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  1. 2 true outcomes
  2. Meh. We saw this last year. Show me some consistency and not just a hot streak and then congratulations are in order.
  3. There's the cycle
  4. Karl Ravech's face was priceless during that segment. Finally he said to Dallas "you know we have a baseball game going on down here right?"
  5. If he even can maintain a .265 average, he will contribute a ton in counting stats. Sox offense will give him plenty of opportunities even from the 9 slot.
  6. This guy gets no love. Walkoff HR tonight.
  7. The Sox have been scooping up all the lefties in the league the last couple years so that it doesn't matter.
  8. Most Pats games will be over in the 3rd quarter this year. With the Saints they were throwing late into the 4th quarter every game. Can't imagine he puts up better stats.
  9. Post em as they happen. Glennon to Chicago? Britt to Cleveland? DJax to Tampa? Gilmore to Pats?
  10. This thread has devolved quite a bit since Brady ended the debate Sunday night.
  11. Why wouldn't he? Dude looks better at 39 than he ever has, he's faster and more mobile in the pocket. He's Benjamin Button'ing
  12. I don't remember seeing any of these comments for Manning during Super Bowl week last year.
  13. Belichick once said he doesn't want to be like Marv Levy, coaching at 70 years old. This was like 8 years ago though, so who knows if his thoughts have changed.
  14. Brian Greise is equal to Brady is all I needed to read to add another member to my ignore list. Make any arguments you want for or against Brady that you want, but don't just be a stupid troll. I suppose Steve Bono=Joe Montana too? Also Matt Cassell sucked on the Chiefs so bad that he made the pro bowl.
  15. They were on average 11.4 psi, should have been 12.5. But when you factor in the IGL, they magically return to 12.5. Not quite the same as your 33% below minimum glove analogy, but I digress. What were Big Ben's footballs measured at against the Giants? That was cheating right? Pittsburgh Cheeters. How about the walkie talkies the Giants used? Can we call them the New York Cheatants? Pete Carroll cheated the IR with Sherman and twice with padded practices, how about the Seattle Cheathawks. Broncos with the salary cap and Spygate 2.0, the Denver Cheatos. Jets manipulated special teams footballs in 2009 and also tampered with Revis, New York Cheats. Do you realize how petulant you sound screaming the word cheater over and over again, like you're playing Scrabble with your Nana?