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  1. 32 minutes ago, FavreCo said:

    You put Brees with Belicheck controlling him and Brady with Peyton doing what he does and the roles are reversed. Just look at Brees' numbers as far as completion %. He get the ball to the receivers efficiently.

    NE/Belicheck made Brady what he is. You put him on the Jets or Bills or one of theother perennial bottomfeeders and he's never even mentioned as one of the all time greats. No way in hell does he bring those team up to the level of the Pats. It's not him, its the coaching and culture.


    He would post the same losing records Brees has posted over the last few years in N.O.

    Drew Brees has essentially the same # of TD as Brady in his career.  He also has almost 70 more interceptions, playing over half his games in a climate controlled dome with 0 wind.  Brady has a better career QB rating inside a dome than both Manning and Brees (Brady 108.9, Brees 102.5, Manning 99.1) .  Imagine if he played his career on a dome team with consistently poor defenses what kind of numbers he would have put up.  His stats are comparable with both Manning and Brees despite playing over 90% of his career outdoors 

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  2. 3 hours ago, cohenstantinople said:


    Agreed. Yet, we're all looking for the next Martavius Byrant, and I'm thinking it ain't Rogers.... had hoped it was Coates.... maybe could've been Green but that's gone... definitely is not Wheaton


    so how much value does Eli Rogers really have if he becomes Ben's #2?     I reckon it's worth a stash, but only if you have the space 

    No Miller, no Bryant, that's 110 catches for 1300 yards and 8 TDs that disappeared from last year's offense.  That's not including the 5 games Bryant missed or the missed stats from the games Vick started.  There's plenty of statistical opportunity for someone, hopefully Rogers, to pick up in one of the best offenses in the league.

  3. 19 minutes ago, mjk356 said:

    Couple good ones I noticed tonight...The late "Jackass" star has apparently been reincarnated as a pitcher for the A's.  And Nimmo is back with the Mets.

    Albert Pujols went 3-for-5 and hit a walkoff homer in the bottom of the ninth to give the Angels an 8-6 win over the A's on Wednesday.

    Pujols took Ryan Dunn deep after Mike Trout reached on an error to start the inning. It was Pujols' 12th career walkoff homer. Thanks to the top of the Angels' order presenting him with so many opportunities of late, he's up to 84 RBI for the season.

    Mets manager Terry Collins said that Yoenis Cespedes (quad) will be placed on the 15-day disabled list.

    Cespedes did homer in Wednesday's loss to the Yankees, but he said that he felt discomfort in his quad during his last at-bat. This has been something of a lingering injury and placing the slugger on the disabled list is probably the Mets' most logical move for a healthy stretch run. Brandon Nimmo is expected to be called up to take his spot on the roster.

    Nimmo never got traded.  The trade with him going for Bruce got nixed and they redid it with another Mets prospect.

  4. Tanking is now something we openly sit players for? (I know this is basketball, just thought it was interesting.)

    Jordan Hill (tanking) and Carlos Boozer (tanking) may not be in the rotation vs. the Thunder on Tuesday according to Lakers beat writer Mike Trudell.

    Ryan Kelly and Tarik Black are starting in the frontcourt, so winning clearly isn't a priority tonight. The Lakers are going to get their younger guys some more playing time down the stretch, so Hill and Boozer's value will likely start to trend down. We will continue to monitor this story closely, but owners will want to see how things play out tonight before doing anything drastic.
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  5. This is a great victory for the Spurs, but also for all fans of the game of basketball. It shows that team basketball is by far more important than talent, and when players buy into a system and sacrifice for the good of the team, anything can happen. What Lebron did going to Miami and teaming up with Bosh and Wade really turned me off as a fan of the game and it's been tough to watch these last few years, especially with Miami winning 2 titles in a row. I despise the "drive to the hoop and shoot a layup or get fouled" style that Lebron and Wade have perfected, it's painful to watch but obviously works. This Spurs team reminds me of some of the all-time great ball movement teams, the '86 Celtics being the first team that comes to mind. It's much more desirable to watch and I can only hope that other coaches and GM's watching this series try to emulate it.

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  6. you have ryan williams

    and are therefore biased, whether you meant to be or not. it's ok.

    I drafted him as a flyer. I'm glad he's got a shot now but I'm not expecting him to go off or anything. But I also think that hearing that a RB is concerned about his surgically repaired knee is nothing to blow out of proportion.

    I don't think anyone is blowing it out of proportion, but in Fantasy Football you have to speculate on who you think is most likely to get injured, and a guy coming off knee surgery that is playing tentative is unfortunately at the top of that list. So considering this is the thread about his backup, there will be talk about that.

  7. The amount of people talking about how RyWilliams is timid is laughable. He's essentially a rookie and he's coming off knee surgery. He made a few comments about being concerned about his knee, but even the great Forte has said similar things in the past worrying about getting hurt.

    It will just take one game of 20 carries or two and he will have his confidence back. There's a reason this kid was drafted. Don't read into everything so much.

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    Ryan Williams is on your fantasy team.