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  1. Fractured tip of ring finger for Moose. Hes going to try and play through it but you never no.
  2. I thought I might see a little chatter on this thread with Moustakas being pulled tonight with hand discomfort. Well if he did land on the IL I would think that Hiura might get a call up. I know Hernan Perez plays everywhere but it would seem like this would bring obvious consideration for his shot. I figure Travis Shaw would take over 3B. You never know with hamate bones.
  3. Yet another potential job opening with Moreland's balky back. Chavis has played primarily 3B and 1B in his career. How many more opportunities can arise for Chavis to get some playing time?
  4. He looked damn good in Spring Training for someone I had never heard of. Lot of XBH's.
  5. Velocity back up for E. Rodriguez 94-96mph. 2 Ks first inning!
  6. That is exactly what is happening today. A trip to the minors might be necessary to get him out of this funk.
  7. Dare I say Mitch Moreland! He has started the season red hot. Pickup Mitchy 4 bags today!
  8. Its about time! Nimmo has done nothing this year. I hope to see McNeil stay at the top as he is perfect for that role. Also, he is starting at 3B tonight and will gain eligibility there after this game at least in the Yahoo format. Perfect utility guy 2B/3B/OF.
  9. Mitchy 2 bags has become Mitchy 4 bags to start the season. Time to take the plunge and wait for this Miggy thing out.
  10. Health goes a long way and so far so good!
  11. Yet another player that likes hitting in Philly. I think Max should have a fine year. Not so much high average but 25-30 hr potential with 10-15 thefts.
  12. Blake Swihart. Looks like he will be playing more and has eligibility C/1B/OF.
  13. He has always given up his fair share of BB's but this has gotten ridiculous!
  14. It can't hurt that both the Reds starting LF Winker and CF Schebler haven't gotten a hit yet this season! Kemp maybe 1 hit and Puig not much. Hopefully when Senzel is finally given a clear bill of health that it would only be a couple of weeks to knock the rust off before he is called up. Does anyone have any insight into how long he is expected to be out for?