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  1. That makes sense. I do 5-6 leagues every year (mostly Fantrax) but I’ve never done a dynasty league despite always wanting to. I’ll take a closer look at the available teams and let you know.
  2. Am I reading it right that there’s $1,080 in payouts but $1,974 in buy ins ($141x14)?
  3. Seriously? What a scam. I'm sure he runs it very ethically and unbiased too! Does this dude pay Rotoworld for the marketing of his own business?
  4. Yes, it's the right call.
  5. AJ Green vs Detroit, Josh Gordon at Chicago, or Mike Wallace vs Indy. I'm already committed to starting Fitzgerald and Evans at my other 2 WR spots. I have Green in my lineup but I've been torturing myself over it all week. I really feel Wallace is going to have a huge day today but with a 1.5k difference between 1st and 2nd place it could be a really costly decision.
  6. Mike Wallace 2017 Season Outlook

    Seems like a great start this week for Wallace. No Maclin. Colts best DB out. Flacco playing well last 3 weeks. Baltimore vying for a playoff spot. Ravens at home. Colts just got torched by Osweiler last week. Colts are last in the league in yards per pass attempt allowed to opposing passers and last in the league in giving up the highest rate of completions 20 yards or more. I'm starting to really convince myself that starting Wallace over AJ Green is the correct play. Am I crazy for thinking this?
  7. Split the winnings

    I do this quite regularly in my higher buyin leagues especially when there is a larger gap between 1st and 2nd place. Obviously the less comfortable I am with my chances of winning the more likely I am to suggest a chop. I've done it several times myself and seen it done several times and never has anyone suggested it was bad form or collusion. As you said it takes a lot of the stress away from a game that can have a lot of variance beyond a good player's control.
  8. Kickers are people too! WHIR!

    Prater but check the weather before game time as snow and wind may be a factor. Butker would be my fallback option.
  9. Who wins and why? WHIR

    Do you keep bumping in the hopes that someone will actually pick your team?
  10. Bortles or Ryan?

    Matty Ice in a shootout. My sources say Bortles is trash.
  11. Bench 2 WR: PPR league

    Bench Cooper and Cooper
  12. Steelers ps I love your chicken.