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  1. Took Smoak late and currently have him as my UTL. Voit went undrafted and was considering swapping them. Thoughts?
  2. It’s probably Smith, but keep your eye on Reyes Moronta for the Giants. Melancon is more likely to be released than close.
  3. Watching him everyday last year it was impressive that he was able to do what he did. He hit .285 basically using only his hands. From day one he was clearly playing hurt and was not able to put any lower body into his swing. I don't think the power is coming all the way back but I think he will be productive
  4. Immediate downgrade as he won't be able to blast balls into orbit against the Giants all season long.
  5. I think I like him over those options as well. I could see the argument for Mack, but I think I' go Kirk
  6. Not sure I would want to trade White. Try to possibly offer Mack coming off a decent first game back.
  7. Team in sig. I am thinking of dropping Lewis or maybe Sanu?
  8. What a crock of s---. There was no way the refs weren’t gonna give Rodgers a chance to win it
  9. I would stay put. I like both of your guys better than the his offerings.
  10. Not much more to it than the thread title lol. Need to drop one for a K.
  11. I guess it depends on where you are right now. If you are pretty sure you are going to make the playoffs then I would make the deal
  12. I am in need of some WR depth pretty bad. If both of those offers were on the table what would you pull the trigger on.
  13. First is Deon Lewis for Golliday. This was originally gonna be Olsen for Golliday but he backed out (understandably). I am going to pull the trigger on this, it's not optimal since I have Tate but I need another starting caliber WR and I am not getting many bites. DET has so far supported both receivers. The other trade I am trying to pull off is for Rivers who he has behind Ryan. My QB situation is decent but I feel like Rivers could really solidify it. I offered Howard/Wilson for Rivers/ARob. He countered with the same but adding Njoku. Not sure how comfortable I am trading Njoku as I like to have a solid backup for Gronk. My thought on this would be to swap Njoku with Olsen or if I keep Njoku in the deal ask for Tevin Coleman/Buck Allen back in place of Robinson. Thoughts on these? Is trading both Lewis and Howard depleting my RB depth too much? I could pick up Mike Davis, Richard or Ivory (in case of a Shady trade) to round out my depth.
  14. PPR league. Thinking of offering this up. The TY owner also has Davante, Woods, Sanders and Golliday. While besides Kamara, his RB's are McCoy, Reddick, Mack and CJ Anderson. My team is in my sig. I could probably absorb the loss of Howard. I am a little worried about Hilton's health though. If he just misses this week I am fine with that but don't want it to linger.
  15. It's funny how the Bears are playing great and just put up a bunch of points, but the coach is apparently an idiot because our Fantasy player didn't get points. What a bunch of cry babies.
  16. PPR. None really have appealing matchups. I currently have Cole in there but thinking about going with Enunwa's targets/floor even against JAX.
  17. The other knock on him (with the Niners at least) is the guy couldn't catch. Worst set of hands I had seen in a while. Not sure if he has cleaned that up but should probably be noted.