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  1. Ok, I'll give it a shot with it broken down into tiers: Berrios Cole Salazar Pineda Quintana Teheran Weaver Musgrove Richards Cobb Ross Gio
  2. Hold Kershaw until you're out of it then if the Sano deal is the best offer on the table go for it. Until then keep trying to compete this year while feeling out the other owners. If you deal Kershaw, does the new owner have to throw him back or do they keep him? If they get to keep him you should get a much better return than the ones you mentioned.
  3. Still agree with this. Even if you buy Zimmerman's swing changes he still is a big injury risk and at that price it's costing you that risk isn't accounted for.
  4. I don't want to come across as a Royals homer but I'm surprised at the absence of Raul Mondesi from this list. The kid is 21 at Triple A and is hitting .337/.370/.549 with 6 homers and 15 steals in 189 at-bats at that level. He's never going to hit for average but he's making some improvements with his K rate and BB rate compared to last year. His brief taste of the majors has been a failure thus far but I've always felt the Royals pushed this kid way too fast through the minors. He'll likely take over at SS next year for Escobar and in his prime could offer 10-15 home run/ 30-40 steal upside at a middle infielder position. I think he'll prove to be a nice MI option in fantasy leagues possibly starting as early as next year.
  5. Ask for a better SP than Sanchez.
  6. I never thought I'd say this but I agree with Rush.
  7. Seems to me like his timing is all out of whack again. His bat speeds seems a little slower than a few years ago so getting his timing right is more important than ever. He's proving really hard to own right now and he should be riding most people's benches. But if it looks like he gets his timing right again and makes hard contact for a couple games in a row it will be time to throw him back in. I still think he'll have some more stretches like he had in May and prove worth hanging on to but he'll be riding the pine until then.
  8. I think he closes if Robertson gets dealt and he ends up staying, but I think there's as good of a chance or better that he gets dealt at the deadline too. If I'm a GM needing a late inning relief arm I'm asking about Kahnle first.
  9. I hate punting saves but if you have to I'd try shopping around Rivero a little more first. I think he's a stud and could bring back something better if you let your whole league know he's being dealt for the best return.
  10. Agree completely. Wtf is the last place team trading away the best possible keeper commodity? It makes zero sense and reeks of collusion.
  11. They're both wild cards and are hard to project going forward without much of a track record. I like both but if I had to chose between the two it would come down to how badly in need of steals I was. If you need a big boost there, I'd go Mallex, otherwise Pirela.
  12. Agree with this. Guerra & Newcomb are pretty shaky as your 5th and 6th SPs. I'd be looking to upgrade there in trades using your hitting depth plus possibly a closer.
  13. Seems pretty fair to me but OF seems like your next biggest weakness behind SS. What about countering with Schoop instead of Garcia?
  14. Interesting deal. I have 2 shares of Paxton and 0 of Cueto but if I had the chance to swap them I would. I don't think Paxton is fully healthy right now and if he is I don't think he'll remain that way much longer.
  15. Definite no for me