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  1. By this logic you would have missed out on quite a few bounce backs in recent years. Speculating on a previously elite player to rebound productively from injury is not far removed from speculating on breakouts. There’s a middle ground there. A healthy Miggy ( at DH ) playing every day is worth sticking with for a little while as the weather heats up. I’m giving him another few weeks.
  2. I’m sure he’s asking if it’s Franklin Reyes of San Diego ( all signs pointing to significantly bad luck and positive regression if he keeps his spot ) or Alex Reyes of the cardinals ( recently sent down ). I am assuming OP if referring to Franmil.
  3. First of all, trading is one if the most fun aspects to fantasy, IMO. So it sucks that you’ll miss out on that. I think it is far more likely to win your league if you trade well. I would assume you’ll have to adhere more strictly to a positional tiered approach rather than a ‘best value’ approach. You won’t be able to take advantage of ADP droppers as much if you have filled their position early. So I guess I’d make sure I focused on the thin positions first. SS is pretty deep for example, so if you’ve drafted Lindor and somehow Seager falls to you in later rounds - there is little point in taking him. In a league with trades I’d absolutely draft a second high end SS if I got great value.
  4. Just pulled after 50 pitches. Nothing wrong. He looked sharp.
  5. Yeah, then your total roster would be a max of 42, with a min of 17. Nobody is forced to fill their bench, IR or MiLB spots. You can set a max number of ‘position players’ to roster, I.e. a max of 3 healthy catchers or whatever. I don’t think anyone does this. That’s what the ‘roster limit’ checkbox is for, getting around that with IR or MiLB players.
  6. Wait, so you want to allow people to have an empty active spot if they want? Why? Yes, if you take a player out of your active roster then you need an open bench spot. If you increase the number of open bench spots to allow for this, of course it will be abused. I would suck the waiver wire dry. Why don’t you just keep it as a minimum of 1 player per position and players can field injured players there if they want to punt? CBS has no issue with putting an injured or minor league player in a lineup. With as many injured and minor league players as you plan to have, shouldn’t be a problem.
  7. Vlad and Bellinger for biggest impact this year imo
  8. So team in sig. Pitching not valued as heavily as most points leagues, but still a difference maker week to week. It was a weird draft. I planned on punting catcher and RP, but I like to take value ( draft w tiers ) and they fell to me late. I was also running the live draft and running around getting guy’s laptops working... Here’s where I messed up. A) I didn’t realize Severino was that badly injured. B ) I also though SS was deep but my targets just missed me. C)Same with OF, waited too long. I may have gotten a bit too clever here. What do you guys think, any chance or too much needs to go my way?
  9. It’s league dependent, but in my CBS league they have to officially be on IL list as per MLB rules in real life. That usually happens at the start of the season.
  10. That brief shining period of Reyes destroying all before him in his rehab starts was great last year. The talent was there before he got injured in his first start. I have rarely been so excited for a rookie pitcher. I’d go Reyes.
  11. He’s throwing a bullpen session this weekend. A very different thing. We should get news depending on how that goes. My playoffs start on 9/3, so I’m holding until after this weekend. It’s a long shot though.
  12. I’d try and roster both if you can for the upside, but Soto first ( has playing time, and in form ). I see them both as much more than borderline rosterable in my 12 team. Your bench is there for high upside gambles and these are two of the highest upside gambles out there right now.
  13. That’s where they said he would bat pre-injury. Didi’s emergence may change this but depending on form, it’ll likely be one of the two going forward. They want to break the big righties up.
  14. Have to agree here. Castillo owner and watched the game. Yeah the umpire called a couple of strikes as balls and there was a bloop hit, but Castillo wasn’t close with a lot of pitches. Little off his game today.