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  1. Anyone have info on the weather at Wrigley Field today? I’m wondering if the wind is blowing out again today as I have to decide what to do with Darvish in a league with a small margin of error in the ERA category.
  2. It’s not a huge trap, it’s a Hail Mary. There’s a difference.
  3. I think you’re being overly optimistic with the 7 carries.
  4. Murphy for me. Both have similar power profiles, but Murphy has the better hit tool by a decent margin. I also think Murphy will cost less, as Smith’s ADP will be inflated based on the 5 weeks this year when he tore the cover off the ball. I suspect the average fantasy owner will remember that part of his season more than the current stretch when he’s been abysmal. FWIW, Fangraphs has Murphy’s hit tool as 40/55 while Smith’s is 35/40. Both have raw power grades of 55/55.
  5. Darvish has had a 2.44ERA, 0.78 WHIP with a 93/6 k/bb ratio in the 2nd half. I mean this as respectfully as possible, but how the hell was he available in your league to "pick up?"
  6. Would be great to get an update on his health before putting in waiver bids. The lack of info gathered and provided by NFL beat writers is so irritating. You get paid to cover the team so fans can get updates on things like this. Go do it.
  7. I need some help with this one. I wasn't high on Mixon pre-draft but he fell to me at the 25th pick so I took him. I'm even lower on him now seeing how badly the offensive line looks. He's dealing with an ankle sprain that'll likely impact his performance for a few more weeks and the offensive line had some more injuries. The problem is that if I deal him, I'm left with very little depth at the running back position. It's a 12 team PPR. Here's my team: QB Mahomet RB1 Saquon RB2 Mixon WR1 Lockett WR2 Mike Williams WR3 Curtis Samual TE Engram Flex Breida Bench: RB's A Peterson, C Hyde WR's Hardman, Marquez Valdes Scantling TE Waller the Baller If I deal Mixon, that leaves Breida, AP, and Hyde as my choices for RB2 and I put a WR or Waller in my flex. WHIR.
  8. Victor Caratini - catcher eligible though playing 1b with Rizzo on the shelf. Any Mets left handed bats (Cano, Nimmo) - 3 games in Coors, 3 games in GABP, all against righties.
  9. Agreed. I’m also adding Nimmo in 5 outfielder leagues. After the 3 game series in Coors against garbage righties the Mets play 3 righties in GABP. Also, anyone needing a catcher I recommend adding Victor Caratini. He’s batting 6th and playing 1b for the cubs tonight. I think he may play everyday while Rizzo is out.
  10. Starting in 9 leagues this week....
  11. C- Is there even a question in there?
  12. He's only got 10 steals in his entire minor league career, so I'm gonna go with no.