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  1. I must have been watching a completely different game. Belt had a solid single to RF on a 2 strike count. The Crawford ab he did nothing but throw fastballs away and Craw took one to Left center and Nunez absolutely laced that ball off the top of the wall regardless of the late break from Fowler
  2. He has really quick hands wow
  3. Just got the call. Should be the every day 3B from here on out. Just a heads up to those that need SS/3B help. The kid can hit
  4. Who knows but he's already the second best OF on the team. I think he was gonna go to extend spring training for a few before AAA
  5. I'm sure it's somewhere in the thread but is he expected to play any 1B this season?
  6. I don't really see the fireman type role with closers being used much in the regular season like it was in the playoffs. Late in the season probably but not April through August.
  7. Most Seattle win ever. Just cheat on every single play and know the refs won't call it
  8. Had to drop him for Dujuan Harris. Tough to do but I think people will still be able to pick him back up after this week as I can see anyone burning their waiver priority on an injured RB with no timetable.
  9. Lebron has single handedly made me change my tune and root against the Indians. 3-1
  10. Nelson for me as well
  11. Full PPR. Want to hold Tucker through the bye. Should I drop Duke, McKinnon or Gillislee? I will need one if the to start week 11 since I will have a bye week crunch Other option is just dropping Tucker haha.
  12. I think I would stay pat. Evans is a machine
  13. I'd probably do that. I'd see if the other guy would take the bait on Michael but I don't see that happening.
  14. I am weak at WR and have no one next week with Hopkins and Edelman on bye. However I am 3-4 and need wins and Quizz give me the best shot this week. Thoughts? Also would you offer Gillislee to the McCoy owner for Jordan Matthews? He is pretty deep at RB so I am not sure he would even accept
  15. I'd drop Ertz for Forte