are good? Or Detroit, Miami, and Cleveland are all bad?
  6. If the Jets blow them out, and they've already blown out Detroit, then... Miami must be good?
  7. Should've played crowell over Howard, Conner, Collins, and breida
  8. Does Silva have a matchup article for the Thursday games? I only saw the ones starting on Sunday
  9. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    😮 Where did you hear that?
  10. Robby Anderson 2018 Outlook

    Who will be covering him tonight?
  11. What in the world is Ezekiel wearing?
  12. Hey pdog may be onto something here