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  1. Last night Amari Cooper made like a 15-20 yard catch and his defender got called for pass interference. For some f**ked up reason, instead of letting the play stand, the penalty was enforced, even though the outcome of the play would've been the same. I lost my week by 1 point.
  2. So I thought I made a more than fair trade offer. I give: Mark Andrews (TE2) + Matt Breida (RB19) He gives: Mike Williams (WR56)+ Devin Singletary (RB40) Also should note that his team is 2-4 in 10th (out of 12) place, and his only TE is OJ Howard, who's on a bye this week. The trade offer was flat out rejected, no counter. I know nobody in here can read minds to know what either party is thinking. But on paper, was this a bad trade offer? If you were in 10th place and your underperforming TE wasn't even playing this week, would you have rejected this offer?
  3. Herndon if you need someone this week. Henry for the season.
  4. What situation? This past week was a pretty bad matchup, and most decent analysts had him as a sit. On the season, I'm still keeping him as my WR3. He's a talented receiver in a good offense with a good QB. Your recency bias is obvious if you're calling Brady a game manager based on 1 poor performance. Why the hell is everyone on this forum so reactive on a weekly basis? The Bills' defense is stout.
  5. Started Cam Newton instead of Lamar Jackson.
  6. Honestly, I'm considering starting him over Mack next week.
  7. Full PPR Marlon Mack @Jax or Chris Thompson @Philly
  8. Kelce needs to score 82 points. It's a full PPR so I'm pretty optimistic.
  9. My WR is a f***ing wasteland now. Lost my WR1 for a month, and my WR2 is most likely gone for the season. And 2 guys I was high on during the draft, M. Williams and Cole, have been completely absent the entire season other than a couple games. Looks like Ridley, Amendola, and Snead are my WRs going forward. FML.
  10. So for someone that didn't get to watch the game, wtf happened? How does a team score 18 points and the kicker get 0? Did they go for 2 every TD? Because usually Yahoo's stats will tell you if the kicker had misses...and it doesn't say anything about missed PATs.
  11. The Henry haters in this thread are pathetic. Yeah, dude blows this year and it's looking like a waste of a 4th round pick. But all you haters seem like you're just licking your chops, waiting for the end of every Titans game just so you can come in here and talk s**t. Y'all really have a hard-on for hating this guy. I'm even seeing some of you resorting to non-Henry related attacks...like telling one guy his entire team blows because he also got a poor performance out of Tevin Coleman. Grow up guys.
  12. No for me. For fantasy purposes, Rodgers is better than Brady. And something I finally learned last year is that you can't rely on Detroit's RBs.
  13. My vote would be Carson. Enunwa gets way too many targets to drop. If you wanna let him go, you could probably package him in a trade with someone weak at WR for a better TE. You're strong enough at RB to let go of a guy in a timeshare with a subpar o-line. And if last game is a sign of anything, it looks like they might be trying to force Penny into the lead back role anyway.
  14. In the passing game and rushing game, he's seen a total of 20 targets in 3 games. Averaging a little over 6 combined targets per game isn't what I would call "using him plenty" for a pass-catching RB.