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  1. He was hit on the foot/ankle area, it didn't look bad and he played the rest of the game and had a SB. Maybe it flared up later but no idea why he rested last night
  2. I knew I'd hate Jason Kipnis the moment I drafted him, everytime I see his numbers on the team page I think of the old Dead Milkmen line "I'm so bored I'm drinking bleach." And I don't even f****** like the Dead Milkmen. I don't even care if Devon Travis turns into fools gold, anything to have an excuse to deal Kipnis for a box of stale crackers
  3. had popups on the Cubs stream selling his jersey, the hype train went off the rails yesterday
  4. 2-2 with a run scored and SB. Also now has a 10 gm hitting streak to open the season.
  5. Why didn't his parents spell his name Cris instead of with a K
  6. FU Bryant! More like Lane Bryant, you big fat sissy.
  7. It'd be cool if he can also swing another miracle and have the Wrigley renovations finished overnight. That place is like playing baseball on a zombie apocalypse movie set.
  8. Owning Addison Reed in CWS was awful enough but he's still finding ways to screw me over. Archie's W down the drain cause of a 2-out triple to Joe Panik? Well played, Addison, well played.
  9. Cain's 2-run rocket doesn't make the highlights but Braun's "ground ball single" does? Lol, star calls even extend to the editing room.
  10. He's gonna have to hit more than 18HR over his next 6 years to be in this conversation That's what they said when rookie Mays was being called Tris Speaker 2.0 Just got a single and successful delayed steal. #NextClemente
  11. RW all but anointed him Lorenzo Cain the savior. I'm a believer too. #SouthpawTrout
  12. Willie Mays 2.0
  13. I didn't see Erasmo when he first came up but I remember the thread here where people were saying he could be a decent enough control-type guy who'd be a 4th or 5th sp for Seattle. Yeesh, I guess not. And that's so true about Igawa, he mght be the most instantly horrible sp I've ever seen. He was so hopeless the Yanks didn't even try to trade him, they just buried him in AAA and kept on paying his checks. He was got like 5 mil a year for 4 years to ride the buses and never remind anyone that he still existed
  14. He's just brutal, lol. He reminds me of a right-handed Kei Igawa, the first time I saw Igawa pitch for NYY I was like "No, this can't be the way he is, it just can't." But it was. Igawa gave up some of the furthest, most epic homers. Just absolute moonshots. You let that guy throw in HR Derby and every participant would put Josh Hamilton's exhibition at Yankee Stadium to shame. Ha, yeah, it was like Igawa was invented in a lab to be the greatest hitters pitcher ever, god he was awful, old dudes throwing BP have less hittable stuff than he did. I'd never seen anything quite like it...til Erasmo began his meat piping career
  15. Erasmo would be the favorite pitcher for ladies like Lisa Ann, Rachel Starr and Kendra Lust. James Harden approves this post.