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  1. Had he not dropped a TD early on he may have done better than that.
  2. 30 year old James Starks is averaging 1.8 yards per carry and has 6 catches in 4 games this year, and he has a knee injury. As a Ty owner, I couldn't be less worried about him impacting Ty's new role.
  3. I could see Davis having value in a Chris Ivory/Matt Asiata type of way. 40-60 yards with a shot at a TD every week. Not a season winner by any means but definitely a bye week filler/flex consideration. If he was available free I'd add him, wouldnt use a decent waiver or much FAAB though.
  4. We almost need separate forums for PPR and standard scoring. I strictly play PPR, I've done both and always enjoy PPR more. I'd go into detail why but I don't think it really matters. In standard Ty''s value is good but not even close to what it is in PPR. Same goes for a lot of players though.
  5. I get the doubt earlier this week, we had only seen it once and outlier games happen in fantasy all the time. There was however a lot of optimism considering he was in the backfield, meaning he wouldn't only be on the field in 4 WR sets. That's why I bid a good amount of FAAB on him. We all watched Thursday night though, since it was the only game on. He looked great, Rodgers was looking for him a ton, and he ran the ball really well. He had a monster PPR day and didnt even convert any of his 3 touches inside the 5. Could have had a 30+ point day if that happens. Will his work get dialed down a bit if Davis starts getting carries? Obviously, but even with Davis getting 10 carries a game, which is still very much in question, the offense clearly moved much better with Rodgers in the shotgun. Lacy is done, and he was the biggest obstacle for Montgomery to overcome. PPR floor is probably 10 points, and the sky is the limit. He looked very much like a security blanket for Rodgers, and QB's love those types of players because they have a very high percentage of catches and can rack up YAC.
  6. Can you elaborate on why? I just don't see how he doesn't keep his role moving forward when the offense looked as good as it has all year and Rodgers/McCarthy praised him afterwards. Once is a fluke, but he did it in back to back games, and it's not like he's been a part of the offense all year and underperformed. When he's been on the field this year, he's been a stud.
  7. Because maybe there's a reason why they have it set that way. There's a reason they project players for certain amounts and those projections change on a weekly basis due to strength of matchups, health of teammates, etc. Maybe you think it's meaningless, but they do have some basis in reality. This forum is about analyzing players, and my question was entirely related to analyzing Doyle over the next 3 weeks. Why is that meaningless?
  8. Yes guys, I understand projections are meaningless, that wasn't my question. My question was more along the lines of was there a specific reason why the projections are so skewed. Thanks for reinforcing a well known fact though.
  9. Anyone see his Yahoo projections for the next 3 weeks? In ppr, he's only at 8 this week, but next week 12 and the week after that 15. Any ideas why?
  10. Is Booker faster, younger and fresher? Yes Does that mean he will take CJs job? No. CJ was one of the main reasons they won the super bowl last year with some big games down the stretch, he's not going to lose his job without injury. Let me rephrase, I would be absolutely shocked, SHOCKED if the Broncos made a switch. It's not like they're 1-5 (Hi Carolina), and it's not like CJ has been god awful. He's struggled in 2 games, week 3 and week 4, and he scored a TD week 4. Last week the box score shows he struggled but we know what it would have looked like had his O line not been putrid. And week 5 vs Atlanta was a tough game flow for him, as they went down early. He still averaged almost 4 ypc. And he has yet to turn the ball over this year, which coaches absolutely value. With that defense, the Broncos should stay in most every game, giving him plenty of opportunities, and that's what fantasy is all about. Anyone selling at this point is doing fantasy wrong. He's one of the few RBs you can count on for 20 touches and has a good chance to score every game. Better days are coming.
  11. He's talking about postgame. Both Rodgers and McCarthy said postgame that Montgomery is the running back.
  12. While a run game is important against elite defenses, it is not entirely out if the question to win games against the best defenses without one. While the Patriots did lose in Denver, they also lost when they went to Denver earlier that year with a healthier run game, and they have typically struggled to win in Denver. They also beat the legion of boom in the Super Bowl with Blount averaging less than 3 yards per carry and Vereen catching 11 balls out of the backfield. A short pass running game can be effective with the right personnel.
  13. Not that this has anything to do with Knile, but the reason the Pats had no run game last year was because their 2 best backs, Blount and Lewis, were injured and knocked out for the year. Their offensive line sustained major injuries at basically every position, they were starting practice squad level players on the line and the corpse of Stephen Jackson was their power runner.
  14. He's a lot bigger than Lewis. Has the body type of a Dez or Terrell Owens. If you gave him #20 you wouldn't be able to tell that he's not a running back.
  15. 2 carries for 1 yard... Yes he had two days to prepare and will undoubtedly learn more over the coming weeks. But let's not pretend he had some sort of positive impact because he gained a yard.