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  1. 3rd in my league in points and sitting at 1-5. But at least I got my first win this week!
  2. Personally I would try to move Mack in a one for one for a higher quality WR. I don't think Hollywood/Anderson is much of an upgrade on Cooks.
  3. Both are rock solid options. I think I'd go with Godwin personally. I really don't like what I am seeing from Goff. And while Winston stinks as well they should be playing from behind and throwing a lot every week.
  4. I do, though James White is pretty much my every week Flex
  5. I have been having issues at WR (inconsistent group) and have been looking to move a TE for one. Would you move Andrews for TY since I have Engram as well? Obviously would leave me thin at TE depth. Also would likely try to include one of my WR (Tyrell or Sanders) to get Royce Freeman back as well since I have Chubb/Conner on bye this week. But as the main piece would Andrews for TY be a solid move?
  6. I think I like Crowder from this group. Darnold likes to look to the slot
  7. White is my every week flex, though I picked up Edmonds (and am facing the DJ owner) and would slot him in at Flex if he gets the start. Should I go safe with White tonight, or wait for the Cards situation to play out. I would have to start 2 of Ridley/Kirk/Sanders/Diggs if Edmonds doesn't play. This is a must win for me as well
  8. Just an FYI our long term long snapper will be back in a couple weeks. Should straighten things out in theory
  9. Any thought that (if he plays) he could be useful as they will be down big likely quick and he will be able to pile up some catches and yards playing from behind all game? The other side of that is he is pulled to avoid further injury in a blowout.
  10. Between RB and Flex I am looking at 2 of the following: Connor, James White and Andrews Looks like Connor practiced today and should be good so he will probably be in there for me.
  11. This is gonna be the second time in a 3 week span I have the 3rd highest point total. 3 top 4 finishes in 4 weeks. 0-4
  12. I kinda like Dorsett. But if he’s not in consideration for you then Samuel
  13. Pretty much a must win for me against one of the better teams so probably will have to shoot aggressive. Need to pick 2 of the following for WR/Flex so one must be a WR. Currently have McLauren in the WR spot and Andrews at Flex. Other options include James White, Ridley, Tyrell Williams. Also have Sanders, Diggs and Gore but not really considering them. Could consider White over Conner but I’m giving him one last shot against the Cincy Run D
  14. I don’t get this infatuation with refusing to run at the goal line these days. These coaches think they are too smart for their own good
  15. I would do that. You’d be thin at RB until Gordon comes back but worth the upgrade if you could pull it off
  16. Looking ahead I am going to need a RB for week 7 to pair with White with both Conner and Chubb on bye. I was thinking of offering Kirk for Chris Thompson to a team that is in need of a WR. There is another team that is in desperate need of a TE. He has Fournette and Henry as starters, but has Montgomery and Samuels on the bench. I could try to trade one of my TE's for both of them but I am not fully sold on Montgomery with Nagy (as a Howard owner from last year). He also has Evans and I was thinking of offering Diggs/Engram for Evans/Montgomery but I don't think he would bite. Other option would be to just try and claim Gore
  17. Back to back weeks of top 4 scoring and gonna be 0-2. Efffffffff
  18. Lol yeah clearly his offensive gameplay isn’t working today
  19. Since you have a cushion I’d lean towards the two you have picked as well.
  20. PPR. Need to pic 3 out of the following: Diggs, Ridley, James White, Tyrell Williams