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  1. Which OF for JoRam ?

    I do. I’ve been trying to buy low on him. That whole Indians team is cold right now and we’re only a couple of weeks in. Plus JoRam hasn’t actually looked terrible, would need to check his babip but he seems to be making decent contact.
  2. Which OF for JoRam ?

    Springer is the closest in value. JD second, then Judge but I’d personally want a sweetener with either of those. No way on Upton. I like JoRam over all of them but I could see a trade for Springer if needs are met.
  3. Shohei Ohtani 2018 Outlook

    As an owner I’d say very much so. I was concerned at that point thinking I’d thrown away a 9th round pick ( we drafted early, I’m sure he went later in late March drafts ). I would say his value trend did a 180 from downwards to upwards on his first pitching start and hasn’t slowed since. People are saying it’s peaked but if he goes out and shows last week wasn’t a fluke, I could see it rising higher. Risky though, in the same way you knew that the HR Derby was probably the peak of Aaron Judge’s value last year but it was tough to let go just in case he did something historic.
  4. Take a shot at buying low on Giancarlo?

    Cody/Bauer or Cody/Bundy would be a great deal if he goes for it. Would take more if I had Stanton.
  5. Was offered Ohtani (pitcher)

    I have both. I’d take the gamble on Ohtani. I love Eaton if he can stay healthy, batting lead off in that lineup. It’ll be all about avg and runs scored with him but you look pretty solid there. I’m not thrilled with your pitching, I think Ohtani will rack up the Ks this year. He’ll only pitch every 6 days but he’s looked absolutely filthy. I think he ends up being more valuable than Eaton very soon. You can probably move him for more then if it’s a concern.
  6. Worst Fantasy Advice You Acted On?

    In my 2nd year playing fantasy, being advised to accept a trade for a ( at the time ) mid round OF over a touted rookie. And that’s how I ended up trading Mike Trout for BJ Upton in a league that had one Keeper per team.
  7. Please rank these 1Bs. (Whir)

    I drafted Olson, then got Bird a few rounds later to alleviate risk. Picked up Hanley for free as a third flier - spreading the risk at 1B. I like Olson the most to break out but Bird / Hanley look to have prime spots in great lineups.
  8. Looking at my tiers from a couple weeks ago ( 12 team points based ). C: pretty weak, obvious 1st 2, reasonable 6 or 7 after that, then very shallow. Not much left by mid teen rounds. Had about 10 options I’d be ok with. 1B: reasonably deep but top tiers go pretty fast. Top 8 or so were taken by end of third in my draft and no one worth reaching for after that, but good upside late in draft. Ended up with Bird and Olson very late. Have seen a lot go for Cabrera in 7th or 8th. 2B: Obvious top 3 or 4, but remains deep this year. Good value all the way through the draft. Had about 15 options in targeted tiers. Once top 3 go you can wait ( top guys go in 1st 2 rounds ). 3B: Surprisingly deep. Good options. Had about 13 or so I’d be happy with but a clear fall off after 8 picks ( usually gone by 5th ). SS: again, surprisingly deep in top tier talent but top 8 or so can go fast ( by 5th or 6th round ). OF: looks shallow but there’s honestly 20 overall I consider very strong. That’s not many to go around. I think if you don’t get one or two of these your OF can look pretty weak since you might as well wait. I see a ton of guys I’d be happy with as OF1 and then a bunch of OF3s... SP: Obvious top 4. Tough decisions to be made here. Then they all blend together in terms of risk and great upside for the next 15 picks or so with a decreasing fall off that starts to look ugly after that. If you don’t get an ace you’ll want at least 3 of the next 20 SPs off the board IMO. RP: obvious top 2 and maybe another tier of 5 or 6 I’d reach for mid draft. After that I’m punting.
  9. Trade in a vaccum

    Realmuto. Strong chance to be a top 3 catcher this year. Gray’s had a rough spring and playing at Coors will limit his upside.
  10. Greg Bird or Matt Olson?

    Olson probably the safer play from a playing time perspective right now. Yankees seem to be commited to Bird atm but he’ll need to improve to stay in the team. Both big talents. I would expect a slightly higher avg from Bird and a few more HRs from Olson. I drafted both in the hopes one would break out.
  11. Aaron Nola 2018 Outlook

    Round 7 is exactly where I took him 2 weeks ago in my 12 man. I think he’s probably risen since then. There’s been a lot written about him recently and I’m happy I did my draft early. Not technically my 1 ( took Greinke and Paxton the two rounds before ) but I did punt on pitching early and then go hard after it from round 5 onwards. Had a touch choice between Paxton and Nola and was happy to see Nola still there a round later.
  12. In past years, yes. Kershaw is not close to a lock for 200 innings anymore and he’s no longer in a league by himself. There’s an argument Scherzer / Sale or Kluber will out score him in points leagues. Your first pick should be safer that that. The caveat is that none of those 4 will be there for your 2nd round if you pick 3rd.
  13. 2/3 round help

    Dunno who your first round pick was ( assuming a 3B/ OF/ SP ) but I could easily flip Freeman and Correa depending on position scarcity. freeman correa JD/lindor ( Lindor unless you too an OF already ) donaldson abreu EE Dozier In a points league. If any of the top 4 SPs survived I’d be tempted here.
  14. Should I drop anyone for Leone? **WHIR**

    With that miminal difference, I’d be hesitant to drop a sure thing for a risk.