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  1. It almost seems like Jerry heard the reports of a trade being completed by the Yanks and Reds without him and had to pick up the phone to get involved. Yesterday I had no intention of doing any DFS lineups but as I was driving home flipped on Sirius XM fantasy channel and a half hour later found myself sitting at my computer wasting more money on Fanduel.
  2. Giants are gauging interest in Evan Longoria. Let me help them out here. No one’s remotely interested. If 31 year old Brian Dozier could only get 1 year, $9 million on this market, no one would trade a bag of baseballs for 33 year old Longo coming off a 0.4 fWAR season with 4 years and 72.5 million left on his contract even with the Giants picking up some of the money.
  3. Adalberto Mondesi 2019 Outlook

    Deciding a player’s ranking based on a 1 season sample of a different player doesn’t seem like the most sound reasoning. There’s no doubt drafting Mondesi within the top 60 picks is a high risk, high reward play, just like drafting Buxton was last year. It didn’t work out for Buxton but anyone drafting him should’ve been aware that busting was within the possible outcomes. People were saying the same thing about drafting Trevor Story and Javy Baez last year. If you want to be risk averse in your draft then Mondesi probably isn’t your guy.
  4. Sonny Gray 2019 Outlook

    It's not. From ESPN: MLB Park Factors - 2018 RK PARK NAME RUNS HR H 2B 3B BB 1 Great American Ball Park (Cincinnati, Ohio) 1.128 1.395 1.023 1.038 1.364 1.160 2 Coors Field (Denver, Colorado) 1.271 1.280 1.233 1.475 2.025 1.005 3 Globe Life Park in Arlington (Arlington, Texas) 1.352 1.273 1.171 1.165 1.957 1.096 4 Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 1.042 1.190 0.980 0.967 0.879 0.943 5 Nationals Park (Washington, D.C.) 1.134 1.173 1.084 1.219 0.821 1.051 6 Yankee Stadium (New York, New York) 1.126 1.166 1.103 0.912 0.714 1.140 I was looking to target him pretty heavily in the late rounds depending on his new home, but if it's Cincy I'll pass. I'm not quite sure what the Reds are doing giving up 2-3 prospects for 1 year of Gray after how poorly pitched in Yankee Stadium last year. Why not look to sign a groundball pitcher like Keuchel?
  5. Jeff McNeil 2019 Outlook

    So after posting this I did a little more research. It turns out he had a double sports hernia in May of 2015, he missed all but 3 games in 2016 after undergoing hip labrum surgery, and was limited to 48 games in 2017. I could see how that could create some concerns, but in 2018 he played in 151 games and logged 632 plate appearances. That looks like an everyday player to me by today’s standards.
  6. Jeff McNeil 2019 Outlook

    This is a quote from a Mets message board: The Mets have already stated McNeil is not an everyday player due to durability concerns That was news to me. Any Mets’ homers know if there’s any truth to it?
  7. God, I hate this term. It is not clever in the least bit. That’s the best he can come up with? The guy negotiates billions of dollars for his clients and that’s the word he wants to coin? I really hope it doesn’t catch on.
  8. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Vlad Jr Age 19 minor league season (across multiple levels): 408PA's, 20 HR, .381/.437/.636, 37 bb's, 38 k's Player X Age 20 minor league season (across multiple levels): 544PA's, 19 HR, .314/.378/.552, 46 bb's, 47 k's Player X Age 21 major league season: 676PA's, 37 HR, .329/.403/.610, 69bb's, 93k's Free Vlad Jr!
  9. I wouldn’t worry about it. This seems like more fake news out of the SD camp. If they started a conversation by saying we’re taking our 5 best prospects off the table it would quickly end with a click.
  10. It's early Sunday morning and it's 10 degrees outside, so what better time to go over my favorite and least favorite picks of your draft so far. zstlj: Favorite: Chapman and Kimbrel at the 8/9 turn. 8 and 9 seem like good value for 2 elite closers and with those picks I'd be ready to call it a day on my search for closers and focus the rest of my draft on hitting and starting pitcher. Least favorite: not exactly 1 pick, but I don't like grabbing 4 additional closers after those 2. My usual draft strategy is to grab 2-3 closers in a draft and hunt the wire throughout the season for any additional saves. shakestreet: Favorite: Robbie Ray in the 11th. Back to back seasons with k/9 of 12. I feel there is still a monster season coming out of him with health and some improvements in his control. Least favorite: there wasn't 1 pick that i really didn't like so I'm going to go with Jose Martinez in the 15th b/c without a trade or injury he's just a part time player. didifan: Favorite: like both Corbin in round 5 and Robles in round 12. Least favorite: Jose Abreu in round 7. Maybe he bounces back with year, but he didn't look like the same hitter last year. GC tacos: Favorite: Castillo in round 11. He was studly in the 2nd half of last year and had impressive velo increases throughout the year. Also really like Buehler in round 5. Least favorite: punting on saves. Yes, you have some dominant late inning guys who will get some saves, but there is no clear closer on your team and I am not a fan of that strategy. turner46: Favorite: really like Puig in 8 and Myers in 9. Also like Dejong in 20. Least favorite: Quintanta in 16. After last year he's firmly on my dnd list. slatykamora: Favorite: Peraza in 8 is really great value. Least favorite: Gallo in 9. His power is great but he's suck a drain on the batting average (unless this is an OPS league, in which case good pick!). Members_Only76: Favorite: I think you may have my favorite roster, really well balanced. My favorite pick is Villar in 8. He's a potential "League Winner". Least favorite: drafting Darvish as your 3rd starting pitcher. It's not a terrible pick but I would be a little concerned having him as my 3rd drafted SP. azeri98: Favorite: Braun in round 15. He's obviously not the same player he was, but he's still a good fantasy contributor when he's on the field. Some luck in the health department and he could easily finish top 100. Also really liek Hamels in 16 after seeing what he did for the cubs last year. Least favorite: Seager in round 5 is too steep for me. taobball: Favorite: Segura in round 5. Leclerc in round 11. Least favorite: Kershaw in round 2. As I've already mentioned, that kind of price tag doesn't seem to bake in enough of his injury risk. A flare up of his back pain can come at any point and the severity of it could be much worse than we've seen. Fuzzy_Slippers: Favorite: Josh Donaldson: he was a late 1st, early 2nd pick as recently as last year. Last year was a trainwreck obv, but at that price he's a steal and another injury plagued season won't kill you. I also love that lineup to score a lot of runs this year. I also really like Lucchesi in round 21. Least favorite: Keuchel in round 14. sngehl01: Favorite: Josh James in round 13. I'm driving the James bus this year so I have to go with him. I think he's a good bet for 200ks pitching on a 100 win team. Least favorite: Correa in round 3. He can't seem to stay healthy and hasn't stolen bases the last 2 years. Granted he's hitting in a great park, in a great lineup, and the rest of the starting pitching in the AL West is atrocious. SwayzeExpress: Favrorite: David Dahl in round 9. Obv an injury risk, but with health he's going to be a big asset. Least favorite: Gregory Polanco in round 13. I think he's going to be unrosterable in the 1st half of the season after that shoulder surgery. I think by mid May he'll be hitting the waiver wires in most league.
  11. I like Senzel to make more of an impact in fantasy this year than Whitley. Whitley still hasn’t logged a lot of innings in the minors and had only 91 in 2017 and 26 in 2018. I’m just speculating here but I’d expect him to start the year in AA or AAA in the rotation but to have an innings limit around 110-120. When and if he gets promoted this year I think he only makes a few starts or perhaps spends the rest of the year in the bullpen. 2020 is the year to own him, imo.
  12. Josh James - SP HOU

    I don't know if I should be scared, but I think you and I finally agree on something. Cost permitting, I hope to have 100% of shares of him across my drafts.
  13. I'm probably going to get flamed for saying this, but the only resource I pay for each year is the Rotoworld Draft Guide. I started doing it about 5-6 years ago and it has become a staple in my final days of draft research and on draft day. I do my own research in the weeks/months leading up to draft day and then use the guide with custom settings for my league and compare the two. In simplistic terms, I'll usually end up with 10-20 players that both I am high on and the Guide is high on that I target aggressively in my drafts. Their rankings tend to vary significantly from other sites and ADP data which I like. I'm realizing this post sounds like a paid advertisement. Please note, I have not been paid anything however if RW would like to give me a free subscription this year, I would happily accept.
  14. McNeil and a low level prospect for Robbie Ray.... who says no?
  15. That sound you hear is the sound of 29 other GMs picking up their phones right now calling Brodie to offer a pile of spare parts up for McNeil to see if he’ll bite.