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  1. I watched that game and he got pretty screwed over by the Ump, his defense, and a couple of weird blooper hits in one inning. It was actually a pretty good performance and the reason I held. Box scores will only tell you so much. The main question is can he be effective over 100+ pitches, or do the Dodgers still see him as a long reliever as the first sign of trouble. The SF game was not a sign of trouble. At all. Probably cemented his place.
  2. Given the reasons they gave for sitting him here, it'd be tough to back track. I hope now but looks that way.
  3. They were going to rest Desmond yesterday. Even though the whole team got a rest, good chance he'll only play one game today so watch the lineups. He's still my pick on the off chance he gets two. I'm starting both this week so have no dog in this fight.
  4. Yep, that's the way I went. Thanks.
  5. Someone's trying to play you. Hate that.
  6. He's weak at 2B and pitching. Will be weak at OF if he trades Stanton. try Cueto, Kinsler and Desmond. help with mine?
  7. I'd do that to win this year, and Hamilton can win SBs by himself. Besides Peraza you're light there. help with mine?
  8. Yes. Bellinger looks special and you're not keeping Salazar anyway. help with mine?
  9. Team in sig, basically I can't decide on a lineup for next week. Yeah, I punted on pitching this year before you ask. Ignoring the fact that I only have 4 healthy SPs for 5 slots ( don't want to drop anyone and no one wants to trade pitching ), which 4 of these batters would you start next week: E5: (@TOR,3),(vMIN,3) CRUZ: (@PHI,2),(@TOR,4) STANTON: ( STL,3),(ATL,3) THAMES: ( BOS,3),(NYM,3) - all at Miller park! DESMOND: (CHC,3),(LAD,4) - all at Coors! BELLINGER: ( PIT,3),(@COL,4) - 4 at Coors! Right now I'm thinking Thames at 1B, and starting Desmond and Bellinger due to park factors. Benching EE and Stanton, although Stanton made that decision tougher today. Trout is obviously starting assuming health. What do you guys think? WHIR, leave a link!
  10. Someone is trying to rob you blind. For many years now, Bruce has been the epitome of a streaky hitter. EE has been the epitome of a slow starter. This is a bit of an insulting offer for EE tbh.
  11. In my league there are 3 other teams that I can reasonably discuss trades with, 4 that actively send out ridiculously one-sided offers ( usually guys they're about to drop ) but negotiations never go anywhere since they think their Conforto >> your Trout, and 4 that never trade or even reply. All of the 'one-sided' trade guys are close friends, but I don't even try anymore. They're terrified of being seen as the loser in a deal. I'll make 2 or 3 trades max in a very good year.
  12. Thames has 'cooled off' to the point where he's not hitting a HR per game. He's still an unknown entity and as such is difficult to get value for in a trade. Honestly, I'm a little scared to trade him, as good as he looks at the plate. Puig, on the other hand, has no trade value. I'd drop him if you like someone else and explore trades for Thames, but wouldn't make any unless I get top 25 value back right now ( and that includes packaging a piece you don't need for an upgrade ).
  13. If he keeps this pace up until the weekend he'll likely stay up. If he does you then you have the problem of how often he plays. I'm in the same boat and hoping he stays up so I can explore trades. I hate the Dodgers chopping and changing lineups.
  14. Your closers aren't great, your pitching is very risk-based ( age and injuries ) and most of your bats are off to slow starts. It's not a bad team at all, you're just getting most of your bad luck out of the way early. Most of these guys will heat up.
  15. Way too much.