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  1. Mike Davis 2017 Season Outlook

    This guy seriously may be the worst RB I have seen in Niner history.
  2. I say it is a fairly even trade. I am a big Diggs guy, but Tate is probably the safer of the two
  3. Not my team in sig. This league is .5 PPR My RB currently: Ingram, Fournette, Freeeman, Coleman and McKinnon My TE: Walker, Reed I have the RB depth. I think I am gonna pull the trigger my only hesitation is there is a real good shot that I am going to face this guy in the Championship and he just lost Zeke and this would be helping him cover at the RB position.
  4. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    Really debating burning my #2 waiver on him even with Wentz and Winston. Probably try to deal Wentz if so.
  5. WHIR...Is this a fair trade offer?

    I don't think the offer is off base at all but I wouldn't expect him to bite. You may need to sub Collins for Kelly or Henry if you really want to get it done, but that obviously leaves you very thin at RB
  6. Make an offer for Brady? WHIR

    You can try to pick off Dak for maybe Fitz if you really want a QB (I think Dak is one of the more steady, non elite QBs). You will likely be giving up a bit more on that deal but it's doable. I don't think he'd take Snead but you could give it a shot. If not I'd try to pick up Watson. I think his legs will provide a solid floor.
  7. Not sure if I should burn my priority this week or hang on to it. Options include Watson, Jones, Gallman and Fulller. Thinking about staying put but the RBs are of interest as I lost Carson and Sproles the last 2 weeks and my depth is getting a little low
  8. #2 Waiver Claim - Jones? WHIR

    I butchered this thread lol. Ignore
  9. Would you recommend using it on Jones? I don't think Gallman, Lacy or Fuller are worth it at this point. I lost Carson this week but still have RB depth with Thompson and Duke Johnson.
  10. San Francisco 49ers 2017 Season Outlook

    They've been in these games. Lost the last 3 by less than 10 total points. As a niner fan I've been happy with the progress, with as much turnover as they had, with a new staff and young team. Once they get a QB this offseason (likely one of Cousins, Darnold or Rosen) and another WR I think they will be in pretty good shape going forward. Hoyer is terrible however.
  11. Which QB to stream? WHIR

    I like Siemian from that group
  12. His Zeke, my Howard & Cooks

    I would make the deal. The upgrade from Howard to Zeke is huge and you can take the hit with your WR depth. I like Cooks a lot but I feel with the Pats offense he could be mixing in some low point games.
  13. He is also willing to do Carson but I think if I made a deal I'd rather cash in high on Thompson (who I am a big fan of). Winston/Wentz haven't been lighting the world on fire but is Dak that much of an upgrade to deal Thompson? Also of note is you get 6 points for passing TDs in our league. I like having Thompson for RB depth especially since my top 2 RBs are fairly injury prone. But I also have Carson as depth and have #2 waiver priority as well to eventually snatch a RB.
  14. I like Wentz this week at QB but the double dip with Winston and Evans is always tempting. As for flex I'm leaning towards TY one more week but the Was/Oak game has shootout potential.
  15. 8/12 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Man Harper is down. Looks bad. Terrible to see