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  1. I'm going to hold Rosie for another week or so but my optimism for him taking over the gig is waning. He's pitching the best he has in a long time (FB velocity is 99.62mph this month) but I don't see Oh faltering again.
  2. Sorry if this is off topic or the wrong forum but I'm in several leagues with first come first serve waivers and getting the jump on these closer changes (or when prospects get promoted) would be a huge plus. This closer thread is my main source of info but I'm curious about the text alert feature on Closer Monkey and Owner's Box (as another poster mentioned). Could anyone give me a review or recommendation on these or other services? Thanks!
  3. I like the deal for you but it depends on who you put in at catcher. I might also try to get DeGrom over Duffy.
  4. Don't really love either but I'd go shaw/Reynolds as long as you don't have to drop anything of value
  5. It's a fair offer. It depends on how much the other person values Turner and if they really need speed.
  6. I have the #1 waiver in a Fantrax league and over the past 2 days Matt Bush, Taijuan Walker, and Hector Neris were all surprisingly dropped. I've found that Fantrax leagues cycle through the waiver priorities fairly quickly so I plan on using it but I'm not sure who to use it on. I can start any 9 pitchers each week and usually like to alternate between 2-3 closers in my starting lineup each week. My team is in 2nd place and here is my current pitching staff: Starters: Closers: P1 Scherzer RP1: G Holland P2 J Paxton RP2: J Benoit P3 K Hendricks RP3: B Treinen P4 D Bundy RP4: K Glover P5 R Ray P6 A Nola P7 I Nova P8 J Urias P9 J Gray As I write this out, I'm realizing that I have pretty good depth at starting pitcher so I'm leaning toward a closer, though Walker intrigues me. If I go closer do I go Bush or Neris? Should I go Neris since I already own Benoit or should I go Bush? Thanks, WHIR as always.
  7. Betts by a landslide
  8. This might be better served in the Overreaction Thread, but this guy looks terrible out there. Not that he threw hard last year, but wearing that Cubs uniform and seeing him pick off Harrison at first, he looks like Henry Rowengartner out there after he slipped and couldn't throw hard anymore.
  9. Grandal by a good margin. Season's early. He started slow last year.
  10. You can't keep him in one of your DL spots? I'd trade to hang on if that's the case. I don't see how he has any trade value at this point.
  11. Squeeze them both onto your roster then look to deal Britton or Davis in a 2 for 1 deal where you get the 1.
  12. As others have said VMart by a good amount.
  13. Easy no for me. Zimmerman has been on a tear but his underlying metrics, recent play over the last few years, and injury history make him a perfect sell high candidate. I wouldn't mind picking him up off the wire but I wouldn't trade anything of value. I owe Treinen in a couple of leagues but I'm not convinced he holds onto the job all season. Plus as you said you're 1st in saves.