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  1. I am considering using RTS instead of MFL. Anyone play in & even better; ever created a dynasty league on RTS Sports? I Commish several leagues on MFL & was looking to try out the RTS Software if it is up to par. If not, I'll take any advice on creating one on MFL. It would be my first dynasty & I know it can get complicated w/Taxi squads & all that stuff. I always get premium professional graphics on my MFL leagues so I know that RTS pages are not fully customizable but the software seems to be better than MFL. Thanks
  2. Kelvin Benjamin 2017 Season Outlook

    I just drafted him as my WR 3. He fell below current ADP ranking but you guys have to remember that Cam also had his first bad season. He was also returning from a Torn ACL. Full healthy off season ...I'm buying his stock & I'm certain (barring injury) He will be drafted as a WR-2 by the Summer
  3. It's been changed to 12 teams, so it should be fine. Really strange.

  4. Give us a few minutes.  We will cut 1 team that was not really interested and then you can join.  Sorry for confusion.