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  1. Every year I play in 5 or 6 leagues and usually 1 or 2 will get torpedoed by injuries but I can focus on the others and do well. This year all 6 teams have at least 5 or 6 key players injured now. The one silver lining has been Yonder Alonso who I picked up early on and have as my starting first baseman in all 6 leagues. **** fantasy this year, I need to find another hobby.
  2. While a broken hamate is known for its effect on sapping power, just about any wrist or hand fracture will likely have similar consequences. He won't be allowed to begin doing significant strengthening for at least 6 weeks. So when the bone has fully healed he'll just be beginning to get the strength back in his hand, wrist, and forearm. He likely won't be back to his pre injury levels of strength until after the season is over. Add in the fact that it will take some time to get his timing back and I don't think we'll see the MVP caliber player until next year. Signed a Freeman owner and physical therapist of 15 years.
  3. Time to move on from this guy. He looks lost out there. He has no command. His secondary pitches look terrible. Worst of all is his body language. He looks defeated.
  4. Michael Pineda. Went all in on him last year and he responded with an ERA over 6.00 for the first 2-3 months of the season before I finally cut him loose. Now this year I've avoided him like the plague and he's pitching like a SP2. That and the crooked hat, slightly untucked jersey, and the weird mannerisms after every pitch like he knows he's being watched but is trying to act nonchalant about it.
  5. From a real life perspective, yes, his contract was an overpay. From a fantasy standpoint I think his production this year while disappointing is not unexpected given he missed most of spring training and is returning from a broken bone in his hand. I'd expect him to produce more as the time removed from the fracture increases and the strength in that hand returns. I actually think he's a pretty good buying opportunity if his owner is willing to sell him at eighty cents on the dollar.
  6. Agree with those saying to try to get rid of Zimmerman before his value collapses.
  7. Joey Bats all day here.
  8. Looks like it boils down to downgrading in HR and RBs for an upgrade in SBs and batting average. If you can withstand the hit in the 1st two categories and need an upgrade in the other categories I'd go for it. It looks like you have a lot of speed though with Villar and Altuve with help from Desmond, Correa, and Zimmer.
  9. I tend to agree that I think the Yanks need to do a look see of that old elbow of his. I'm guessing what's left of his UCL has gone bye bye.
  10. Urge to rage drop rising.....
  11. It's close but I think I'd pass since Sano seems to be breaking out
  12. Take Thames
  13. X2 with a slight preference of Lynn over Bundy.
  14. If you have DL spots available for Hill's inevitable blister flare-up I'd go him. If not, Berrios.