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  1. Wow, tumbleweeds over here, coming off of a 7 inning, 8K, 1 base runner performance.
  2. Agreed - isn't that a recent Manny Machado season? Granted, w/out SS eligibility (which isn't as valuable as it was a few years ago w/ the recent infusion of talent).
  3. Freeman is the best player in this deal, which usually tilts a trade in that direction. Salazar certainly has a much better pedigree than Mancea, but that might not translate into substantial ERA/WHIP differences between the two. If the 20+ steals difference between the two 1B is significant for your roster (and if Myers is OF eligible), I'd consider it.
  4. KK went 12/20 in 105 games last year - he's #1 for me. Care to look at mine?
  5. Yes - I would do the deal as well. Being overloaded at 1B is not as bad in that league as you are able to start 5 due to the 3 UTIL spots, but as Gramps said Cespedes is the best player in the deal, and will mitigate the risk of Thames or DeShields getting off to slow starts. Care to look at mine?
  6. Tough to evaluate - I think the combo to talent of the pair is higher on Team B, but the winner of the trade may depend a lot on who is replacing Segura at 2B/SS on Team A. Zach Davies seems replacement level to me. Care to look at mine?
  7. Herrera - not close.
  8. I give: Carlos Gonzalez & Robert Gsellman I get: JD Martinez & Carlos Martinez 6x6 league (fewest Ks for batters, QS for pitchers) Bascially this offer I received boils down to how I feel about JD's health & how long he'll be out (not that CarGo doesn't have his own history). One other aspect making me lean toward doing the deal but the starting lineup (and overall rosters) are very shallow on the hitting side. Guys like Matt Holliday, Jay Bruce, Delino Deshields, Hernan Perez all available on the WW. Thoughts, anyone? Feel free to leave a link to your Bench Coast post as well.
  9. I think he's projected to hit third this year. The projection of 70 RBI looks like you may still believe he'll be leading off again. The switch from first to third should be a net gain for him in counting stats - perhaps a dozen less runs scored but many more RBI to compensate.
  10. Vogt is the guy I like late if I decide not to go C early w/ Lucroy or C in the middle rounds w/ Grandal. Part of this is b/c my league has a deep enough bench to draft two catchers, so I would always bench him against LHP. Obviously, YMMV on that front.
  11. Pollock had an early shower last night in the blowout - plus ARI only has a 5 game week upcoming. Both may have factored in.
  12. That's two straight Daisy Fuentes appearances for Kenley.
  13. Classic BFBC plug and play.