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  1. I need a Vince McMahon GIF of all the events of the past week starting with Coleman's injury, going to the report that he would see snaps at QB, then highlights of his game Sunday, and then the Gordon news. I need it now.
  2. Likely won't see Lewis until week 10 with the week 9 bye. That gives you AT LEAST 4 weeks of Brady to White. Definitely worth an add IMO.
  3. Pryor was playing QB in the 4th quarter when he ran a touchdown in. The excitement isnt over him playing QB all the time, it's over the fact that he could be playing QB running the wildcat in the goal line. He will have far more TD scoring opportunities than pretty much every other WR in fantasy.
  4. You were referring to him adding QB/WR as being an advantage, I was just saying the fact that he already is WR and getting QB snaps is the reason for his value. Adding a QB eligibility really won't enhance his value at all.
  5. In my leagues that wouldn't really affect anything. His value lies in the ability to get QB stats from the WR position, not the other way around. QB's in general score more than any other position, I'd rather start a Cousins or Bortles at QB than Pryor.
  6. 1 more week then he will begin beasting with Brady. From Faulk, to Woodhead, to Vereen, to Lewis, Brady LOVES his pass catching back.
  7. The panic isn't over his production to date, it's over the lack of involvement in the offense. I drafted Julio because he led the league in targets last year, and he's not even close this year. It's like drafting a running back because he's going to be a 3 down back and he ends up in a committee. If I don't see a large change in targets over the next couple weeks I have to look at offers.
  8. Season-ending triceps injury. That came out of nowhere.
  9. I got him with 5% FAAB on Friday. I doubt he will go for less than 10% now.
  10. The 7th round pick? Ya totally comparable talents...
  11. That's a fair assessment if you haven't seen Jimmy play. In one and a half games, he showed me and plenty of analysts enough to say he is one of the 15 best quarterbacks in the league. He does everything well, there really isn't any weakness in his game. The 3rd and 15 completion to Amendola against the Cardinals defense showed that he has big play ability during crunch time. This isn't some late round backup QB that had a decent game, hes a 2nd rounder with 2 years of watching the best QB and coach of their generation, who also happened to play extremely well in limited time. That's far more than you can say about any QB in any draft. Ya, you could get lucky and draft Russel Wilson or Andrew Luck. Or you could end up with Jared Goff, Johnny Manziel, etc etc. With Jimmy there isn't a whole lot of unknown aside from how he holds up over the course of a full season, which is a question mark for every player in the league. He's definitely worth at least a first and a third, probably more. He was heading towards a 4 or 5 TD game against Miami before he got hurt. Without Gronk. Somewhat ironically, the Brady suspension may end up gaining the Pats another 2 early round draft picks.
  12. $8????? Do we really think McCluster, who has always underwhelmed, is worth 8% of FAAB?
  13. IMO Fozzy is fools gold, maybe some PPR value but not a ton. I think Artis-Payne is the add in Carolina, and because he was inactive on Sunday you should be able to get him for 1-3%. Last year when Stewart went down Artis-Payne had 2 games with 14 carries, one of which he scored a TD in. Fozzy got the work Sunday because he was active due to his role on special teams. Tolbert can also be added for free and has TD upside.
  14. Having sold Victor Cruz a game or two into his breakout season years ago, I'd advise against selling Diggs. Watching a player that you had blow up on another team every week is one of the more painful aspects of fantasy.
  15. Nick Mensio needs to work on his math. That's a 64 yarder.