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  1. Kinda hard to get anything going at the plate when you play once every 4 days.
  2. He'll never be the sexiest until he goes full Matt Harvey in ESPN The Body issue.
  3. I'm getting confused. First people tell me that Mike Soroka is the new Greg Maddux, but now Giolito is the new Maddux? Who is the real new Maddux!?
  4. Ozzie Albies 2.0? He was always the youngest it seemed.
  5. Church, on Sunday. Day of rest. Then the rest of the week yell and scream at league mates.
  6. Didn't see a thread for this guy. Getting a spot start today, chance at more if he proves well. I've been holding this guy for a few years in a dynasty league and he's always been intriguing. Interesting backstory I read on him here. https://www.lonestarball.com/2019/6/7/18655551/joe-palumbo-scouting-report-texas-rangers-pitcher
  7. Good looking out. Have had him stashed in minors for a few years now.
  8. Yes, but the Rox will sign Adam Dunn that year and Welker will play once every 4 games. Ya know, don't wanna overwhelm him yet.
  9. I laughed when I saw people ask if he could get called this year, but now I'm not so sure. Yes the WS have no reason to, service time wise (damn you stupid super 2 rules), but he's impressing recently.
  10. This has always been my biggest issue with how teams handle their young players who are clearly ready to be MLB starters, and vets who suck and taking these young players time away. As a Rockies fan, it's even worse. But MLB has to make some serious changes to Super two, etc so as to not insult the intelligence of their fan base. A move like this in Milwaukee is a joke.
  11. Only in MLB can a hot hitting rookie with tons of upside be sent down/benched in favor of an overpaid vet who's not doing s---. Only in MLB.
  12. Hiura with a three run jack. But ya know, the Brewers should definitely bring Shaw back.
  13. As a casual observer of current MLB CBA agreements, FA rules, etc, this seems so incredibly dumb to me guys like Kuechel and Kimbrel aren't even signed at this point, given their track record. It's dumb because rules put in place seem to deter more than anything. It's nearly as dumb as the Super 2 BS we see that limits clubs best players from even playing out of fear of adding an extra controllable year.
  14. As a Rockies fan, it's frustrating we like to sit our top young players as often as this, and it's even more painful as a Rodgers owner. The Rox really put themselves in a situation like this adding too many vet FA's. Rodgers should be playing every day, with his pedigree and ability to help us win, and Murphy and McMahon should be splitting time at 1b. Reynolds shouldn't even be on this ball club.
  15. How in the world is he only rostered in 40% of leagues on ESPN? I added him a week or so ago. Already have league mates wanting to make a deal. lol, nah, I'm good for now guys.
  16. Phew, disaster avoided. Came back strong.
  17. Hope you're right. Drafted him a few years ago, and last year was disappointing return in deep keeper league. Like what I have seen the past month or so.
  18. guy is oozing with talent...if he puts it together, Accccceeeeee
  19. It's really only the sensible thing. Can't let these young guys get too entitled here.
  20. Yes, yes...sitting two games in a row is definitely the smart approach for the 22 year old top prospect. Phew...these kids these days really need to be coddled and handled with kid gloves. Bud Black to the rescue.
  21. This is comical. Way to go Rox. Decision making skills below average.
  22. Nah, you got it all wrong. He definitely has major flaws in his swing. And he's fat, definitely fat. Bust written all over his fat body.
  23. I grabbed him off the WW this week based on this thread, so I hope to see some dividends as early as tonight from him. In a keeper league, I still like the upside.