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  1. Rotoworld Blurb Mistake/Argument Thread

    Wes Welker was forced from Sunday night's Week 11 game against the Chiefs and is being evaluated for a concussion. Welker took a helmet-to-helmet hit on a 20-yard catch in the fourth quarter and wasn't able to finish the game after briefly returning. He finished with eight catches for 72 yards on 10 targets, but was held out of the end-zone for the second straight week. Welker will have 11 days to get cleared for a matchup with the Patriots in Week 12.
  2. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    He will take trips to Det Balt Tor and Cincy in August. We will see if hes arrived
  3. Favorite Announcers?

    Gary Keith and Ron................Then everyone else (Except Vin)
  4. Favorite Announcers?

    You should talk. Mr Chip Caray whos a joke
  5. MLB.tv deals 2017

    Workin for me Works now. Nvr mind
  6. MLB.tv deals 2017

    Anyone unable to watch the tb boston game?
  7. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    Texas got shutdown by Rogers and Wang
  8. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    Starting him. Ive had my eye on him all year, but just added him.
  9. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    Anyone think the strikeouts will come?
  10. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    Anyone with thoughts on the week?
  11. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    After seeing guys like Wang and Rogers dominate Texas.....
  12. MLB.tv deals 2017

    Working for now
  13. MLB.tv deals 2017

    2nd time this week. Getting sick of the garbage
  14. MLB.tv deals 2017

    Terrible tonight
  15. MLB.tv deals 2017

    nope. anything specific not working? Says game isnt available right now