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  1. Thanks - Olson Canha Edman is what I was thinking. I had to pay $21 for Olson AFTER he broke his hand, and he ended up having the best numbers of his career this season, so I absolutely see him going for more next year.
  2. Trying to get a handle on my keepers heading into next season. This is a 16 team 6x6 Roto league. Keep 10. Keeper prices increase by $5 each year a player is kept. Auction budget is $260. Next year's keeper prices are shown below. Feeling pretty confident about the 7 locks, but who would you choose to fill in the remaining 3 spots? LOCKS Nolan Arenado $31 Xander Bogaerts $31 Charlie Blackmon $26 Victor Robles $9 Shane Bieber $6 Mike Clevinger $18 Charlie Morton $11 OTHER OPTIONS Matt Olson $21 Tommy Edman $1 Mark Canha $1 John Means $1 Chris Bassitt $1 Julio Teheran $6 Zach Plesac $1 Luis Arraez $1 Brandon Nimmo $8
  3. Worst Draft Pick - Robinson Cano ($24 in a $260 auction league) 😔
  4. This doesn't sound good...
  5. Team in sig. Bieber would cost $6 next year, Merrifield $11. Is this fair / does it make sense? I need offense, particularly steals. Clevinger will be back soon. Is Bieber enough for Whit?
  6. I never said he wasn't an elite asset. The question was whether he should be the #1 player next season. He wasn't even a first rounder heading into this season. He's on an insane run right now and hasn't produced at this eye-popping level before. It's two months. Let's see how the rest of the season plays out before we start ranking him ahead of Trout.
  7. Nope. He only has two months of this production.
  8. Nope, I dropped him in a 16 teamer.
  9. Absolutely do not trade him for closers in a keeper league. Hold onto him.
  10. What about for a slightly lower-end arm like Taillon ($13) or Wheeler ($11)? Still worth it?
  11. 16 team 6x6 Roto League - Keep 10. Keeper inflation is $5 per season. Auction Budget is $260. Current Keepers Manny Machado $37 Nolan Arenado $26 Xander Bogaerts $26 Charlie Blackmon $21 Mike Clevinger $13 Sean Doolittle $6 Charlie Morton $6 Victor Robles $4 Brandon Nimmo $3 Shane Bieber $1 I still would like to get a bit cheaper and thinking about moving Machado. Would it make sense to move him for an ace if I can also cut salary? A few targets I'm thinking of would be Noah Syndergaard ($18), Aaron Nola ($16), or Trevor Bauer ($8). Not sure if this would even be possible given Machado's higher cost but trying to get a sense of what kind of value I should be looking to get back. I just brought in Bogaerts via trade, my offense is looking good, and pitching a little thin. Most of the top SPs this year will be kept. So the draft should be pretty thin. Thoughts?