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  1. His xwOBA is almost identical to his actual wOBA, so what you see is what you get. Overall he's hitting pretty well - he's the 9th best 3B in my points league so far this year, which is pretty decent considering where he was drafted. His exit velocity and hard hit rate are both elite per StatCast, and his walk rate is really nice this year too.
  2. Yelich with another bomb. I think that's #18 on the year now.
  3. Yelich seems fine. He immediately went and stole a base.
  4. wRC+ adjusts for park factors. He was pretty bad in 2017 and 2018, but he was a decent player prior to then.
  5. His StatCast numbers are great. Elite hard hit percentage, barrel percentage, and exit velocity. He'll probably turn into a pumpkin, but it's hard not to like the clean-up hitter in what should be one of baseball's better lineups.
  6. Right now he has the 11th best xwOBA in the majors on StatCast - just above Freddie Freeman and George Springer. He would have had a second HR last night if not for that pesky Josh Reddick.
  7. Pence robbed of a second home run
  8. He's been solid this year against right-handed hitters and the Cardinals are rolling out another lineup with very few left-handed hitters, so I don't think this is as dangerous of a match-up as it might seem. I'm sitting him because I'm on pace for too many starts this week, but I anticipate a respectable showing tonight.
  9. Is anyone here following Whitley's starts on here? Sometimes guys get lit up in the minors because the team has asked them to work on a new pitch, and you'll see people use really weird pitch sequencing because their primary focus is to work on a particular pitch, rather than to be the most effective pitcher that day. I still wouldn't be surprised to see him take a spot if one opens up.
  10. We're about to get ~ 12 inches of rain tonight here in Houston (bad storm rolling in). Minute Maid is domed so the game should be good, but there's some legit flooding risk - I could see fans getting trapped at the stadium if the game runs long.
  11. Bregman just got jobbed with a strike-out on a blatant ball.
  12. Eickhoff receiving some nice run support here.
  13. I think he keeps it up. His underlying numbers are really strong. It still haunts me to have dropped him to stream an SP earlier on this year.
  14. I am. The Cardinals are rolling out a very right-handed lineup today and Eickhoff has a large platoon split. This year right-handed hitters are slashing .155 / .210 / .190 off of Eickhoff, and his career numbers also show a large split (although not that large - this year's numbers are in LOOGY territory but for right-handed hitters).