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  1. Brady vs Manning

    I think that might be a fair argument when all is said and done. Now you're pretty much just trolling.
  2. Brady vs Manning

    This is a fun thread to read. I had to chime in with a rebuttal on what I think is a pretty false statement about Gronk being a check down player. Reasons being: 1. Yes he was top 10 this year in YAC but does that necessarily mean all those YAC were from check downs? Look at some of the other top 10's and compare their YAC to total receiving yards Gronk was 547/1176 (Yac was 46.6 % of yards), DT was 498/1304 (40%), OBJ was 581/1450 (38%), in 2014 their percentages are within 3% of each other. Would you call OBJ a check down guy? Want to see a check down guy look up Danny Woodhead in 2015 737 YAC of 755 receiving 2. Watch a Pats game (I know it can be hard for some of you). Nothing better than watching Gronk catch one down the seam in stride then drag 2 CBs for another 5-10 yds. Love this debate and I think it is interesting that between Brady and Manning depending on how you ask the question you could get a different answer. As a Pats fan but I will say that Manning was always a QB I feared most. I think Brady is greatest overall (and if he can swing another 3-4 good years and a SB win in the debate won't be quite so close.)