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  1. Greg Bird or Juan Soto?

    I’d try and roster both if you can for the upside, but Soto first ( has playing time, and in form ). I see them both as much more than borderline rosterable in my 12 team. Your bench is there for high upside gambles and these are two of the highest upside gambles out there right now.
  2. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    That’s where they said he would bat pre-injury. Didi’s emergence may change this but depending on form, it’ll likely be one of the two going forward. They want to break the big righties up.
  3. Luis Castillo 2018 Outlook

    Have to agree here. Castillo owner and watched the game. Yeah the umpire called a couple of strikes as balls and there was a bloop hit, but Castillo wasn’t close with a lot of pitches. Little off his game today.
  4. Alex Reyes or Freddy Peralta ros?

    Rather take a shot on Reyes
  5. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    I’ll add that the Yankees have been high on Bird for some time and he was set for Didi’s spot between the two big righties in the lineup. Obviously that may change on his return if Didi stays hot but if he does take that spot, he’ll see a lot of pitches and could score a lot of runs.
  6. Luiz Gohara 2018 Outlook

    Dammit. Drafted him, have held this long. Reckon I’ll give him a couple more weeks and see if he forces their hand / any Atlanta pitcher struggles. I still think he’ll be in the rotation sooner rather than later if he can get it going. This may be a good way to let him cut loose and get his velocity and confidence up.
  7. DJ LeMahieu 2018 Outlook

    Just traded for him. I’m liking his approach this year, hope whatever he’s doing sticks and he ups the power numbers. He said he’s ready, manager says he may need a couple more days. I’ve started him this week, will happily take a weekend at Coors if he misses a day or two.
  8. Drop anyone for Ohtani (SP) ? WHIR

    Drop Sal for Ohtani. Sal will not get you the same return in a trade.
  9. Mikolas or Ohtani ? WHIR

    Ohtani. The guy is just filthy. I’ve watched every game he’s pitched.
  10. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    Gave Ohtani ( SP/OF eligible ), Snell, JoMart Got Stanton, LeMahieu Guy badly needed pitching and I needed a 2B ( was starting Kingery ). Negotiation snowballed. Trade went through in the 6th inning of Ohtani’s start today.
  11. Springer for Paxton. WHIR!

    Bit of an overpay. Agree Paxton looks awesome, but you can probably get more with Springer. I might sit tight and wait and Ray and Bum to come back. When they do you’ll be golden.
  12. Giancarlo Stanton 2018 Outlook

    I just traded for him today. I’ve owned Stanton every year since he first came up. This is standard. He will go a long stretch of looking completely lost at the plate, usually early on. Then he’ll tweak something minor in his stance and turn it on, making me think it’s half mental. Basically the real life batting version of Nuke Laloosh. I only ever worry about freak injury with him.
  13. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    I did see the play. He fell awkwardly and scraped up his wrist after being hit in the back. All the concern was about the wrist, he was able to grip etc but obviously was still sore. Probably started feeling the shoulder bruise after that wore off. I reckon the combination of the two made it too uncomfortable to continue, but I’m actually very happy they’re referencing the shoulder bruise and not his wrist. Means it’s not serious.
  14. Drop Suzuki then. No wants a healthy catcher on the bench.
  15. Do I sell high on Corbin or keep him?

    You can reference the Eric Thames thread from last year for the same arguments. In no way saying Corbin will fall off like Thames, but the early year situation is similar: 1) looks like a serious breakout - top 5 production. 2) some context to support this may be real, even if extremely unexpected 3) almost zero likelihood of getting equivalent value in a trade if it is real Consensus last year was the smartest thing to do was ride it out and cross your fingers, unless you can convince someone to trade you a struggling stud like Votto.