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  1. Keep Hunt in the 2nd? WHIR!!!

    My other options at keeper aren't great since I traded away some good keeper options going for a championship (I finished 2nd ) Other options include: Corey Davis - Round 9 Evan Engram - Round 14 Carson Wentz - Round 14
  2. 10 team league, 1QB/2RB/3WR/FLEX/TE, and you can keep 2 players. I am keeping Michael Thomas in round 11 and my only real other option is keeping Kareem Hunt in round 2. I am picking 9th, so Hunt would be kept at the 2.02 spot. Would you keep Hunt in this round? His ADP is late round 1, so I'm only really getting a few picks worth of value. I'm wondering if I'm better off not keeping him so I don't handcuff myself to a RB in the 2nd round. Thoughts? FYI - the only current 1st round ADP player being kept is Kamara.
  3. Streamer for tomorrow WHIR

    +1 for Leake
  4. Huge Deal on table for JO RAM... WHIR

    I would pass on that deal
  5. 12 team daily lineup categories league. I'm leading the league in almost all hitting categories with Gallo on my bench all season cuz I just can't find a way to play him on a consistent basis. I currently don't have a backup for 2B or SS and I hate having an empty lineup spot a couple of times a week. I know Gallo is valued higher than Peraza, but given my team construction and where Gallo fits on my depth chart of players, what do you think of dropping Gallo for Peraza? FYI - I've tried trading him away but his sub .200 batting average scares everyone away. My team: C - Molina 1B - Freeman 2B - Dozier 3B - Suarez SS - Torres OF - Betts, Pollock, Hoskins UT - Castellanos, Olson Bench - Soto, Shaw, Gallo
  6. Ignore Rush, he's an idiot who always gives the same stupid advice to people on here. Profile > Ignored Users...problem solved.
  7. Maybe Wil Myers at 1B? Or if you believe JD will have a second half tear like last year he's obviously the highest upside guy. Either way I would probably make the trade with either guy if you are confident with Baez at SS for ROS.
  8. 12 team daily lineup categories league. Sitting in 1st place and just received this trade offer: My Nicholas Castellanos for his David Price. My roster: C - Molina 1B - Freeman 2B - Dozier 3B - Suarez SS - Torres OF - Betts, Hoskins, Castellanos UT - Nimmo, Olson Bench - Shaw, Soto, Gallo, Pollock (DL) SP - Severino, Ray, Hendricks, Newcomb, Godley, Manaea, Heaney, Rodon RP - Doolittle, Boxberger, Dyson, Bradley, Strickland (DL) What would you do?
  9. Would you drop Godley for Rodon who looks like he is about to come off the DL?
  10. Who to drop? WHIR!

    Drop Janikowski and Zobrist
  11. Trade Review - How did I do? WHIR

    I like it, good job.
  12. I've been stashing Yadier Molina on my DL and I was able to pick up Wilson Ramos to cover his DL stint. Now that Molina is about to begin a rehab assignment I need to decide what to do with my catcher position. They are both really good hitting catchers but I can't see myself carrying 2 so I will try to trade 1 away. So which catcher would you want ROS?
  13. 3B help...WHIR

    I prefer Cozart