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  1. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    Crowell I've never been impressed with. If you are referring to the rest of them, I will admit I didn't see much of McGuire etc. Drake, I suppose could be the starter. He was alright, in that one I gave CJ the edge based on his history etc. He was trapped in a similar situation with the way they used Williams. Fair enough.
  2. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    Elite is a stretch I will admit. Saying he is replacement level fodder is insulting. Here is who he would be the starter for as of right now, with the current situations. NFC East Dallas Cowboys No New York Giants Yes Philadelphia Eagles No Washington Redskins Yes North Chicago Bears No Detroit Lions Yes Green Bay Packers Yes Minnesota Vikings No South Atlanta Falcons No Carolina Panthers Yes (McCaffery CoP back, this is debatable bc of McCaffery's role) New Orleans Saints No Tampa Bay Buccaneers Yes West Arizona Cardinals No Los Angeles Rams No San Francisco 49ers No (Though I like him more than McKinnon) Seattle Seahawks Yes AFC East Buffalo Bills No Miami Dolphins Yes New England Patriots Yes New York Jets Yes North Baltimore Ravens No Cincinnati Bengals No (though I like him better than what I've seen from Mixon) Cleveland Browns No (I like him more than Hyde) Pittsburgh Steelers No South Houston Texans Yes Indianapolis Colts Yes Jacksonville Jaguars No Tennessee Titans No West Denver Broncos Yes Kansas City Chiefs No Los Angeles Chargers No Oakland Raiders Yes 14 out of 32 teams he would be the starter right now. The only two teams in the league where he wouldn't instantly be the #2 would be NO and ATL. Replacement level fodder on most rosters is not accurate.
  3. Chicago Bears 2018 Offseason

    Is Yatil Green Kevin White healthy going into camp this year?
  4. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    I guess? 27 year old RB with 2 more years at $4.5 million seems pretty reasonable to me. It is basically what Hyde is getting. A hair below Lewis (who is actually 6 months older than CJ). Way below McKinnon. A deal right around where Crowell got as well. Maybe they felt they overpaid the past two years, but the way the market is trending up, the back two years of the deal looked like a good bargain to a steal. As far as his career, he has 38 more carries than Hyde, 44 less than Crowell, 219 more than McKinnon, and 364 more than Lewis (no surprise).
  5. Denver Broncos 2018 Outlook

    "That was a heck of run to the edge there! Watch as Butt opens up a giant hole for Chubb to plunge through!"
  6. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    I laugh when it is mentioned as a youth movement in Denver, and getting rid of CJ was a part of that. CJ - Born: February 10, 1991 (Age: 27-067d) Booker - Born: May 27, 1992 (Age: 25-326d) Charles - Born: December 27, 1986 (Age: 31-112d) CJ is a year, 3 months and change, older than Booker. This isn't a 31 year old vet and a 23 year old stud.
  7. Green Bay Packers 2018 Outlook

    To add on to this without retyping it all. One thing I worry about is the team continuing to decline and Rodgers starts to slowdown and we end up seeing him getting crushed in the last years of his career. Wikipedia last 5 drafts, blue highlights is Pro-Bowl, that is from them not me, and I couldn't figure out how to remove it. Nvm, wouldn't cooperate. Anyway, the point I was driving at, as someone who is in the same division as the Packers is that I see a decline in talent overall and very meh drafts with no big steals or depth added. I'm not going to say whether or above or below average in retaining talent vs the NFL average. However, it seems that there has been talent bleeding away from them rather than throwing inward. I'm sure people who closely analyze the rosters can correct me if I am wrong. 2013 Draft Round Pick # Overall Name Position College 1 26 26 Datone Jones Defensive End UCLA 2 29 61 Eddie Lacy Running Back Alabama 4 12 109 David Bakhtiari Offensive Tackle Colorado 4 25 122 JC Tretter Center Cornell 4 28 125 Johnathan Franklin Running Back UCLA 5 26 159 Micah Hyde Safety Iowa 5 34 167 Josh Boyd Defensive End Mississippi State 6 25 193 Nate Palmer Linebacker Illinois State 7 10 216 Charles Johnson Wide Receiver Grand Valley State 7 18 224 Kevin Dorsey Wide Receiver Maryland 7 26 232 Sam Barrington Linebacker South Florida 2014 Draft Round Pick # Overall Name Position College 1 21 21 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Safety Alabama 2 21 53 Davante Adams Wide Receiver Fresno State 3 21 85 Khyri Thornton Defensive Tackle Southern Miss 3 34 98 Richard Rodgers Tight End California 4 21 121 Carl Bradford Linebacker Arizona State 5 21 161 Corey Linsley Center Ohio State 5 36 176 Jared Abbrederis Wide Receiver Wisconsin 6 21 197 Demetri Goodson Cornerback Baylor 7 21 236 Jeff Janis Wide Receiver Saginaw Valley State 2015 Draft Round Pick # Overall Name Position College 1 30 30 Damarious Randall Cornerback Arizona State 2 30 62 Quinten Rollins Cornerback Miami (OH) 3 30 94 Ty Montgomery Running Back Stanford 4 30 129 Jake Ryan Linebacker Michigan State 5 11 147 Brett Hundley Quarterback UCLA 6 30 206 Aaron Ripkowski Fullback Oklahoma 6 34 210 Christian Ringo Defensive Tackle Louisiana-Lafayette 6 37 213 Kennard Backman Tight End UAB 2016 Draft Round Pick # Overall Name Position College 1 27 27 Kenny Clark Defensive Tackle UCLA 2 17 48 Jason Spriggs Offensive Tackle Indiana 3 25 88 Kyler Fackrell Linebacker Utah State 4 33 131 Blake Martinez Linebacker Stanford 4 39 137 Dean Lowry Defensive End Northwestern 5 26 163 Trevor Davis Wide Receiver California 6 25 200 Kyle Murphy Offensive Tackle Stanford 2017 Draft Round Pick # Overall Name Position College 2 1 33 Kevin King Cornerback Washington 2 29 61 Josh Jones Safety North Carolina State 3 29 93 Montravius Adams Defensive End Auburn 4 1 108 Vince Biegel Linebacker Wisconsin 4 28 134 Jamaal Williams Running Back BYU 5 32 175 DeAngelo Yancey Wide Receiver Purdue 5 39 182 Aaron Jones Running Back UTEP 6 29 212 Kofi Amichia Guard South Florida 7 20 238 Devante Mays Running Back Utah State 7 29 247 Malachi Dupre Wide Receiver LSU
  8. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    Don't forget, Denver somewhat screwed him over before when he had a deal with Miami. They had put a low ball tender on him, around $1.5 million, instead of the $2.5 million and a 2nd rounder compensation. I'm not sure if they did it on impulse to not lose him for anything, but now they are, after giving him a pay raise the past two years courtesy of the Dolphins.
  9. Devontae Booker 2018 Season Outlook

    How did I manipulate the data? It shows a clear trend. It follows what the coaching staff said. I didn't have to create a narrative about it, those are literally the coaching staffs words. At the end of the season, when any shot of the playoffs were out, they turned BACK to Anderson. Are you intentionally ignoring the data?
  10. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    Again, take a look at this.
  11. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    I think our discussion has worn itself out. For whatever reason, throughout the discussion, you think Adams can't carry the team. Adams, doesn't have the "talent" to get targets per you, yet you can't justify anyone who will get targets on the team. While Adams has improved since 2014, Cobb has slid. The only other threat on the roster for targets currently is Graham. The rest is a clown car of who, how dumb, and you are making that guys name up. Allison was re-signed simply for existing. Davis is busy making bomb jokes at the airport. Michael Clark? DeAngelo Yancey? Adams has gone from 3rd in targets in 2014, 3rd in 2015, 2nd in 2016, and 1st in 2017. How, if healthy for 16 games, you think he can't manage 7 more targets over a season is beyond me with the current roster the way it is?
  12. Joe Mixon 2018 Season Outlook

    He "figured" he was 238? Have scales not been invented yet? Do staff not weight players for offseason fitness? Am I a future person for knowing what a scale is?
  13. Devontae Booker 2018 Season Outlook

    They. Did. Not. Commit. To. CJ. Last. Year. That is a joke. If you followed the season at all, they basically benched him midseason. They badly wanted Booker to take over. His snap count went down the minute Booker was playing. Then they decided that maybe they should go back to CJ and try to get him 1,000 yards because that is literally all they had going for them that season. Week 1 69.6% Week 2 72.7% Week 3 70.0% Week 4 68.8% <----Booker first game Week 5 Bye Week 6 46.9% Week 7 59.4% Week 8 47.9% Week 9 35.4% <----Booker 33.8% Week10 38.1% <----Booker 36.5% Week11 36.6% <----Booker 58.5% Week12 32.2% <----Booker 44.1% Week13 55.6% <----Booker 15.3% Week14 58.6% Week15 68.4% Week16 56.8% Week17 56.9% Basically a month they gave Booker a trial. CJ never got the snap count he did the first 4 games ever again for the rest of the season. In his first four games, he received 73 carries and gained 330 yards. CJ got 85 carries for 355 yards the last 4 games of the season. In half his games where he got a workload, he gained 685 yards, or 68% of his total on the year. Then in the middle 8 games, he gained only 322 yards. Those 8 games averages Yards- 85.6 Carries - 19.75 YPC - 4.33 Targets - 3.13 Receptions - 2.38 TD - 3 (1 receiving) RZ attempts - 2.25 (18 total) The middle 8 games averages Yards- 41.5 Carries - 10.87 YPC - 3.70 Targets - 1.88 Receptions - 1.13 TD - 1 RZ attempts - .63 (5 total) Even going to a different back in the redzone! Booker had 17 RZ carries in 13 games, a 1.31 average. Anderson, had 23 RZ carries in 16 games, a 1.44 average. Not to mention, the coach was constantly talking about giving everyone more reps. This is what commitment looks like? This is after the week 7 0-21 loss against the Chargers, dropping them to 3-3. Anderson stat line was 10 carries, 44 yards. Not a bad night. Notice, they were talking about getting Charles more reps leading into the game. Last week, Denver head coach Vance Joseph said that the team would like to increase Charles’ workload. That didn’t prove to be the case against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday afternoon, but the fact that Joseph was non-committal on Monday afternoon when asked if Anderson would remain the team’s starting running back speaks volumes. “Again, it’s not just C.J.,” Joseph explained during his press conference on Monday afternoon. “We have three backs playing and I thought the backs ran the ball hard yesterday. When there was space to make yardage, they did. When there wasn’t, they didn’t. I’m not down on C.J. Again, the offensive issues are a unit issue.” While that wasn’t necessarily a vote of confidence or a solid sign of a pending demotion for Anderson, it does bear pointing out that Joseph had this to say (also on Monday) when asked if Trevor Siemian would remain the team’s starting quarterback: “Absolutely. He’s our quarterback.” Pause for a moment and glance back up at the snap count chart. This was week 7. We won't get this kind of workload again until week 13. The coaching staff constantly raved about Booker and how he might get the starting job out of camp. They refused constantly to commit to Anderson, for whatever reason. I'm glad he has a chance away from those HS coaching rejects.
  14. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    He also played in 3 fewer games which you conveniently omitted. 2014-2015 per game change Yards +9.3 Receptions +1.2 Targets +3.1 And yes, that is when Adams had a few extra dropped passes that haunted him. In fact, that was one reason I was hugely biased against him in 2016 when he started having success.
  15. Teddy Bridgewater 2018 Season Outlook

    Huh? I was agreeing with hoppychokes that questioning his toughness over a freak injury is garbage. That isn't fair to Bridgewater. I was in fact, defending Teddy, not bashing him. Hence, the reference to Edwards.