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  1. These are all excellent points which I agree the one thing you didn’t mention is sometimes a player is just happy being mediocre. I mean he is getting paid. Coaches and teammates are the first to see it and they try to deal with it and when they can’t you must cut that cancer out. Outside of the team and organization are the last to know about it. IMO his body language just doesn’t look right.
  2. Is it just me or does it look like you could fart in Sony’s general direction and he would fall down? What a weak runner.
  3. I don’t know you could do worse. I’d pick him up this week on the cheap. The Jets should be trailing and the Cowboys haven’t really shown they can stop anyone
  4. Put in a waiver claim for him. With the news on Herndons sore hammy, Crowders usage should only get better now that Darnold is coming back.
  5. Brady typically thrives in bad weather but this should heavily favor Pats D and the run game
  6. Well what do we have here? Is this a sign of things to come? I didn’t watch but I saw Royce was banged up so Lip got extra burn and did well.
  7. while I agree you cant sit Patty, Balt added Earl making their secondary a lot better than last year.
  8. I drafted him pick 11 in the first round and got lol at. They said I was reaching. This is a league full of Texas Tech guys. I knew he would be gone by my next pick. He could throw for 60 TD’s
  9. He cleared waivers in both 14 team leagues and my 10 team. Take a look and see if you can get him for free.