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  1. All he needs is a sprinkle of control and maybe a third pitch
  2. Pirates should be around 80 wins this year so wins shouldn't be a huge problem. The breaking stuff really helped him a lot last year and it should continue in 19
  3. New hitting coach might be beneficial to him this year
  4. New hitting coach, I'd imagine it can't be a bad thing. Definitely a possible sleeper
  5. If it is another I think he might be done catching for the year, at least. He's gotten reps at 1B this year, and he's had a ton of documented concussions to this point. Even if it isn't a concussion, Diaz should be getting more playing time as a result
  6. I'd be absolutely shocked if he was dealt. More likely Dickerson is traded, or Meadows is sent down
  7. He's backed off the plate which has helped a lot on pitches inside
  8. I'm a big fan of Kuhl, he's got good stuff but as seen in his last start.. not really consistent
  9. I doubt Dickerson is traded in season, unless they REALLY fall out of the wild card race before the deadline. An injury is his clearest path to 7 starts a week, but right now he is still only sitting 1-2 games a week
  10. His two earned runs came on this play
  11. I thought the same thing, but how would you even score it? Well, kind of
  12. Kang got cut from his Dominican league team in the winter because he was performing poorly
  13. Musgrove is the ideal Pirates pitcher really. He has a four seam, cutter, and sinker. Fits very well into the fastball heavy approach (even though it seems they are starting to embrace offspeed more)
  14. Moran has been pretty decent this year. His fielding isn't great but I can't imagine they'd bench him for 31 year old Kang. Being part of the Gerrit Cole trade probably gives Moran a bigger leash than normal as well. But Moran hasn't started against any lefties so Kang should get all the starts against LHP at least And they said on the radio that Kang was going to play SS to work up his overall range, at least that's what someone told me. I doubt he's capable of SS anymore but getting starts over Mercer, or even Harrison at 2B would be a much easier route than over Moran.