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  1. Just sent Puyols for Taillon. Team in sig, I was short on quality pitching and not on power...
  2. Lynn and Bundy both looking good this spring. Bit more upside than the others too.
  3. I'm in a H2H 12 team Points league, just drafted. Team in sig. I ended up with a very different team to the one I had planned ( had to commish suddenly, couldn't track my tiers and went with the best value picks every round, as they fell to me ). Turns out I accidentally punted on average and SBs. I ran the league through Category projections after the draft for the hell of it, and while I am low in BA, I am comfortably ahead in HRs and RBIs, and very competitive in Runs and most pitching categories. I was not actively targeting pitching until the middle rounds. it lends some credence to what could be done as mentioned above by looking for power early and late, and loading up on pitching in between. Of course my teammates were not specifically drafting for categories either, and points is a different animal. One guy in my league is projected for 235 SB, but he had to punt HRs and RBI to do it. He also grabbed the likes of Thor, Archer, Shoemaker, Giles and Jansen to ensure he's leading most pitching categories.
  4. I get the same feeling rolling Shoemaker out as I used to when I have RA Dickey a couple of years ago...don't know if I'll get a CG 10ks or a HR derby. If he doesn't get that splitter perfect it moves sideways onto bats instead of dipping down. Happened twice in a row today.
  5. First year playing in 2011, brand new to baseball let alone fantasy ( was off the boat ) - ended up with 5 players from my original drafted team that year. I don't know how many exactly, but at $1 a transaction I ended up owing $15. After about $120+ in 2nd place prize money. Blind squirrel...
  6. Depends on your needs because I have to think he's untradeable right now.
  7. Team A. Gomez has been bad for a while, after flashing promise. Samardijza is a tease. I do love Carrasco, but team B assumes all of the risk here. Marte is already what Gomez hopes to return to. It's a fair enough trade - pitching depth vs positional - but In a vacuum I'm taking A. Ideally both teams win.
  8. You have a year to see how Odor does. 2nd base would be a nice position to lock up in a keeper and Pollock in the 20th would return good trade value. I own Odor, so a little biased, but he's locked in right now.
  9. Like that trade a lot.
  10. I sincerely doubt that Reed is getting anything to hit right now. And I'm equally sure he's pressing a bit. But I haven't watched his games. Putting Gattis in as catcher means they want more offensive options. Gattis is not a defensive catcher, and that's the spot where you want a safe glove and arm if you're worried about defense. That being the case, it makes sense that they're clearing up the DH/1B spot for someone to come up, not to give their catcher a break. It could very well be Singleton, from a financial standpoint. I'm sure Singleton was given things to work on when he was sent down. They need pitching - a trade makes sense, Maybe they feel the need to showcase Singleton for a while? I hope not.
  11. Keuchel and Harvey have unknown issues right now. Carrasco and Stroman are known quantities. Even with Carrasco being out for another 4 weeks, there's less risk there. But the upside is higher with Harvey/ Keuchel. Even In a redraft I'd go Carrasco/Stroman. Keuchel's splits are just weird, as have been his peripherals ( bar last year ). Something's not right with Harvey.
  12. I have a feeling this started off as Story and Springer for Donaldson, and then got a little bit greedy. We've all done it. You can try. You don't need Gomez. You're moving Sano to Util anyway and Conforto in to OF, probably. If he doesn't accept, try Story, Springer, Carter for Donaldson, Mauer, and one of Reddick/Santana...then dump the latter.
  13. Carter, Davis, Baez will kill you in Strikeouts. I assume this is a daily league with Baez and you're riding the hot streak with Carter. With this deal You lose a little overall value but you will gain in avg, less k's. Mauer made some adjustments this year ( special glasses in practice ) that - apparently - has him seeing the ball a lot better. That deal and having Revere back will help - but you'll have some very big splits on average and HRs/k's with that team. Carter's going to be your biggest problem in K's. He's a HR/K trade off all by himself. I'd shift him if I could, given you have Stanton, Donaldson and Davis. Help with mine?
  14. Will take your word for it, but I'd rethink the Pollock over Stanton/Odor keeper. Anyway, Harrison is still my drop. Least likely to start for you unless Odor gets injured, and then you'd be looking for an upgrade there anyway - Polanco would make a better trade chip even in that scenario.
  15. Yeah, I'd do that. You're getting the best player in the deal. Thanks for mine.