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  1. I literally just traded Cruz for Donaldson. Trade partner was weak at OF and had options at 3B. I was stacked at OF. I'm assuming the risk + upside with Donaldson so we both feel it's fair. Obviously if Donaldson turns it around I win, but that's still a question mark ( so is Cruz's health at 37 but he's looked good ). Plus you have Freeman 3B eligible also. Your OF is weakish and you have Arenado so Donaldson for Cruz is fair right now. You could always wait a week or two and see if he's turned a corner, then aim higher.
  2. Traded Nelson Cruz for Josh Donaldson.
  3. Just traded Bellinger and G. Cole for Mookie Betts. Picked up Rodon.
  4. Peacock is the first drop to make space. Tougher from there, but Hill will probably go on the DL before Bum gets back. I'd stick with what you have over the FAs.
  5. 2 year max keeper? Hell yes. I don't even care about Faria and Fulmer.
  6. For Dickerson? Neither.
  7. Either one is a nice sweetener in a trade though. Just have to see what Ramos does this week - and whether they sit or DH him going forward is the big question.
  8. I'm holding Ramos and Zunino is on the wire. I just don't trust Zunino's strikeout rate. in the same boat though, have Martin as well and don't like holding two catchers. But I'm watching Ramos on my bench for a while.
  9. I don't see a drop, but I'd monitor Brantley and Happ out of those FAs. See if Mancini and Hill tail off.
  10. I read all those 'sell high' articles last week and dangled him in about four trades. All rejected. Thank god other people are as thick as I am ( high bar since I traded Trout for BJ Upton after he was first called up, and suggested a buddy in my league pick up Judge when his OFs got injured. ) Having guys like this in your team make Fantasy Baseball fun, regardless of whether the right thing is to sell or not.
  11. Agreed. He was dropped a while back in my 12 teamer and I grabbed him as the highest upside SP out there. Tyson Ross second. Pitching is a wasteland and I had Rodon last year - trick is not to start him until you see the control.
  12. Manaea and Wood, no way. They've been great recently, I have both and am not sure what I'd take for them - but with the dearth of pitching this year, it wouldn't be less than their worth as top 30 pitchers. Can't speak to Bush. Quintana may be on waivers after tonight's start.
  13. I dropped Ross for him after his start today.
  14. I watched that game and he got pretty screwed over by the Ump, his defense, and a couple of weird blooper hits in one inning. It was actually a pretty good performance and the reason I held. Box scores will only tell you so much. The main question is can he be effective over 100+ pitches, or do the Dodgers still see him as a long reliever as the first sign of trouble. The SF game was not a sign of trouble. At all. Probably cemented his place.
  15. Given the reasons they gave for sitting him here, it'd be tough to back track. I hope now but looks that way.