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  1. I never made the case he wasn't better than White. I would argue he is as well. I said there is zero evidence he's the preferred passing back, which is 100% true. People have opinions based in fact that contrast with your own gut feeling. Get over it.
  2. Thats a rather large assumption to make during fantasy playoffs. You probably thought that last week too. If you don't have even remotely better options I understand it, hell I'm starting McKinnon this week for that reason, but I don't see how you can confidently say he will have a good fantasy week. There is zero evidence he is even the preferred passing down back for the Pats right now.
  3. Brady played very well against Baltimore in the 2014 playoffs, I expect a game similar to that. Higher scoring, lots of passing, 250+ yards and 2 TD floor IMO.
  4. Words of caution to those starting him this week: he was out snapped by White 29-20 last week, as opposed to being out snapped by White 26-23 the week prior. Obviously anything could happen, but the most likely outcome is a continuation of this trend. He could still break one for a TD at any time but he won't be a high volume play.
  5. Where did you get this info?
  6. Have you watched any of the games? What is Lewis' longest catch this year? Downfield stuff? That's just not even remotely true.
  7. Except I'm not doing that. I'm claiming all 3 backs will continue to split work, because that's what we have seen for multiple weeks now and that's what the coaching staff has said they will do. White is actually increasing his snap count % while Lewis is decreasing (37% for White to 25% for Lewis yesterday). That's right, the "irrelevant" James White is seeing more work than Lewis and Lewis has been back for almost a month. Continue to seek out cheap talented players and plug them into your lineup, I have no issue with that. You need to work on your condescending attitude towards other posters who are doing the same though, you may be flat out wrong sometimes, like you clearly are here.
  8. I guess I'm a fantasy dullard. And Bill Belichick is too. Maybe one day Bill and I can learn to be astute like you. If you weren't so cocky and annoying about this people wouldn't be dumping all over you right now. Maybe this could be a learning experience for you. You aren't the fantasy soothsayer even though you clearly believe and act like you are.
  9. The Pats continued to spread the ball between Blount, Lewis and White, with Blount playing the hammer today and breaking the long TD. Expect a 3 way split rest of the way.
  10. I'd guess it's because most of the people complaining play in standard. I've long been annoyed by the disconnect on these boards between PPR and standard, it heavily impacts lots of players values and the discussions that take place in the threads. There almost needs to be a different forum for PPR and standard.
  11. IMO 9 targets equals a relevant fantasy player. 9 targets is what you hope for when looking for a WR2 or 3. In a PPR league, which I'm sure a lot of people play in, 9 targets is worth a ton, especially for a RB. White has 10 catches on 15 targets since Lewis returned, meaning he is still heavily involved in the offense. They are also employing a lot of sets with White and Lewis on the field together. It seems the Pats will continue to roll with the status quo from the last 2 games in an effort to try to keep all 3 backs healthy heading into the playoffs, I can't think of a reason that they wouldn't. The Pats have notoriously been frustrating for the owners of their running backs for this very reason. Bottom line, White still remains relevant in PPR leagues, which means he is relevant in fantasy and real life. Whether Lewis has more value than White is an entirely different discussion that I'll let others hash out, because I couldn't care less. As a Pats fan, I couldn't be happier that they are both healthy and playing.
  12. Dogged support? Claiming someone is relevant based on statistics that prove they are relevant is dogged support? Your arrogance and disregard for anyone's opinion that disagrees with your own is equally astonishing.
  13. Don't own any of them, just a Patriots fan so I watch every game. I'm sure you know more about the situation than I do though. 9 targets but not relevant, OK sure whatever you say.
  14. Who I came in here repping is completely irrelevant. How can you make an argument that White isn't relevant when he just had a game where he was targeted 9 times? That's 3 more times than Antonio Brown was targeted this week. Whether you believe Lewis is going to take more of that target share moving forward or not, you cannot just ignore a player that just got 9 targets from Tom Brady and say he isnt relevant unless you enjoy ignoring facts. Talk about ridiculous.