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  1. Reminds me of Kevin Durant last season. Maybe they're hiding an Achilles issue from the public? Yikes.
  2. Yeah, Henry for me til Gordon is off the snap count. Your team is ridiculous for a 16 teamer.
  3. Yeah, I'm starting Goff between the 2 for week 1.
  4. Start Williams and hold on Jimmy G.
  5. I'd still go Robby Anderson.
  6. JuJu unless the weather gets bad again in Cleveland.
  7. Have to start 3 of these 4. James Conner @ Cleveland Jamaal Williams vs. Buffalo Marquise Goodwin @ Minnesota Michael Crabtree vs. Buffalo Full PPR As always, WHIR!
  8. You're not thin at all at rb, but I'd still easily drop Morris for him. Then again, I might just hold onto that #2 priority for a better get. Morris will be a poor man's Ajayi this year in all likelihood, imo.
  9. So I just upped the ante... Royce Freeman Michael Crabtree for Davante Adams Mark Ingram Thoughts?
  10. Also it's beyond unlikely Bell will play week 1, just not happening. In my personal opinion, if he isn't somehow traded(which is highly unlikely), we're not seeing him til at least week 5. I say that as an optimistic Bell owner without Conner in another league. My money is on him waiting till at least week 9 to report.
  11. I probably do this trade. Thomas has been on a downward trend. Williams will have comp for touches in a couple weeks, but nothing like what Johnson will have right from the jump. Williams is the best equipped to keep Rodgers vertical and to be in there on 3rd downs, people seem to really enjoy discrediting this, or at least ignoring it. Expecting a breakout from Goodwin as well, his floor feels like Thomas' likely case. It doesn't feel like it, but Thomas will be 31 late this season and has been just ok since no more Peyton and other weapons keeping the pressure off him.
  12. For years I see Crabtree go late in drafts and see him labeled a WR3 or borderline WR2 and then year after year he winds up in the top 15, there's just something so unsexy about him, a stigma attached to his name or something even though he's a PPR assassin. I surely maybe underrating Adams, I'm fine with conceding that notion, I actually drafted him in 2 of 4 leagues. But I'm fine with Crabtree and how absurdly late I got him in 2 of 4 leagues as well, he's criminally slept on for no good reason.
  13. Yeah, I'm hoping for a Tyreek Hill kind of season, like 75/1100/7. Most years that's putting him around 15.
  14. A little off topic, but how do you feel about Marquise Goodwin in PPR?
  15. QB: Wentz/Goff RB: Hunt RB: Freeman WR: OBJ WR: Goodwin TE: Doyle FLEX: Crabtree FLEX: Conner or Jamaal Williams K: Gould DEF: Saints Bench: Robby Anderson Mike Williams O.J. Howard Paul Richardson Spencer Ware