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  1. i mean he played 11 games in may, and 5 in june so far............
  2. k to walk rate is very appealing, considering he used to be dreadful in that aspect.
  3. When are these teams going to put their players on the IL ??????? LIKE COME ON ALREADY!
  4. he is like the best guy in the clubhouse.
  5. I love Ian. Every year, doesn't matter. I love the guy and will take 20+/20+ Also I know im alone in this, just let it go.
  6. all in on any yankees this year. A lot of Sanchez, Voit, and DJ stocks.
  7. Where is he going 300?? Sign me up for that league.
  8. Has anyone converted over from Saves to Saves + Holds? Did you find it took away from the elite closers? What were your experiences like? DId the league like the change or hate it?
  9. thats exactly where we are at...discussions are ongoing, seems to difficult.
  10. 2 outta last 3 years he has been 20/20 , and the year he didnt get it he was injured... a club house leader, and plays anywhere the manager asks him to. ill take that every day, sorry.
  11. an inngs limit is inforced in our league. if a manager goes over this in the first 1/2 of the year they lose a keeper, if they go over in the 2nd half they lose 3 keepers...and if they go over in the playoffs they lose all keepers for next year. some managers have done it, made bold moves when they feel they are going for it all. its def helped with the problem of 1000 streamers a week.
  12. how do we change our keeper league snake draft to an auction draft.... we are finding problems with player value...the whole appeal on our current format is keeping players who were drafted late or have low round keeper value.
  13. loser in our league has to buy a year subscription to and give everyone the ID and password in the league, its great when the losers wife see's the credit card statement.