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  1. Leaguesafe a must. ***Snake draft only*** 10-16 team PPR. No weekly payouts- paying majority to 1st place w/2 week per round playoffs. Slim chance finding I know but taking a shot
  2. Early Slow Draft w/IDP $150 L/S

    We are full...
  3. Early Slow Draft w/IDP $150 L/S

    Alright folks still need one more brave soul that isn't scared of idp's or drafting early. Majority of the early birds join Dynasty Leagues that draft in Spring. Start ups draft early & annual rookie drafts in Dynasty leagues draft in the Spring so why not do a full Redraft annually. Start the season sooner with a full draft every year. Risk = reward. Last year from the 11 hole I got AJ Green & David Johnson. No Summer draft was it possible to acquire both those picks without draft pick trading. ADP's will rise & fall & yes there will be injuries as there always is. Let's go........
  4. Early Slow Draft w/IDP $150 L/S

    Invites & email sent
  5. Early Slow Draft w/IDP $150 L/S

    No 5th season. Not new but you slow draft a new team
  6. Early Slow Draft w/IDP $150 L/S

    New league full redraft every Spring. We do a slow draft (24hrs) per pick because we love the high risk/high reward of drafting early every season. We are similar to a Dynasty but we draft a full squad every season. Going on 5th year. Great group but had to replace a couple owners.
  7. Early Slow Draft w/IDP $150 L/S

    Yes waiting on 2 to pay... first to pay is in what's your email?
  8. Oh man... hey Pierre I'm good & yes looking forward to the football season - if it was the Trout team I would have considered paying full price with an 0 & 3 start because a few trades & waiver moves could have that team in the mix. That squad though starting out 0 & 3 is rough man lol. I'll pass on this buddy but I'm looking forward to redeeming myself in your football leagues... Didn't make the playoffs in any so I have a lot of work to do this season. Good luck!
  9. Is it Rainbow River Trout? Which team if not? Team looks good but starting out 0 & 3 for full price is tough... squad resembles mine a lot
  10. Early Slow Draft w/IDP $150 L/S

    The 2 unpaid teams are being removed. First to pay is in--- Slow Draft begins Thursday
  11. Early Slow Draft w/IDP $150 L/S

    Awesome... what's your email? I will send Leaguesafe invite & MFL invite. What franchise would you want to claim? Have a half dozen that would be free of charge... $10 for my graphics guy to create a new Banner/Logo--- hope you join - you can pm/inbox me here or email---
  12. Early Slow Draft w/IDP $150 L/S

    Still need 1
  13. Early Slow Draft w/IDP $150 L/S

    1QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, R/W/T, R/W/T, K, 2 DL, 2LB, 2DB, 2 (flex) IDP