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  1. Wayne Gallman 2017 Season Outlook

    Any reason for the workload increase, especially in the passing game? Desperately scouring WW and was surprised by his stat line last week. Anyone see the game that has some input?
  2. Dion Lewis 2017 Season Outlook

    Uh, okay, thanks tough guy. If that was your point, why did you bring up the Super Bowl? I was clearly stating BB cares about fantasy team. In fact, he texts me love notes at night saying he wished he could draft all those studs like I did this year. Then we facetimed each other, both of us in our hoodies and slippers. He even told me Gronk wanted the week off to cruise Miami, and that is why he intentionally got suspended. Again, there is no reason that White should have the combined snaps of Burkhead AND Lewis. Lewis and Burkhead also have higher catch % than White, so again, it isn't as if they can't do that as well. The usage was odd and stood out, and they lost. It certainly a spot for criticism.
  3. Dion Lewis 2017 Season Outlook

    What is your point? Are you saying White should get more usage over Burkhead and Lewis? I watched that game, I agree. I also watched this game, and have no idea why he was getting that kind of usage. White also has a career long run of 16 yards. He is a good pass catcher. Him getting that high of reps over those two who can also catch smacks of poor game planning. It was his highest usage since week 4. Unless you are suggesting he should be the starter, what is the point of mentioning the SB game? "Hey, Deion Branch was a SB MVP, I'd take him over Larry Fitzgerald any day!"
  4. Peyton Barber 2017 Season Outlook

    I meant after he said the numbers, do that! I screwed it up!
  5. Dede Westbrook 2017 Season Outlook

    I really like his usage on short crossing routes that let him use his speed after the catch. Seems like he is being used as a focal point in the offense which is exciting.
  6. Peyton Barber 2017 Season Outlook

    "By my made up statistical evaluation, Barber did better. However, it is weighted differently because Martin was a starter, so that means he gets a 1.5 multiplier bonus and Barber gets his divided in half. Expect Sims on Monday!" - Koetter
  7. Rob Gronkowski 2017 Season Outlook

    Being a Steelers D owner the past month (cutting them for someone else this week) and a Gronk owner for the season, I have zero fear. I've watched the Steelers closely and the D is awful as of late. Yes, everyone will attribute that to Shazier, which while a factor, isn't the only culprit. They are having trouble doing basic things. Their zone coverage people are picking apart. They can't generate a pass rush. They can't stop the run. They are a team the offense is dictating what they want to do to them and daring the Steelers D to stop them, and they are failing miserably. They've also played some of the weakest QB's in the game due to their schedule. I don't see how this team could do anything like what the Dolphins, especially with Gronk being back.
  8. Dion Lewis 2017 Season Outlook

    I can tolerate Burkhead and Lewis rotating. Thing is, the Pats got too cute. Do you know who played the most downs last game? James White. This is the ultimate "all our guys can do it" attitude getting smacked in the face. White simply isn't as good as the other two, and I'd be surprised if they make the same mistake again. vs Miami snap count and % White - 35 (57.4%) Lewis - 18 (29.5%) Burkhead - 17 (27.9%) That is silly stupid.
  9. Why is White out there? Guy is a decent pass catcher, but sucks at running. Pats being too cute and pretending that all their RBs are interchangeable.
  10. It would show how awful the refs are when it gets overturned half the time.
  11. Good defense. That was nothing on that throw IMO.
  12. Should have stuck with that, because he sucks at football.
  13. Julius Thomas still gets those stupid 1 on 1 balls. Can't believe they chuck it to him at least once a game on that route.
  14. Early in game, but what is with Lewis usage? Awful lot of White and Burkhead in backfield. **scratches head**