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  1. 1 hour ago, urban2014 said:

    Yeah,  early morning jitters, was looking for streaming options for tomorrow and somehow saw that he did great in his last start.  Now I am screwed 

    You must have still been half asleep, he didn't last more than 3 innings in his lat start.

  2. 28 minutes ago, dannyusf said:

    What's the thought on his splits vs lefties? 


    Did he show improvement on lefties during spring? Just wanna make sure we don't have another Joyce on our hands...

    The Sox have been scooping up all the lefties in the league the last couple years so that it doesn't matter.

  3. Brian Greise is equal to Brady is all I needed to read to add another member to my ignore list.  Make any arguments you want for or against Brady that you want, but don't just be a stupid troll.  I suppose Steve Bono=Joe Montana too?


    Also Matt Cassell sucked on the Chiefs so bad that he made the pro bowl.

  4. 1 hour ago, ChasinDatPaper said:

    Deflated footballs to get an advantage over the opposing QB is like a heavyweight boxer fighting with 12 oz gloves when it suppose to be 18 oz so please let's call how it is

    They were on average 11.4 psi, should have been 12.5. But when you factor in the IGL, they magically return to 12.5.  Not quite the same as your 33% below minimum glove analogy, but I digress.


    What were Big Ben's footballs measured at against the Giants?  That was cheating right?  Pittsburgh Cheeters.  How about the walkie talkies the Giants used?  Can we call them the New York Cheatants?  Pete Carroll cheated the IR with Sherman and twice with padded practices, how about the Seattle Cheathawks.  Broncos with the salary cap and Spygate 2.0, the Denver Cheatos.  Jets manipulated special teams footballs in 2009 and also tampered with Revis, New York Cheats.  Do you realize how petulant you sound screaming the word cheater over and over again, like you're playing Scrabble with your Nana?

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  5. NFL attorney Jeff Pash was asked by Judge Berman whether there was any direct evidence to show the Patriots participated in a scheme to deflate footballs in the AFC Championship game, to which Pash said no.  This was all in the court transcript that you can find online.  He reversed the suspension, only it was changed by a court the next year on a 2-1 vote because of Article 47, which basically says that Goodell has the right to levy any punishment he deems necessary regardless of if there is evidence or not.

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  6. LOL at those of you taking the league office's "no credible evidence" stance on Manning's HGH allegations and ignoring them in court admitting there was "no credible evidence" that Brady or the Patriots deflated footballs in the AFC Championship 2 years ago.  Did you not see them sweep the Steelers deflated balls under the rug in a few hours?  Clearly they don't have any intentions of future cheating scandals, as they learned from deflategate that it isn't a path they want to go down anymore, which is a main reason the Manning story never gained any legs.  Yes, Sly recanted his story, however he was facing criminal charges for what he said on video, so he had a very good reason to recant and absolutely no reason to stand by what he said on tape.  Didn't Manning send a few people to his house that masqueraded as police officers?  That sounds like a completely innocent man to me...

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  7. 1 hour ago, My Dinner With Andre said:

    Could you guys let me know when it was decided that Super Bowl Championships >>>>>>>>>>>> Regular Season MVPs and First-Team All-Pro honors?

    Think Dan Marino or Charles Barkley would trade their MVP's for championship rings?

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  8. Hypothetically speaking, if Brady wins his 5th championship in 2 weeks is there anyone that is going to seriously try to make this debate?  Since the Manning side is basically saying you have to ignore championships, it shouldn't matter at all, correct?  I know dashoe's opinion on the matter, Brady could win 5 more titles and he would still not measure up to the great one and done Manning.

  9. 17 minutes ago, Impreza178 said:

  what...    If anything that speaks to the talent on NE defense and CS.   Manning also struggled with SD in playoffs (anyone remember the multiple INT game for Antonio Cromartie?)


    Brady has had his own personal house of horrors too. 

    Baltimore has always challenged him

    Rex Ryan era Jets

    Any game at Mile High Stadium


    Manning owns the postseason H2H record as well.  




    Manning also has had 3 of those games at home vs 2 on the road.  The 3 years Manning beat Brady (06, 13, and 15) were 3 of Brady's weakest teams at that point in the season over the last 15 years.  On the flip side, Manning's 03 and 04 teams were among the strongest he had in Indy.  It also helps Manning that the years when Brady had a decidedly better team than Manning (07, 14) his teams bowed out of the playoffs early and avoided a thumping in Foxboro.


    Sometimes the narrative is more indicative of what happened than just the final numbers.

  10. 27 minutes ago, ChasinDatPaper said:

    Its quick how ppl forget who Brady had on defense


    Tee Johnson, Mike Vrabal, Lawyer milloy, Tedy brusshi, Richard Seymour, willie mcginest Damien woody  ty law they were  above averages? Lol thats dumb to say.



    What are you even saying?  Tee Johnson?  Tedy Brusshi?


    Damien Woody on defense?




    This debate should have ended after 2014.  It was a debate prior to that but it isn't anymore.  Last season did nothing to enhance the Manning side of the argument.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions but the majority of people that are paid to spew their opinions agree that it goes Brady, Montana, then 3 or 4 other guys in some order.  This is like arguing Jordan vs. Kobe, only if Kobe had 2 less rings.

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  11. 3 minutes ago, Justinrlstn said:


    I have a baseball mindset when it comes to all this who's better then who so I never understood NFL's best equals rings. Someone like Terry Bradhsaw has 4, because of Steel Curtain. Yet someone can hold so many records at one position and not even be in the conversation as one of the greatest? How many of Brady's rings were attributed to great defenses, yet he still receives all the credit for the ring total? The Pat's D have been above average more then then have been below. 

    And the Pats defense being above average has led to Brady's statistics being diminished due to many clock killing 4th quarters throughout his career.  Had he been "blessed" with Indy or New Orleans defenses throughout his career he would have piled up plenty of junk time yards and TDs like Peyton and Brees have through the years.  That's why it isn't all about statistics or all about wins, because the two counteract eachother.  


    This debate is far more about the eye test than anything else, and having watched both Manning and Brady for years, they were equally great throughout the regular seasons against the Jacksonville's and the Cleveland's of the league.  What separates them is that Brady has taken his team to the Super Bowl 6 times in his career (and counting) and Manning is the NFL record holder for one and dones.  If given the choice for one game who you would pick, there really isn't much debate as Brady has consistently excelled throughout his career in pressure spots and Manning has generally come up short.

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  12. 55 minutes ago, dashoe said:

    all these stats are nice but Peyton is The Goat Brady is one of several  Goats


    If Brady's career ended in 2014 before that championship season, it would be hard to argue him as the GOAT, he was one of several GOATS.  But it didn't, and it still continues with no end in sight.  He is already the GOAT when you factor everything in and when he finally does retire there won't be any debate.