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  1. Since it is PPR, I would target Edelman.
  2. Need to drop a RB to pick up a TE with Graham on his bye week. 10 team standard scoring league, start 2 RBs and a FLEX. My group - M.Gordon, S.Barkley, J.Conner, M.Lynch, A.Jones, R.Freeman, A.Ekeler My first thought was to drop Ekeler as he is the least valuable, however as the Gordon owner I think that could come back to haunt me so I am now leaning towards dropping Royce Freeman. Thoughts?
  3. Which RB would you rather have for the rest of the season - Matt Breida or Aaron Jones? Standard scoring league.
  4. Trade Aaron Jones for Kittle in a PPR? WHIR

    No, I would hang onto Jones and probably start him over McCoy on a weekly basis.
  5. #2 waiver spot on the Bear DST?

    Waiver wire has been weak thus far, so yeah, may aws well use it on a difference maker DST
  6. Either TE for Riddick is a good deal.
  7. I've got 2 potential deals on the table but they both involve my Royce Freeman so I have to pick one. 10 team standard scoring league, start 2RB/3WR/FLEX. 1 - I trade R. Freeman and M. Jones for Tyreek Hill OR 2 - I trade R. Freeman and A. Jones for David Johnson My team: QB - Brees RB - M.Gordon, Barkley, Lynch, Conner, R.Freeman, A.Jones, Breida, Ekeler WR - M.Thomas, Jeffery, Baldwin, M.Jones, J.Brown TE - Ebron Which trade should I go with?
  8. 10 team standard scoring league. Have to drop a RB for a TE. My RBs: M. Gordon, Barkley, Lynch, Conner, R. Freeman, Breida, A. Jones, Ekeler I can either drop a RB for Ebron or trade a RB for Graham. Which RB would you move and for which TE?
  9. 10 team league, standard scoring. My RBs currently include: M. Gordon, Barkley, Lynch, Conner, Breida, A. Jones, R. Freeman I'm currently leaning towards moving Breida and R. Freeman in 2 separate trades - 1 for Jimmy Graham (I've been streaming) and 1 for A. Ekeler (I'd love to handcuff Gordon). Thoughts on moving those 2 RBs for Graham and a handcuff? That would leave me with: M. Gordon, Barkley, Lynch, Conner, A. Jones, A. Ekeler