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  1. Go Caleb Smith! Make your owners proud today.
  2. Pretty sure Cespedes fractured his ankle doing a double take at that killer lineup
  3. damnit! Good one RyansM11 you got me. I didn't even think twice about it just hit the ole reply button and typed all of that out. Mouthbreathing the whole time of course.
  4. Naw I dropped him about 7 days ago. You're welcome!
  5. I don't see how the Sox could do that given that Chavis has led the offensive explosion in Boston. Am I wrong in that thinking? Ever since he came up and started mashing it became contagious. Devers started mashing, Mook started mashing. The only one that isn't is Beni. I don't see how they could send him down now.
  6. I like this trade better than the other 4 honestly, but see if you can give Nola, Stripling & either Winker or Eaton for MadBum, Smith, Vazquez. I think you would be giving too much with Robles. Thank you for your insight on mine! Cheers
  7. Tatis/Bryant wins and you don't really need the pitching addition.
  8. Ah I see it's Pete yeah I wouldn't drop him. I think your two drops are Mallex Smith for Lowe and possibly Folty for Bassett.
  9. Is that Pete Alonso or Yonder Alonso?
  10. I like that trade for you. Sure you are giving up depth but you can find that when your team gets healthy. Pham has been a dissapointment and has no power and is not stealing bags. Beni is coming back down to earth. DeJong is playing out of his mind and his value is higher than it ever will be.
  11. Eflin > Gio and Strahm are about tied.
  12. This is a 10 Team Roto 5 year Dynasty Keeper where we keep 3 in the 1st year, 4 in the 2nd, 5 in 3rd, 6 in the 4th and 7 in the 5th year. We payout 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the end of each year. At the end of year 5 we payout the Dynasty pot (roughly 5K) for most overall points. I thought I did a good job of drafting a team that could compete this year but really could be a league winner in years 2-5. Did I draft the All Underperforming team or did I completely blow this years draft and potential next 2-5 yrs. What is your opinion of my team below? Leave a link and I will help you out. Thanks