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  1. Julio Jones. I'd have 3 more wins if I'd have picked Thomas instead.
  2. Monty has the best matchup, but it's hard to trust the Bears even though he's been good the last two weeks. Carson is probably the safest, so I'd go with him.
  3. Drop the Colts defense and just roll with SF against Seattle. You're not going to lose with that lineup.
  4. Still Barkley, Bell and Gordon. Samuels is viable too, but he's not going to catch 13 balls again. I'd start Odell & Allen at WR
  5. Do it. Kamara can carry a team by himself. Diggs is too inconsistent and Michel is bad.
  6. Trade Mixon and Sutton for David Johnson? .5 ppr I have Montgomery, Mixon, Samuels and some other plugs at RB. Julio, Adams, Sutton, M Williams, Gallup at WR. WHIR
  7. I mean, according to to my research (which isn't that extensive), Kerryon has an inch and a pound on him roughly. Doesn't seem like much of a difference. YPC is a garbage stat sure, especially in college comparisons, but using the 6th round pick argument is just as lame. Everything else I agree with.
  8. I can't think of an example of this other than the Patriots, but they used to do that stuff even when no one was hurt. Can you think think of any other?
  9. Any other opinions? Leaning towards making the trade.
  10. Yeah, because they all have the backfield to themselves. Ekeler hurts Gordon big time
  11. Edmonds if DJ sits, Evans, Ekeler in that order
  12. Bump. Getting worried about Adams.. I can package him along with Mixon or Montgomery for Chubb and Alshon or possibly Hilton. Should I take either?