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  1. Yeah I think I would make both trades
  2. Yes I would make that deal. Help with mine?
  3. It's close but I prefer Ryan this week.
  4. Thx for the help on mine. Not to be snarky or anything, but neither. Why do you want to carry a backup anyway? Both those guys will still be on waivers in Week 10 and you can decide then. A lot can happen in 5 weeks that sways a decision one way or another.
  5. Was about to say the same thing - it's as close to a coin flip as I can think of but if I was forced to choose I would go Kerryon.
  6. Thx for the help on mine. Yes I would make that trade.
  7. Yeah I think I would make that trade
  8. Standard scoring, which WR do you prefer ROS - Emmanuel Sanders or Allen Robinson?
  9. I mean, at first it's an easy yes but the more I think about I don't know. What's the rest of your team look like? Who would you be replacing the empty roster spots with?