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  1. Shame on me! You even have his full name in the original post! **Checks stats of Chapman** Yeah, this guy wasn't even in the league when I knew what was still going on. Looking over the stats I like it even more. Chapman=Hicks last year, and Gallo was light years ahead of Voit (in limited time.) Unless you think Voit outperforms Gallo in everything outside OBP, I'm still of the same opinion as previously. Gallo+Chapman is the better side and I'd rather go with them.
  2. **Disclaimer** I'm just getting back into baseball after a few years off. On the surface I see Gallo as superior to both guys, and likely will beat them in the HR department combined this season. Yes, OBP will hurt him, outside that, I don't see the downside. Whoever you replace the extra batter with you could use to cover the poor OBP from Gallo and gain other stats. Chapman is a valuable piece you have for saves or could shop for other help. I would not hesitate. I'd do it now.
  3. Gallo is basically those two combined in the HR department. He is also younger (IDK if keeper/dynasty). Chapman is a nice throw in. I'd do it.
  4. Interested in the roughriders! We keep all the players, but what is the FA draft? Just guys out on the wire/or roster moves that we want and might have slipped through the cracks? Or is it a combo of that and a prospect draft too?
  5. Just a lot of talent that has bled out of the organization on knee jerk "immediate" need trades. Ray and Leyba for Greene. Knebel and Thompson for Soria. Travis for Gose. Suarez and Crawford for Simon. Smyly and Adames for Price. Then when they sold Price they got Norris, Boyd, and Labourt. When they traded Cespedes they got Fullmer and Cessa. They got a meh prospect for JUpton and that was a salary dump. They got so-so prospects from the Astros for Verlander, nothing top shelf. JD Martinez trade was payback for the Tigers stealing Scherzer from them a decade before. Lugo who sadly isn't doing much and Alcantara who can play SS, but can't be in a lineup. The team could have Scherzer, Verlander, Ray, Boyd, Fullmer, or take a pick of some FA. You'd also have Knebel out there closing instead of 5 ERA Greene. Bring back Todd Jones! Then: C - Pudge out of retirement. I honestly not sure who would be here. 1B - Cabrera 2B Travis (always hurt, so likely someone else) SS Adames 3B Suarez OF - Martinez, JUpton, Castellanos DH - Cabrera half the time, all the time, or put Castellanos here and add someone else in the OF. Despite all those big names they traded recently, there is a crazy hyped prospect to get giddy about. Mize is great, but he was drafted. All the infusion of talent into the farm system has been pretty meh. I thought we were going to get Wheeler at the minimum when we traded Cespedes to them. There really isn't much to get excited about until 2022 at the minimum. Of our $106 million payroll, $30 for Cabrera, $25 for Zimmerman, $8 for Verlander, $6 for Fielder. That is $69 million of our payroll among those four. Include Castallenos and that is $79 million. That is a terrifying number considering the output and dead money involved.
  6. It is brutal. On roster until 2024. There are also 2 option years that could have him on the roster up to age 42. The scary thing is if he has some sort of crazy Ortiz like late career resurgence, they would have to pay him or buy him out. According to CBS Sports' Jon Heyman, Cabrera will make $28 million in 2016 and 2017 before receiving a marginal bump to $30 million per season between 2018 and 2021. In 2022 and 2023, Cabrera will receive another slight raise and earn $32 million per season, totaling $248 million over eight years. Cabrera also has the opportunity to make an additional $60 million combined with two vesting options for the 2024 and 2025 seasons. The options will vest if he finishes in the top 10 of the American League Most Valuable Player voting in 2023 and 2024. However, according to Heyman, the options can be bought out by the club for $8 million.
  7. Interesting. I've been out of fantasy baseball a couple years for a bunch of reasons, mostly personal. Now that I'm back, I've been checking in on all the guys I used to own. He was one of them. In 2015 he had a HR every 28 AB. (421 AB, 15 HR) Came in 3rd for RoY. In 2016 he had a HR every 15 AB. (318 AB, 21 HR) Now hold on before you guys go crazy on me, I'm aware of the issues with the data. Yes, I acknowledge that was basically half a season of AB. Who knows if he could have sustained that pace if they gave him double the AB. I know he is older now. BUT, for FREE right now in drafts, I should point out that a HR every 15 AB is elite. Top 10 last year, top 20 the last 4 years at the worst. Combining both years it would be 20.5% which would have been good enough last year for #32 overall, between Abreu and JUp. He is 31, 32 in a month, but he isn't THAT old. IIRC he would get a little nicked up and they wouldn't play him, and they couldn't figure out who to start between him, Freese, and Harrison. He seemed to bounce between 3B, SS, and 2B but they wouldn't let him get in a groove. Then of course his legal issues, and the wrist surgery and now we are here. I'm loving a late round flier on him especially if he can gain multi-position eligibility. A guy who could hit 30 HR, at a .260 clip, while giving me some combo of those positions? For free? Sign. Me. Up!
  8. This usually happens when you have a league with full keepers and guys end up running teams into the ground with bad picks and crappy prospects. Then no one wants to take over the team because it sucks, and the league has competitive balance issues. I had this happen in a league where the top 2-3 of us stacked our teams through drafting, trades, being active in our research, and ended up with teams stacked from the starters to prospects to the point where it killed the league. That sucked in the end. I'm not sure how 6 keepers would cause this issue. How many teams are there in the league?
  9. I'd recommend formatting it in a more reader friendly way. It is very difficult to compare the way you posted it. Example: Team A Trevor Story Nathan Eovaldi Brandon Rodgers Wilson Contreras Max Kepler Team 2 Realmuto Corey Seager Zack Greinke Nate Lowe I'd take team 2 easily. I am biased in favor of Seager, take that into account.
  10. Easy yes for me. I'm not even high on Kluber, same concerns as a lot of people have mentioned, but as long as he doesn't fall off a cliff THIS year, you are good. He hasn't had an ERA above 3.30 in the last 6 years. Highest WHIP was 1.26. Both in 2013.
  11. I would not. If you really want to move him it would have to be Vlad+something else at the minimum.
  12. First time doing one of these drafts. For those of you that have, what tips do you have? Is there anywhere that has draft results that you used as a baseline for this type? I've been doing a lot of reading up on players and feel I'm adequately prepared there, but I am trying to get an idea of how the draft will play out, who I should boost and value and who I should lower. Thanks! This is a 16 team 25 (includes bench) man roster, 25 man minors, full keeper, 7x7. WHIR
  13. Agreed with motown. I don't ever punt a category going into a year. As long as you can get something in it, you could beat out a couple people and get easy points. The old, "you don't have to be the fastest guy when the bear is chasing you, just faster than the slowest guy". If it is midseason and I am down 20 steals and in last, yeah, I might give up on it.