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  1. A week ago I thought he would be out for the year. Today he hits 2 bombs. He's been way better than I imagined when I drafted him, I'm forever a fan now.
  2. Super Benintendo 2 for 2
  3. Pretty sure he posted that right after Diaz started the 9th off last night with a HBP. Classic overreaction to one batter. Speaking of Diaz, what should his WHIP last night have been? A HBP and a single equates to a 1.0 WHIP, doesn't it? Yahoo has him down for a 2.0 last night.
  4. ANOTHER save opp brewing for the Mariners. Diaz should be rested enough to pitch tonight.
  5. No way! He's just getting some extended rest because his workload in August has been insane and he's still so young. The mariners always seem to find themselves with save opps.
  6. Uggggggggh
  7. He should be rich enough to not have to ever use scissors in his life.
  8. No thread yet? This guy has been a monster, another HR today.
  9. I personally need to either start a guy or drop him, no luxury in my league of sitting either. Unless I want no shot of winning Ks and Ws each week. Looks like I'm at the drop point with Gray. Sad, he really looked like a breakout a few weeks back.
  10. Dos bombas
  11. I drafted this guy and Liriano this year expecting 2 high K guys with mid 3 ERAs. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  12. The San Diego Padres offense: you cannot stop it, you can only hope to contain it.
  13. Ortiz would not be walking around fine if he actually had a broken leg.
  14. Diaz has pitched in 8 games over the last 11 days. Probably a good idea to let him get a night off here.
  15. Dombrowski said hes walking fine around the clubhouse and is day to day.