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  1. IMO the video he posted isn't going to cause the Steelers any problems on the field on Sunday, very much like OBJ. However the video is a symptom of a larger problem with Brown (like OBJ), in that they aren't focused 100% on what they should be focused on. If they were both bought in fully, they wouldn't be doing this other crap that is distracting themselves from the main goal, which is getting ready for the next playoff football game. The coach and quarterback are addressing the team after a big playoff win and he is concerned about 40k people watching his Facebook Live and smiling into the camera for them. He wasn't even in the same section of the locker room. I feel bad for Tomlin here, as people in the media are trying to play up his a hole comment which is about as big of a throwaway comment as you can get in professional sports. Of course the teams and coaches don't like eachother, that's what I want as a fan. I can't stand when players from opposing teams are playing grab a** before during and after games. Give me two teams that despise eachother every game over that.
  2. Dion was the epitome of Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde the other night, 3 TD and 2 fumbles. Fumbles were an issue with him at the beginning of last year as well so hopefully he can figure that out. One interesting note, the Patriots are a perfect 15-0 when Dion plays. He clearly means quite a bit to their offense whether he is heavily involved or not.
  3. Manning also has had 3 of those games at home vs 2 on the road. The 3 years Manning beat Brady (06, 13, and 15) were 3 of Brady's weakest teams at that point in the season over the last 15 years. On the flip side, Manning's 03 and 04 teams were among the strongest he had in Indy. It also helps Manning that the years when Brady had a decidedly better team than Manning (07, 14) his teams bowed out of the playoffs early and avoided a thumping in Foxboro. Sometimes the narrative is more indicative of what happened than just the final numbers.
  4. Huh? What are you even saying? Tee Johnson? Tedy Brusshi? Damien Woody on defense? Buehler? This debate should have ended after 2014. It was a debate prior to that but it isn't anymore. Last season did nothing to enhance the Manning side of the argument. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but the majority of people that are paid to spew their opinions agree that it goes Brady, Montana, then 3 or 4 other guys in some order. This is like arguing Jordan vs. Kobe, only if Kobe had 2 less rings.
  5. And the Pats defense being above average has led to Brady's statistics being diminished due to many clock killing 4th quarters throughout his career. Had he been "blessed" with Indy or New Orleans defenses throughout his career he would have piled up plenty of junk time yards and TDs like Peyton and Brees have through the years. That's why it isn't all about statistics or all about wins, because the two counteract eachother. This debate is far more about the eye test than anything else, and having watched both Manning and Brady for years, they were equally great throughout the regular seasons against the Jacksonville's and the Cleveland's of the league. What separates them is that Brady has taken his team to the Super Bowl 6 times in his career (and counting) and Manning is the NFL record holder for one and dones. If given the choice for one game who you would pick, there really isn't much debate as Brady has consistently excelled throughout his career in pressure spots and Manning has generally come up short.
  6. If Brady's career ended in 2014 before that championship season, it would be hard to argue him as the GOAT, he was one of several GOATS. But it didn't, and it still continues with no end in sight. He is already the GOAT when you factor everything in and when he finally does retire there won't be any debate.
  7. You mean 30 more games.
  8. He won't keep this up. But top 75 value rest of the way is definitely a possibility. He was the #4 pick in the draft so he has the talent, it's just a question of whether or not he can become a 40+% shooter. He could be a phenomenal fantasy asset if he ever learns to shoot consistently.
  9. Atlanta, NE, KC, GB
  10. No hands on deck!
  11. 2nd lowest yardage total in a game for his career. Can you imagine Julian Edelman or Julio Jones spending the Monday of their playoff week on a boat 1000 miles from their practice field? He may have all the talent in the world but he clearly doesn't fully grasp the mental aspect of this game yet.
  12. If only Ashley Manning's powerlifting career went better, Peyton would have been able to take less salary throughout his career as well.
  13. Drew Brees has essentially the same # of TD as Brady in his career. He also has almost 70 more interceptions, playing over half his games in a climate controlled dome with 0 wind. Brady has a better career QB rating inside a dome than both Manning and Brees (Brady 108.9, Brees 102.5, Manning 99.1) . Imagine if he played his career on a dome team with consistently poor defenses what kind of numbers he would have put up. His stats are comparable with both Manning and Brees despite playing over 90% of his career outdoors
  14. His % on open 3's in his career makes me think he's going to be knocking down 3.5 a game with the Cavs. Best possible spot he could have landed (from a fantasy perspective. I hate it from a real life perspective because LeBron always seems to have great role players handed to him, and it's another rich get richer scenario.)
  15. That was pretty spot on... I mean the Seattle and Buffalo loss prediction.