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  1. Yup, thank god other pro leagues don't have the stupid rules MLB does in regards to service time. etc. Fans get robbed of watching these young stars.
  2. In my two keeper leagues he's been taking a bench spot from me since May. I have to think long and hard whether to keep him, but I think I have to. I have others who definitely feel more worthy, but the risk/reward with Vlad is so good I think I have to keep.
  3. What would he do to attendance in Toronto?
  4. Yeah, this super 2 stuff, etc is bad for the game and for it's fans. It's not fair to fans or organizations that have extreme talents ready for MLB sitting away in the minors to save money in the long run.
  5. Surprised no one mentioned he was promoted to AAA the other day.
  6. Reminds me of everyone freaking out when Bregman sucked when he reached the majors. I'm thankful the guy who dropped him in my keeper league.
  7. How long does ESPN usually take to add someone like this? Amazing he's not already in their DB.
  8. As a Rockies fan, I agree with people in our management of minors. It's perplexing, usually. I'd love to see Rodgers this year tho.
  9. Would love to see Rodgers get the call, see what he can do as he is the heir apparent of 2b I'd have to think if we let DJ leave this offseason. Might be worth seeing what he can do. I can't even add Hampson via ESPN. Not in their DB.
  10. Curious about this as well.
  11. Good call. Added him thanks to this. In fact I was sort of surprised he wasn't owned yet in my deep dynasty league, given his playing in futures game, and some rave reviews out of the Nationals on him.
  12. I'd be shocked if they moved Rodgers. They'd have to really believe they are a player or two away from challenging for the pennant, and as a Rox fan I can't imagine they do that.
  13. Same. Was trying to figure that as well. I guess just a way to face the weakest competition while getting strength back.
  14. It'll be interesting to see what the Rockies do. Story, after a somewhat underwhelming Sophomore year, is playing great right now, one of the hottest hitters in the majors currently. With Rodgers and Hampson probably both ready to take the field at Coors next year....what do they do? DJ I'd have to think is gone to save money to hopefully resign Arenado. Either way, I own Story, Hampson and Rodgers in my dynasty league, so a good problem to have.
  15. Acuna (yes, I know he's not the traditional call up, but the guy is around same age). Acuna has been somewhat up and down, injury didn't help, but he was certainly ready for the majors. I'm glad to see Tucker finally called up as well. But besides focusing on other minors who have been called up, are we really going to make a case that Jr here doesn't deserve the call up yet? He destroyed AA in a way rarely, if ever seen.
  16. Pretty much this. His getting hurt sucked call up wise, but the kid more than deserved a call up prior to that. His highly rated peers in AA who have been called up were doing less than he was, and have been called up to be very productive thus far for their respective teams.
  17. Is he still not in ESPN databases? If he gets called up, I have no way to add him.
  18. I still can't even find this guy in ESPN DB. WTF?
  19. Because....reasons! Nothing MLB clubs usually make sense to us simple minded fans.
  20. How depressing. The kid deserved to be called up weeks ago with his other young counterparts who got the call, deservedly.
  21. There's a Denver post article today about DJ Lemahieu. I wish I could read it but I don't pay for digital subscriptions to newspapers. In any case, I think the premise is maybe the Rox should trade DJ and if that happens, call up Rodgers. Rodgers hit a HR today for two in two days, and 13th of the year. He's getting hot and I wouldn't be surprised if called up.
  22. Every year this same crap happens with top prospects everyone is itching to see. Each teams respective FO says the cookie cutter crap about needing to work on defense, running bases without falling over, chewing gum, etc. They always play this stuff down.
  23. lol the collective freakout is funny. Relax peeps. This kid will be in the majors this year, unless the Jays FO are total and complete morons, which definitely sounds like a viable scenario.
  24. He's trying too hard now. if I learned that I didn't have a shot at promotion regardless of how many pitchers I bent over in the minors, I'd stop trying so hard.