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  1. From what I was reading earlier he was going to available for 5-6 innings, looks like they went with 5.
  2. 14 team league: Ertz - Round 8 Kamara - Round 10 Engram - Round 13 Currently in the championship after losing Odell, Allen Robinson and Pierre Garcon to the IR.
  3. Also, not sure if this was mentioned previously, but Oakland is down 3 defensive backs in this game, so maybe the rock can get thrown around a little bit. Buffalo is also down at least 2 starting corners as well.
  4. Nope, visibility should be of no concern.
  5. I live about 20 minutes from the stadium and that weather is pretty spot on right now. It's pretty miserable outside, but the rain is pretty much a drizzle.
  6. Trust me, I was very surprised when she told me. I know most of the people in the league and they seem to take it seriously, from what I could tell, there were several questionable picks.
  7. My girlfriend did a draft last night and got Zeke at 3.02, so there still seems to be people sleeping on the possibility that this suspension gets reduced.
  8. In the 5 games that he started last year he touched the ball at least 17 times a game, that is what I am banking on for the first 3 weeks. 4 of those 5 games he scored in double digits, that's all I am asking for until Martin comes back. Seems like McNichols might not even make the roster, so that leaves Rodgers and Sims as the main guys.
  9. He might not get as many targets as you would like, but I think with Alshon and Torrey on the outside, that opens the middle of the field more for Ertz and I think he will be more efficient with the targets that he will be getting. I personally think he will be #2 in targets on the team though, very high on Ertz this year.
  10. My pick week 1 was going to be Buffalo, but they just look atrocious and wouldn't trust them at all.
  11. I keep seeing this guy fall to the 5th and 6th round and, for me at least, it is hard to pass up just based on what we know he can do. So I already have 2 shares of him this year and that number is only going to go up. I was also an owner last year, so I know what I am getting myself into.
  12. So you basically just don't like the guy because he didn't score a TD until week 5? Not sure how he can be overrated when he has never had less than 90 catches, 1300 yards and 10 TD's in a given year. That is what I call consistency, not overrated.
  13. I could have had Hunt in the 4th round instead of Keenan but didn't pull the trigger for some reason. I am a big fan of Allen this year, as long as he stays on the field I think he will be a steal.
  14. Paired up Brady with Gronk in a draft today. Not something I normally do, stack a WR/QB, but I didn't like what was available in the 3rd round, so went with Brady and hoping for Gronk leading the league in TD's this year.