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  1. It's a nice thing to keep in mind, but with that, I also like to think that while you can't win your league on May 2nd, you can sure as hell lose it when you're waiting on a couple of guys to get going. Puig and JoRam and Nola are all guys I've been saying that about this year, but that is my Picks from rounds 1, 3, and 6. There's a point where you can't wait beyond 5 weeks.
  2. Make the playoffs first, then let's chat. I wouldn't start him, but will be watching.
  3. Great write up Hockey. No steals this season through the first month, however, having a renaissance at the dish in both average and RBI's. Anyone think this is sustainable? only a 10.8%K rate, well below his career norms around 20%. BABIP is in line with career averages, but wondering if anyone has watched him consistently enough that the changes to his stance noted can make these continue. I tend to think we know who someone is at 35, after 12 years in the league. Thanks.
  4. Orioles next time out looks much more promising.
  5. He was discussed on XM Fantasy radio Monday, and while it was Jim Bowden, he did say the Rays have had him focus on launch angle and swing path to get more power.
  6. DM them here:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author This should also probably be moved here, but a good spot to look: They've really gone to hell with their platform.
  7. He even got squeezed on two of the 3 walks yesterday. Both on full counts. He could have had 14K/1BB instead of 12/3.
  8. Judge, Voit, Torres, 2/3/4 tonight. I just went from 6 to midnight.
  9. Its been 3 games. He's been on base 3 times in 12 plate appearances. 2 of those times on base he had a runner in front of him...
  10. Jumped to 6th, still behind Sanchez. Voit 3 and Bird at 4 with a Righty on the hill.
  11. All reports locally have it as Buttrey as well.
  12. He's also hit Bumgarner well. Obv, small sample, but 5/13 - 2HR - 2/2B - 2K. As a Reyes Owner, happy Renfroe is sitting though.