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  1. I would do that. You’d be thin at RB until Gordon comes back but worth the upgrade if you could pull it off
  2. Looking ahead I am going to need a RB for week 7 to pair with White with both Conner and Chubb on bye. I was thinking of offering Kirk for Chris Thompson to a team that is in need of a WR. There is another team that is in desperate need of a TE. He has Fournette and Henry as starters, but has Montgomery and Samuels on the bench. I could try to trade one of my TE's for both of them but I am not fully sold on Montgomery with Nagy (as a Howard owner from last year). He also has Evans and I was thinking of offering Diggs/Engram for Evans/Montgomery but I don't think he would bite. Other option would be to just try and claim Gore
  3. Back to back weeks of top 4 scoring and gonna be 0-2. Efffffffff
  4. Lol yeah clearly his offensive gameplay isn’t working today
  5. Since you have a cushion I’d lean towards the two you have picked as well.
  6. PPR. Need to pic 3 out of the following: Diggs, Ridley, James White, Tyrell Williams
  7. Team in sig. Not sure who the drop would be. Maybe Ballage? Or would it be best to see what his usage looks like week 1?
  8. Just a heads up that depth charts had him as the 'starter' all preseason but it was Coleman who actually started. Regardless I think they will be give a close to 50/50 split.
  9. I’m regard to pulling Jimmy, remember this is Denver’s 3rd game. No way they were gonna run him out there with a banged up/backup line against Chubb and Miller for a half of football
  10. 12 team league, I do not want 5-9 (assuming Zeke Reports) which is where I have been the last 5 years. And will likely be again.
  11. How we ranking the following: Hudson, Jimenez, Davis, Melancon?
  12. Expect Shanahan to use him more in the role that he used Taylor Gabriel. He finds him more effective with lesser snaps and being creative with him. Obviously a boom or bust player.