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  1. Bronson Arroyo and Eric Milton were some of my favorites, unfortunate that they both played in a launching pad in Cinci.
  2. I'm actually impressed that this thread is still going on. I was in here roughly two years ago before the comeback against Atlanta and the argument was finished at that point for all intents and purposes. Manning was one of the best ever, unanimous HOFer. He beat Brady in 3 AFC title games that Tom will never get back. But Brady has been to more Super Bowls than any TEAM ever. Yada yada its a team sport, but QB is the most important position in sports. Are we going to discredit Jordan for his 6 titles because it's a team game and he had Pippen/Jackson? Of course not. Any GOAT will have great teammates and coaches around them, and sometimes those players and coaches are great BECAUSE the GOAT helped them become that. But at the end of the day this discussion can never be fact, only opinion, so dashoe and others will be able to have their own until the end of time, whether it's the minority opinion or not.
  3. When your options are Doug Martin and Cannon, not much choice. Byes and injuries have wrecked my RB position and I'm sure many others are in the same boat.
  4. Depends on your league I would guess, Albert Wilson is the highest owned WR on my waiver wire so dropping Enunwa isn't really an option. He did average over 9 targets per game for the first 4 weeks, if he's healthy he should be a fantasy factor.
  5. No place does in the moment overreactions like Rotoworld forums. Kamara will be fine people.
  6. Stephania Bell was talking about his injury and recovery a few weeks ago. She basically said that because he rebroke the same spot, the screw that's already in his foot from last year is acting as a stabilizer for the bone, allowing him to come back without the need for more surgery. They will need to go in during the off-season and do another procedure but because it's a 4 month recovery from that, there was no reason NOT to try having him just rest and come back, as doing another surgery would have ended his year. Is there a chance he reinjures his foot again this year? Of course, but there's also a chance he plays out the rest of the year and manages it fine. I think he will start practicing next week and we will see him for week 6.
  7. He has a bad game against the best defense in football and people are dropping him. I'm not advocating for him moving forward but it's a bit ridiculous that people are judging him based off of a game against Jacksonville.
  8. Scoring a TON of runs, 39 on the year already. He's sneakily very valuable with his position eligibility.
  9. That's not causing him to strike out a substantially higher amount. Also that wouldn't affect his BABIP which is due for some serious positive regression. Id say just as much as the BABIP has been bad luck, the lack of contact has been an early season slump, he didn't just forget how to hit be baseball. I'm not an owner but I'd hold.
  10. BABIP is in the toilet, so is his HR/FB%. Better days ahead, he will go on a hot streak that corrects both soon. Rest of his batting profile looks like it always has. He's actually had more hard hit % than he did last year so far.
  11. He faced the rAAAys, hard to take much from it. He was a nice streamer today.
  12. Fantasy baseball is a marathon guys, it's April 13th. I suppose you should be dropping Springer, Seager, Encarnacion etc.
  13. Was supposed to be back today according to everything I've seen, really hope so. My DL slots are too full already.
  14. This thread has devolved quite a bit since Brady ended the debate Sunday night.
  15. I don't remember seeing any of these comments for Manning during Super Bowl week last year.
  16. Belichick once said he doesn't want to be like Marv Levy, coaching at 70 years old. This was like 8 years ago though, so who knows if his thoughts have changed.
  17. Brian Greise is equal to Brady is all I needed to read to add another member to my ignore list. Make any arguments you want for or against Brady that you want, but don't just be a stupid troll. I suppose Steve Bono=Joe Montana too? Also Matt Cassell sucked on the Chiefs so bad that he made the pro bowl.
  18. They were on average 11.4 psi, should have been 12.5. But when you factor in the IGL, they magically return to 12.5. Not quite the same as your 33% below minimum glove analogy, but I digress. What were Big Ben's footballs measured at against the Giants? That was cheating right? Pittsburgh Cheeters. How about the walkie talkies the Giants used? Can we call them the New York Cheatants? Pete Carroll cheated the IR with Sherman and twice with padded practices, how about the Seattle Cheathawks. Broncos with the salary cap and Spygate 2.0, the Denver Cheatos. Jets manipulated special teams footballs in 2009 and also tampered with Revis, New York Cheats. Do you realize how petulant you sound screaming the word cheater over and over again, like you're playing Scrabble with your Nana?
  19. NFL attorney Jeff Pash was asked by Judge Berman whether there was any direct evidence to show the Patriots participated in a scheme to deflate footballs in the AFC Championship game, to which Pash said no. This was all in the court transcript that you can find online. He reversed the suspension, only it was changed by a court the next year on a 2-1 vote because of Article 47, which basically says that Goodell has the right to levy any punishment he deems necessary regardless of if there is evidence or not.
  20. LOL at those of you taking the league office's "no credible evidence" stance on Manning's HGH allegations and ignoring them in court admitting there was "no credible evidence" that Brady or the Patriots deflated footballs in the AFC Championship 2 years ago. Did you not see them sweep the Steelers deflated balls under the rug in a few hours? Clearly they don't have any intentions of future cheating scandals, as they learned from deflategate that it isn't a path they want to go down anymore, which is a main reason the Manning story never gained any legs. Yes, Sly recanted his story, however he was facing criminal charges for what he said on video, so he had a very good reason to recant and absolutely no reason to stand by what he said on tape. Didn't Manning send a few people to his house that masqueraded as police officers? That sounds like a completely innocent man to me...
  21. Think Dan Marino or Charles Barkley would trade their MVP's for championship rings?