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  1. I tried to watch the replay on and can't get the clip to play. He looks pretty frickin close in the still shot. Anyone have a gif or link?
  2. Appreciate the information. I have been supporting for the past couple years and been excited about him, but haven't watched him much with him in TB instead of ATL. That is good news all around.
  3. It's odd because he hasn't attempted to in since the 10th, and he was seemingly given the green light when he came up. However, since then he has passed up prime chances to attempt to steal. Guy has been constantly on base since. I think we expected the continued aggressiveness. IDK who is making that call in regards to him on the base paths.
  4. More like YODO
  5. AND BOOM!
  6. HR in 3 straight games, average at .253
  7. I don't really understand this. Guy hits for average and steals, with a bit of pop sprinkled in. Maybe squeak out 10 HR in a good year. He also walks which gets him on base.
  8. I know he has had some issues with lefties in the majors, but his minors track record doesn't show it. ATL for some reason tried to hide him from lefties which I didn't understand. 2012 - .429 (7 AB's) 2013 - .341 (91 AB's) 2014 - .283 (53 AB's) 2015 - .262 (65 AB's) 2016 - .143 (7 AB's) 2017 - .275 (40 AB's)
  9. He got hit on the hand and broke index finger or thumb IIRC. Also, he got caught 8 times, but at least two of those he was safe. Nearly all of those were early. I looked it up and he went 8-0 on steal attempts in June before he got hurt (and that was only through the 19th when the injury occurred). I'm not sure if it was a technique, I do know twice he got lousy calls, but his minors numbers show he can steal. He definitely has the speed.
  10. Guy was actually doing well last year in ATL. He had some rookie bumps, but he was improving on a monthly basis. The guy can hit, AND he can take walks. The guy is a Billy Hamilton who can get on base.
  11. Guy stole bases at about a 75% clip for his minors career. He stole 246 bases. This isn't his first time up either. Guy has improved his hitting but always had a good eye and can take walks. He was really turning the corner last year before the injury.
  14. Didn't watch the game, liked the line. Wondering if he isn't get called strikes because he is a rookie or he is just rough. 14 IP and 5 walks is high, considering he went 56.1 IP with 7 walks.
  15. I've never seen a line like that regarded as a "very bad showing".