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  1. Which Ravens WR for ROS? (WHIR)

    I would go with Brown hoping for the blow up
  2. Stash Def?? whir

    Whats your record? I'm 8-2 and I started stashing DST's for playoffs, so yeah Im ok with it
  3. WAS is my preference
  4. I play in a 2 RB / 3 WR / 1 FLEX league where I have been starting Gordon / Barkley / Conner every week on my way to a 8-2 record. I also have Aaron Jones on my bench with no way of getting him into my lineup. Would you trade Barkley for a top tier WR like Hopkins or Julio and then ride with Aaron Jones in the flex spot for ROS? My WRs - M.Thomas, Jeffery, M.Jones, J.Brown, Sutton
  5. I'd stick with Vance
  6. Sell DJ? 100% WHIR

    Do you start a flex? I would do it if I'm getting back a good WR but I'd be worried that people will try and short change you on DJ's value.
  7. Odell/Fitz for Julio? WHIR

    You only start 2 WRs so its basically about who do you like better? I prefer Julio personally.
  8. Standard scoring league, we start 2RB/3WR/FLEX. I've been offered MVS for Aaron Jones. My team: QB - Brees RB - Gordon, Barkley, Conner, A. Jones, Ekeler, J. Adams WR - M. Thomas, Jeffrey, M. Jones, Baldwin, Sutton, J. Brown TE - Graham What do you think?
  9. WR and FLEX - WHIR!

    Thanks for the help guys but I need a WR AND a Flex, so 2 players
  10. No way I would make that trade if I were you. I understand if you are worried about Conner if Bell comes back but we have no idea how that plays out.
  11. Trade help WHIR

    The answer is yes but in a 3 for 1 you should post who will you pick up to replace those roster spots.