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  1. 100% agree. Everyone is sleeping on Willy. Great late round guy to take in deeper leagues
  2. Similiar tools to Dozier? None of them have demonstrated their "tools" in the Majors yet, and Dozier has been doing so for years. A lot of speculation being made, to say that they have similar tools to the fantasy beast Dozier. Nationals signed him for a reason, if he's hitting he will play every day.
  3. No thread for the son of the great Mike Cameron? Looks like a solid power/speed OF who could possibly debut some time in late 2019. Thoughts?
  4. How soon do you think we could see him in 2019?
  5. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I am in a 5x5 league where we have Saves+Holds-Blown Saves as a category. Was wondering if anyone has played in a league with this setting and if they have any "sleeper" Holds guys to target late in the draft?
  6. I totally agree with this, but would you guys touch him in the first round if you were drafting right now?
  7. Definitely hurts his value. He may be available at pick 12 in my first year dynasty league draft, and I may have to pass with the rumors of him going to SF.
  8. https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/giants/mlb-rumors-bryce-harper-has-made-his-decision-says-dc-radio-host Giants seem to be the most likely suitor all the sudden.
  9. Also Rodgers stole 2 Td's from Williams. Packers were on the 1 yard line twice and Rodgers ran it in both times, could've been an even bigger day. Thanks for the ship tho Williams!
  10. This is my first time visiting this thread, 257 pages!? Why is this forum so fixated on Josh Gordon?
  11. Not trying to turn this thread into a start/sit discussion, but... I find it hard to trust Luck (first game back from injury) in week 1 vs. CIN over Rivers (Struggles vs. KC) . I feel like the injury question marks make Luck more of a risk than Rivers, who has struggled vs KC for seemingly no reason.
  12. I agree. I am more excited about Rivers/Allen than I am about Luck/Hilton ,even though I drafted Rivers after Luck.
  13. I have you all beat.. On one team I have... Rivers/Allen Luck/Hilton