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  1. 3869 Yahoo teams regretting dropping him at this point. I think we have the new Suns PG.
  2. His playing time is finally up. Outside of the lack of shooting this is a great line.
  3. I have a feeling tonight will be a breakout night for Isaac. Just seems... like it’s time to happen.
  4. With the move of Okobo to the G League they don’t have any PG’s on their roster outside Booker who is really a SG. I think Booker is going to be moved back to SG with the addition of a new PG, and Melton will most likely backup the PG role and may build in to a 6th man role as well. If Melton absolutely dominates over this next week, who knows at that point. He could very well earn and keep the position. Very excited to see what happens.
  5. The injury changes things, his opportunity is there to slide in to the starting SG position when Gal is back. He is having a breakout right now. Worth seeing how things shake out, short term productivity as well as long term potential.
  6. Wesley Johnson - He may move to SG with his recent breakout. Worth holding on to for when Gal comes back to see how things shake out. Could be a top 5 WW add of the year if he sticks.