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  1. Going into Second year 18 Teams - 4 available $60 fee Head to head by category Special Keeper Rules Email Dave at: for more details. OPEN 1 Player Beal, Bradley Bogdanovic, Bojan Butler, Jimmy Crowder, Jae Ferrell, Yogi Gallinari, Danilo Ginobili, Manu Irving, Kyrie Johnson, Amir Lee, Courtney Lopez, Brook Martin, Jarell Miller, Darius Nowitzki, Dirk Plumlee, Mason Simmons, Jonathon Wade, Dwyane Adebayo, Bam Thornwell, Sindarius OPEN 2 Player Bjelica, Nemanja Burke, Trey Chandler, Wilson Cousins, DeMarcus Dedmon, Dewayne Hardaway Jr., Tim Harrell, Montrezl Isaac, Jonathan Jackson, Josh Joseph, Cory LeVert, Caris Marjanovic, Boban Oladipo, Victor Schroder, Dennis Vucevic, Nikola Williams, Troy Yabusele, Guerschon Zubac, Ivica OPEN 3 Player Bradley, Avery Brooks, Dillon Bullock, Reggie Collins, John Davis, Deyonta Gay, Rudy Griffin, Blake Howard, Dwight Jefferson, Al Jennings, Brandon Labissiere, Skal Looney, Kevon Paul, Chris Rubio, Ricky Smith, J.R. Thompson, Klay Valentine, Denzel Reed, Davon OPEN 4 Player Batum, Nicolas Beverley, Patrick Brogdon, Malcolm Covington, Robert Embiid, Joel Galloway, Langston Harkless, Maurice Hart, Josh Jackson, Justin Maker, Thon Markkanen, Lauri McCaw, Patrick Redick, JJ Saric, Dario Simmons, Ben Stauskas, Nik Korkmaz, Furkan Pasecniks, Anzejs
  2. League will be 18 teams. We filled up quickly in May, but had one owner recently drop because of an illness. Looking to replace him.
  3. League is full. If openings occur later, I'll re-post on this thread.
  4. Was trying to get this going mid-season last year, but decided to hold off until this year. We have 10 solid owners right now. - Run on Fantrax - $60 Fee (Will be held by Fantrax Treasurer). All will be paid out but the website fee. - Slow Draft - 16 teams - 15 Man Rosters (+ 3 Injured Slots + 2 "Developmental" Slots) - Daily Lineups with 8 Starters per day - Head to head by category (Pts, Reb, Ast, 3pt, Stl, Blk) - Unique Keeper System allows for Individual Team Roster Flexibility - Most of us are in our 40's and 50's, but anybody is welcome If interested, leave a message here or send me a private message. I'll get you a detailed set of the rules.