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  1. Evans jammed his wrist/hand. Came out just now. edit: He back!
  2. Ertz
  3. Thanks! It appears this was the same incident, or the same week of the link I posted. Again, I haven't looked that deeply into it because I thought it was over with, and then the suspension happened. According to the police report she got in a fight with a female that evening.
  4. I've not really followed the situation that closely, but can someone help me find what evidence they are using? I remember reading this last year, I do know there are multiple times the alleged abuse occurred, but isn't this just a tad disconcerting? Is she going to be paraded around as a victim of something that she possibly made up, kind of like clock boy? If it DID happen, I'm 100% behind her, I just get very nervous around her credibility if this article is true.
  5. ....okay. Was he lucky through 4, and it caught up to him in the 5th? Or was he good, and suddenly started throwing meatballs?
  6. Only saw the boxscore, but was great through 4. Tuned back in, and saw this disaster. What happened?
  7. I'm honestly not that plugged in, but I remember reading good things about him (I had him last year in a dynasty and I traded him away). Hader overshadowed him. Good heater, IIRC only had two pitches at one point, or at least two MLB pitches, which has probably changed. Mechanics and walks were an issue. I'm mad I missed the call up.
  8. There is only one Zorro. Guy Williams.
  9. TL;DR I got sucked into a complicated 14 team fantrax team and realizing I'm in over my head. This is a pretty serious league and I'm jumping in the deep end. Any help would be appreciated. Only rookie draft. Contracts for players w/ salary cap. Contracts max 3 years, no re-upping. Any player cut before end of contract, 1/3 of salary remains on books until it expires. It is a points league, daily roster, weekly matchup. I've taken this team over, and am still figuring all the in's and out's. As far as scoring, I'm not sure what type of player has an edge. For reference, in the entire league there were two 70 or higher fantasy points per game players, five that were 60 or more, thirteen that were 50 or more, twenty-three that were 40 or more. Without breaking down the entire scoring system, hopefully that will be enough to help. We start, 2 G, 2 F, 1 C, and 2 FLX. Roster Contract Production (Fantasy points per game) Irving $18.5/1 YR 44.5 Middleton $14/1 YR 32.8 Aldrige $17/1 YR 37.8 B. Harrison $4/1 YR 30.9 B. Lopez $9.5/2 YR 39.64 N. Batum $14/2 YR 40.87 T. Thompson $5/2 YR 32.87 M. Conley $8.5/1 YR 45.36 Faried $1.5/2 YR 29.52 Z. Randolph $3.5/1 YR 29.19 Marvin. Williams $2.5/1 YR 33.78 Zubac $500K/2 YR 19.26 I have only $7,000,000 in cap space out of $107,000,000. I am not a basketball person, so I am attempting to take in all this info, and figure out things people who do follow would already know. I'm trying to free some cap space to go after some FA an get some elite talent and/or package a couple of these guys to upgrade a single spot. I'm a noob at following the NBA. Some of the obvious things that you guys know, I probably don't, so don't think that any advice is too basic. Also, I have not done ANY of these contracts, this is what I was given to work with. 1) Who is trending up or down? A trade that could suddenly boost or lower production? 2) Is there anyone I should outright cut on that list and take the cap hit? 3) Overall assessment of the roster? 4) I'm hopeful to be competitive this coming season, possible? Appreciate any assistance! Thanks!
  10. What annoyed me the most was the long time it took to get him the RB designation, the weird lack of commitment to him at times, and not getting him involved enough in the passing game. Hopefully all of this will be changed. Will he be able to keep his 88 number?
  11. How many times do I want to cry this season?
  12. He is just one of those guys whose numbers don't match the tape. You watch the tape, and you go WOW! You look at his physical attributes and you go meh.
  13. Anyone nervous about him getting fed? I'm still in love with him, I just keep glancing at Cooks and Hawkins being added, and Hogan improving.
  14. I don't own him and just saw his numbers and went . That contract is going to be brutal.
  15. Every time I say I'm going to wait a round later than when I actually get him. I just get sucked in every time. Hopefully, this year it is worth it.