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  1. I thought of that too. I also don’t trust the Padres to actually be truthful about injuries either. Reyes is coming off of knee surgery and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he was having a little soreness and needed a couple days off.
  2. I’ll take Shane Greene and his 8.6 and 8.4% swinging strike rate over the last 2 years. Joey Jimenez will be the guy to own before April is over.
  3. Regarding Miami, a couple of fantasy related tweets by one of their beat writers today: I know the #Marlins will play matchup in how they handle their closer role. But I definitely took notice that Sergio Romo handled the ninth today. Something to pay attention to, fantasy players. Adam Conley, by the way, was 97-98 today, and lights out. Not messing around, on the attack, and turning heads to those paying attention to impact lefty bullpen relievers.
  4. AJ Cassavell‏Verified account @AJCassavell FollowFollow @AJCassavell More 65 pitches, 5 shutout innings for Matt Strahm. Feel free to pencil him into your starting five. Screw it. Use pen Done
  5. A week ago I had zero shares of any Marlins and thought that might continue all season. Now, suddenly, I have shares of Smith, Richards, and I'm thinking of adding Lopez. I think there's definitely some sleeper potential with these young arms, though I'm not sure which ones are making the rotation.
  6. Wells Dusenbury‏Verified account @DuseReport FollowFollow @DuseReport More Pablo Lopez putting together another strong outing – 5 scoreless innings, allowing just two hits. 5 K's, 0 BB's; fastball hovering at 94 MPH.
  7. Every year I seem to do this incredibly dumb move and this year it’s March 20th and I’ve already managed to pull it off. What I’m referring to is dropping a player to add someone else only to get ‘dropper’s remorse’ about the dropped player and have to use my waiver claim to pick him back up. Am I the only idiot to do this? The player I dropped and immediately regretted was Greg Allen in a 5 of league.
  8. Obviously this writer from PitcherList doesn't realize that spring training stats are meaningless: Byron Buxton, Minnesota Twins Oh, here we go again! Byron Buxton, the former No. 1 prospect, is tantalizing Twins fans and fantasy owners alike with a scorching 10 games worth of at-bats. I, like many others in the fantasy universe, have been burned by Buxton before. But it seems like there might just be some real improvements underlying Buxton’s absurd .448/.485/.966 Spring Training batting line. The lowest rolling 25-plate appearance strikeout rate that Buxton has attained in his MLB career is 16%, which came in his mini-breakout in late 2017. Meanwhile, his strikeout rate sits at 12.1% in 33 PAs this spring. While that type of relative improvement isn’t on the Pinder level highlighted above, it should stop fans and pundits from outright dismissing the performance. The old expression – fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice (or three or four times in this case), shame on me – certainly bears repeating when it comes to Buxton, however, his spring gains in plate discipline give me a sliver of hope that real change is around the corner.
  9. Agree. There are 15 players that I have a 1st round grade on him & he’s one of them. In a 12 team league I love drafting 10th, 11th, or 12th and scooping him up on the way back.
  10. Neither did I. Nor did I, as a former Bird truther, ever expect to own him again in fantasy. But here I am with shares of him in 5 out of 9 leagues. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Yanks opening day lineup look a little something like this? 1. Gardner cf 2. Judge rf 3 Stanton lf 4. Voit dh 5. Sanchez c 6. Andujar 3b 7. Bird 1b 8. Torres 2b 9. Tulo ss I’ll be benching a lot of starting pitchers against this team this year...again.
  12. I’m betting anyone who owned him last year won’t be owning him again this year. He was pretty brutal. He was drafted as an SP3 on a lot of teams and went on to post a 3.96 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, and 7.19 k/9. His swing strike rate over the last 4 years has gone from 11.1, 10.5, 8.7, to 7.8 last year. He’s just not missing enough bats for me. Granted Philly’s defense will probably be better and maybe a knee injury last year was partly to blame but I’d prefer someone with more strikeout upside.
  13. It’s not so much his age, imo, as it is the health of his arm. His pronator muscle may have healed some, but I’d bet there’s still a lot of scar tissue and other unhealthy tissue still hanging around in his forearm. Remember this was the state of his arm when he got stem cell therapy: In spring training, Melancon addressed the uncertainty of the pronator surgery, saying the muscle “had turned gray. It wasn’t completely dead, but over time, it was dying. The doctor was shocked when he saw the grayness. His hope is that it turns back to the normal reddish color. He doesn’t know how long it’ll take.”
  14. I agree that I’m sure SF would love to see Melancon pitching well in the closer role so that he could build up some trade value to get out from under some of the remaining money on his deal. But I doubt he has anything left in his arm. He’s pitching like garbage this spring. If Smith isn’t closing right away it won’t take long for Melancon to give it up.
  15. Wake me up when he does this in the regular season, etc. etc.