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  1. Be patient. I cut Carson too early in one league. Don’t let personal feelings cloud your judgement. I drafted dj over gurley cause I didn’t want to root for the rams. I drafted Gordon over cooks cause I didn’t want to feel left out on the Gordon hype train. Every year I tell myself to handcuff my backs. And I did but I’m some leagues I dropped my handcuffs for lottery tickets. I need to realize holding a backup for a top offense is more important than holding a running back I wouldn’t play in the playoffs. Don’t be afraid to spend your waiver. In one league I held onto my waiver wire and missed out on some good players. Use my faab on someone I really want/need. My faab bid for Conner was 1 less than the winning bid.
  2. Beasted when we needed him the most. I still lost but I’m glad I stuck with him
  3. D. Hamilton and lindsay to not have negative 62 points . And Jared cook to score less than 40 points
  4. In my 5 leagues each team had a different qb. 2 teams had Ian Thomas and Hooper.three teams had Dalvin Cook or Damian Williams. 2 teams had Fournette, Cohen, zeke, Mack, samuels, Mixon or jamaal Williams. Josh Reynolds was in 3 teams. And two teams had Hopkins, juju, obj, foster, Corey Davis , Pettis, Hamilton or Robby anderson.
  5. Benched Damian Williams and cj anderson, I still have lindsay and Hamilton tomorrow and I’m up 62 points and he has no one left. Feels good to defend my championship. I lost all my wr besides brown this whole season. I streamed tight ends until I traded Aaron Jones for oj Howard and Jones goes off and Howard goes on the ir. I dropped Carson after week 2. I lost Conner and I thought my season was done. Besides brown, cmac and Mack my whole team has been ww pickups. On Tuesday nights I stay up to be ahead on the waiver and it has paid off.
  6. Had Russell Wilson, Chris Carson, juju, Davante Adams, jamaal Williams and Doug Baldwin all go off in a full point ppr league and still lost by 13 points. He even lost obj and Boyd. He had Ertz, cmac, Robby anderson and Damian Williams. I never thought that Kelce and the bears defense against the 49ers would be the reason why I would lose.
  7. howard. only cause i don't know who the lead back will be for the rams
  8. as of now, lockett. i like both of their matchups. unless we hear more info on who the lead back will be for the rams, id start lockett.
  9. can't believe i started josh allen in a championship game
  10. Bears http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738752-wdis-whir/
  11. Kittle http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738752-wdis-whir/
  12. D will http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738752-wdis-whir/