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  1. Hill has more receptions than Kamara. FML
  2. Why aren't they letting Kamara free release into the flats? That is the 3rd time I've seen him getting tackled up in the DL as he tries to go out.
  3. Important to have the FB (I think) in there. Why give Bridgewater an outlet?
  4. I guess dumping it off to Kamara is out of the question.
  5. Murray again in on 3rd down. Even if Kamara was phased out for Murray, his role IS the 3rd down back. This is stupid.
  6. Are you the real Mathew Berry? Read the thread. It has been explained twice.
  7. Donald hurt. Murray back in. The F was that playcall?
  8. Brees' throwing hand slammed into Donald's. 9 men in the box and Bridgewater can't audible out of that play? Just hands it off to let Kamara die?
  9. Cuz if you do the smart thing all the time you are predictable.
  10. The way they use him you'd think he was in the doghouse. Not a lot of go to plays for him. You can see Brady force feed Edelman and Brown. Hasn't happened with Gordon. Brady also went away from Gronk too often last year.
  11. Sadly no. For some reason NFLN wasn't showing it in my area even though it said it was per the channel description. I'm not entirely sure what was going on. All I had was some box score glances and what people were saying here. I wanted to see that game so I could do a comparison vs game 1 especially since it looked like he might be losing the job.
  12. I knew Winston sucked but counted on him airing it out. How soon does Leftwich get on a hot seat for this playcalling?