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  1. I'd roll with Henry. Gonna be a shootout in Mexico City, and Henry has been very consistent since coming back from injury.
  2. I've had Ekeler in at my RB2 slot all week, but seeing that Jordan Howard is out, and Ajayi was just signed, all signs are pointing towards Sanders getting the vast majority of the carries. Should I roll with Sanders vs the Pats defense? Or stick with Ekeler vs a suspect KC defense?
  3. PPR. I'm benching Golladay today due to no Stafford, and him going up against the Bears. Kirk has the better matchup as TB allows the most pts to opposing WRs, but Moore has a pretty good matchup too. Who ya got?
  4. I didn't, but the guy that I traded with has been trying to trade him for weeks, and he's been asking for 2 players and a 1st round, or a top guy and two picks. So I finally got him for Carson and 2 picks.
  5. 12 team ppr keeper league. Roster in sig. My team is loaded, and just got even more loaded, but I had to give up some talent and future picks to make this trade happen. I receive Saquon Barkley Other owner receives Chris Carson, and my 1st and 2nd round rookie picks (which will be around 12 and 24). There is a small chance I keep Saquon next year, but it may be cost prohibitive since he will cost 66 dollars out of our 220 dollar budget. But overall, I think this trade helps both teams. Saquon owner was 3-5 and will likely miss the playoffs, so he gets a cheap keeper in Carson, and some draft capital, and I get to make a solid run at a championship.
  6. I agree as well. Some people thought team 1 maybe gave up a bit too much by trading all their picks, but I think the trade works for both teams really.
  7. Owner 1 (5-2 record) gets: OBJ Le'Veon Bell 2020 2nd round rookie pick Owner 2 (0-7 record) gets: Devonta Freeman Brandin Cooks 2020 1st round rookie pick 2021 1st round rookie pick Two 2020 2nd round rookie picks (both projected to be late 2nd round) I think team 2 wins this trade long term, as well as short term. It's an auction keeper league with increasing salaries every year, and he was going to cut Bell and OBJ after this year anyways.
  8. Cam will be back in a couple weeks. Doubt that Samuel gets more targets once he comes back.
  9. Roster in sig. I'm pretty well set at RB, and Kelce's owner has just offered me the following: I receive: Kelce 2020 1st round rookie draft pick I give up: Chris Carson Hunter Henry. I also have to note that this is a keeper league with salary/auction budgets. Budgets next year will be $220. I can keep Carson for $16 next year, and Henry for $11. Kelce would cost me $32 to keep next year. The first round pick is going to be in the later half of the 1st round, as Kelce's owner is 5-1 currently. Does this trade make sense in my situation? Or should I stand firm? I'm 4-2, with the most points scored, so I'm in a good spot.
  10. Rodgers plays Chicago and Minnesota in the fantasy playoffs. Not exactly great matchups. Also, this is a keeper league, so would be able to keep Mahomes going forward.
  11. I know his value is high, but I'm trying to strike while his value is lower after 2 "average" performances. I have all kinds of assets to offer for him, but I'm having trouble figuring out a good balance. The 2 best that I can think of is offering Aaron Rodgers and a 1st round pick in our rookie draft next year (which is currently 1st overall, obtained via trade from someone last year in exchange for Le'Veon Bell). If that's not enough, I was thinking of offering Rodgers and Ekeler. Would either of these be enough for you guys to trade Mahomes?
  12. I'm 3-2 with most pts scored in my league so far, but Aaron Rodgers has been one of my biggest weak spots so far. His schedule ROS doesn't do him any favors either. Jameis Winston's owner is 1-4, and has little to no shot of coming back. If he's willing to part with Winston, do you think it'd be a fair trade to trade him Rodgers for Winston and his 1st round rookie pick? He'll obviously be picking in the top half of the draft, so we're looking at people like Etienne, Taylor, Jeudy, etc.
  13. I would do it, especially in a 10 team league. Cam's value has ALWAYS come from his rushing totals. He's not running the ball anymore, so he's not really worth having.
  14. Roster in sig. Need to decide which 2 guys to play between Ekeler, DJ, and Chris Carson in a full point PPR league. I have CMC going tonight, so these plays will be for the RB and Flex spot.