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  1. Case Keenum 2018 Season Outlook

    I like him as the emergency guy when you miss out on a run on QBs when drafting. That guy you thought would be there is gone, and you are apathetic towards the middle guys. I'd rather wait on Keenum and hope for a solid performance than reach for a guy. Right now with his current ADP, I'd be pretty pleased with getting him. Heck, even if you like Cousins, there is currently (with some very cursory googling) sites that have a 7-8 round split between the two. That is an absurd difference to me and I'd rather go with Keenum and hope he can duplicate the performance than reach on someone that isn't going to be that much better but has "brand" value.
  2. Brandon Marshall 2018 Season Outlook

    Who do they have though? Baldwin, and.......? Lockett who is always supposed to break out? Jaron Brown? Heck, their starting TE Dickson is the same as height as Marshall, 6-4. They have a tough schedule this year, and could easily get behind with their defense. Their OL was ridiculously bad last year, and relied on Wilson playing school yard "run back and forth to buy time" time situations. If Marshall is reasonably healthy, and is 80% of what he used to be, I could easily see some 2016 type numbers of 800 yards 5 TD. Big target, broken plays, RZ threat, what is not to like? He caught on in a situation that would certainly be his to rack up numbers if he has anything to offer. If he has anything, it won't be the situation holding him back.
  3. Jordan Reed 2018 Season Outlook

    I immediately recoiled at the thought of him. Then, thinking a bit on the receiving options on the the roster, QB, and lack of running game, I could see myself gambling on him.
  4. 2018 Detroit Lions outlook

    I know LG is weak. I'm just not sure how good Ragnow is at guard. Yes, I know the scouting reports love him and he can play both, but he was regarded as the best center prospect. It leaves us with two guys who play center as their best position, but one has to play guard. Don't forget we also signed Wiggins, who specifically wants to play guard. Depth doesn't hurt, but we have an awful lot of OL on the roster currently. Is Dahl even in the mix anymore?
  5. 2018 Detroit Lions outlook Another difference was the music playlist. The Jim Caldwell era featured mostly electronic music and rap (with edited lyrics). On Thursday, it was a lot of Metallica with some Pantera and Bush sprinkled in. I don't know if that is normal or not for NFL practices, but I find it odd to play edited rap to grown men. Ragnow playing only LG right now. Not really sure how I feel about that.
  6. Julian Edelman 2018 Season Outlook

    Any change to his role on the roster with Cooks gone? I really think this is Gronk's year, but Edelman I had completely forgotten about and I know how good he can be in PPR especially.
  7. Leonard Fournette 2018 Season Outlook

    What is the issue with his ankles? I looked up ankle surgery and him and didn't see anything. Does he just roll them more easily? Muscular imbalance? There is a lot of articles it seems on it being an issue, but no real explanation as to what is the cause.
  8. Kenyan Drake 2018 Season Outlook

    Yeah, Gase is the issue. A power tripping egomaniac who can't manage the locker room and can't get the most out of his guys. Those players under the bus in the press, and tries to have a dick measuring contest on every little thing. Can't wait for him to be gone.
  9. Dez Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    He did turn down the Ravens offer, correct? Or was that just talk and it was never officially offered?
  10. Brandon Marshall 2018 Season Outlook

    I am surprised I like this. A team that is going to suck and playing from behind. No real other "big" WR. No Graham. About as good as I could hope for and I might think of snagging him late. He might just be recharged a bit too with all the time off as of late and have one last good season.
  11. Zach Zenner 2018 Season Outlook

    Per him, yes. When you get to those shuttles, it’s kind of like, ‘Boy, are people even going to hear about these things?’ To top that off, you only get one attempt, which is very challenging. It’s easy to slip or not touch the line — I had a bad slip in my 60-yard shuttle — and with one attempt, I think it’s hard for people to perform at their absolute best. Which doesn't mean it doesn't happen to other players, just one of those things I'm aware of. As for your last sentence:
  12. Zach Zenner 2018 Season Outlook

    It could very well be the case. The strange thing is that they convinced him to stay (I thought he was gone for sure), paid him more than the minimum, and confirmed him a role on the team. Sure he could be a camp cut. It is a strange development to me, considering what happened to him last year. Why make those suggestions and pay more if they didn't see something in him? Blount doesn't matter too much in my mind, as I see him as a true short yardage guy with GL duty. He can't catch, which hinders a lot of workload for him in the offense. Ameer is on the way out. He wants a bigger workload, he complained about not getting GL duty then fumbled it at the GL last year. Guy has had every opportunity to carpe diem and hasn't. Riddick as pass catcher/hurry up offense guy. Leaving it for Zenner to be the direct backup to Johnson. Washington will be cut I assume.
  13. Zach Zenner 2018 Season Outlook

    The premise of the entire thread is that he hasn't been given enough opportunity to show much. In fact, I wasn't even going to make a thread until the bizarre 180 the Lions did and said, "wait, wait, wait, don't go!" and brought him back. I honestly figured he would be on another roster, or out of the league. If they had already given him opportunities it would be much easier to say whether those flashes were just that, or, he has the talent to warrant more carries. Remember when he beat out Stevan Ridley a couple years ago? Ridley got more carries last season than Zenner. Heck, Kenjon Barner got more carries. If they had given him a workload and let him be evaluated, there really wouldn't be much to say other than, "good college player, not so much as an NFL player." Another thing to point out. They gushed all of Dwayne Washington, had him active over Zenner last year. Washington averaged .9 less per carry than Zenner in nearly identical workloads. Nearly a full yard. Yet, he was the guy they went to over Zenner as an active player coming into 2017. Zenner 2016 - 88 carries, 334 yards, 3.8 YPC 4 TD Washington 2016 - 90 carries, 265 yards, 2.94 YPC, 1 TD Again, this sucks because we are stuck with such a small sample size, even I realize that. It seems like the greater the workload, the better his performance. In 10+ carry games in their careers Abdullah - 234 carries, 853 yards, 3.65 YPC 3 TD (17 of his 32 games played he had 10 or more carries) Riddick - 78 carries, 281 yards, 3.60 YPC 2 TD (7 of his 70 games played he had 10 or more carries) Washington - 63 carries, 165 yards, 2.62 YPC, 0 TD (5 of his 17 games played he had 10 or more carries) Zenner - 56 carries, 224 yards, 4.00 YPC 3 TD (4 out of his 28 games played he had 10 or more carries) Maybe, if they gave him some work we'd know if this was just a lucky streak, or more sustainable. Putting a guy out there for a carry here or there isn't going to work with him. Ready for another bizarre stat? Yards per reception for their careers: Abdullah - 55 receptions, 402 yards, 7.3 YPR Riddick - 224 receptions, 1854 yards, 8.3 YPR Washington - 12 receptions, 76 yards, 6.3 YPR Zenner - 20 receptions, 207 yards, 10.4 YPR Food for thought. No matter what, I hope he gets a shot to see what he has. I'd rather he get some solid chances and say he sucks, than the Caldwell/JBC let's not give him a chance.
  14. Rob Gronkowski 2018 Season Outlook

    Is there any hints as to what his long term plans are? I get the retirement talk, but is he thinking a season or two, or three or four if it goes well? I could see them restructuring his deal to give him more money up front, but is that all this was about?
  15. Julio Jones 2018 Season Outlook

    Could he actually be undervalued this year?