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  1. Is that the situation? Wow. Who made the US hats? The jerseys irk me, but the hats make me want to punch the designer. Looks like an MLS and XFL logo had a deformed baby. edit: alright guys I get it, MLB network has it. I don't have MLB network. I still think the whole thing is odd.
  2. Find it odd that ESPN2 is having this in Spanish. If it was PR vs Venezuela, or DR, I'd get it, but a curious decision considering the US is in it. I usually watch it with my buddies anyway on ESPN Deportes when his team was playing, with his fam etc, but now that my team is in the finals it seems bizarre that ESPN wouldn't have it also in English. Isn't that a missed opportunity to spread interest/awareness of the WBC?
  3. FEAST MODE! I think he slims down by June (if ever) once he gets more confidence in the leg. Some of these surgeries these guys go through I cringe at. Just crazy.
  4. Say what you want, but the age thing is a joke argument. If he was 24 and someone else was 19, sure. Your second part isn't a valid argument. Ameer lost carries and a start his rookie year against Zenner. Who knows what happened if he hadn't gotten hurt. Washington, for unfathomable reasons, was given the go ahead despite doing nothing in college, coming to camp late, and having very little experience running handed the keys to the job. Washington averaged a yard less than Riddick and Zenner. This is the team that had Caldwell say he didn't want his backs carrying too much one week, to Zenner playing every snap but one AND special teams the next. We will see, but I'm excited.
  5. LOL! I've never seen this argument leveled against a guy who was 23. This isn't Weinke or Weeden! 23 year old's from that draft.... Scherff White Johnson Ogbuechi Jones Tomlinson Randall Anthony Woops, that was just the 1st round! Ameer is allegedly more talented, Riddick can't run, and Washington blows. At least have a better argument than, "he was older by a few months".
  6. Because maybe this is the year they give him a shot full, I've been hyping every year. Here is some food for thought, this is how he stacks up against the 2017 draft class. Zach Zenner Height: 5'11 Weight: 223 40 yard dash - 4.6 Would have been down the list. However, no one over 220 ran faster than him but Fournette. Bench: 2nd out of all RB's (25) Vertical: 1st out of all RB's (41) Broad: 8th (tied) out of all RB's (10 feet 1 inch) 20 yard shuttle: 1st out of all RB's 4.14 (combine) 4.3 (pro day) 3-cone Drill: 7th out of all RB's, pro day would put him at 4th 7.08 (combine) 6.88 (pro day) 60 yard shuttle run: 4th out of all RB's, 11.69 (he also had a bad slip in this!) Round 3 this year......
  7. Is that league full?  What year is the league in?  Are you using league safe?

    1. Mrtonyb40


      I have one spot left in a $100 h2h most cat keeper league. it's the second yr for the league.  if your interested email me at . the money always goes thru leaguesafe

  8. $30 h2h 6x6 weekly 20 teams..heres the settings, lmk if you want an invite..snake draft 3/26


  9. Would prefer 16/18/20 teams. I do not care for roto. I don't want to take a team in a league that has already been going on. I am fine with redraft or keepers, but do not want to try and rebuild a team I didn't draft. I'd rather it be for money. Thanks!
  10. Zach Zenner!
  11. Demaryius confidently. Been a stud lately, Amari hasn't gotten the looks, and Sammy is Sammy, can anyone really trust him?
  12. .........................................and I'd go with Tyrell Williams.
  13. Gotta go Green Bay for me. Minny has looked awful on O for weeks. Is Diggs going to play? I know he is banged up. Also depends on scoring.
  14. Farrow is the easy sit. I expect Hillman to get a 50/50 this week.